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jsut read this on drudge and commented on another thread, they aren’t reporting this in the msm. that would make the elected one look not so good. when will they learn? i guess never. this will end up being one more thing for under the rug. wonder when they will notice the lump.

Sign of things to come? Repubs shouldn’t be too depressed. 2 years of the O and they will be back in power again in the Congress.

LOL! They just got their ‘incomes redistributed’ that’s all!
Welcome to the Obama Years! Got buyer’s remose yet?

thanks for the good laugh!

Puzzled. Why they ae complaining? Did they not hear about the New Way? Spread the wealth!

That’s nothing folks. Yesterday in Montreal, I heard an interview on the radio with two Quebeckers who went to New-Hampshire for a month to go and help Obama’s campaign for free. YES, FOR FREE. Our stupid leftists Quebeckers wanted so much Obama to win, that they stayed in homes of their American friends for a whole month to campaign for THE ONE. And on Election Day, they were going to every homes (knocking on their doors) to make sure that people would go out to vote for Obama. And of course they celebrated the win of the Messiah. They were so proud of themselves.

Stupid leftists Quebeckers are even more stupid than the American Obamatrons who worked to get paid. Quebeckers did it for FREE and it’s not even their country. Stupidity will never stop stunning me!

P.S.: No wonder the North/East States of your country are Democrat leftists, they are close to Québec.

Campaign workers getting paid with VISA GIFT CARDS mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Campaign got millions and millions with VISA GIFT CARDS, interesting. No Fraud Here

LOL. I thought the same thing Carol. Perhaps the pay disperse clerks neglected to include the, “Thank You for your monetary donations to the Obama campaign” notice cards.

Did the Obama campaign check to see if all the paid workers were exempt from withholding? Did any of the workers fill out W-4’s? No federal, state, local taxes, or FICA; probably, not even a record of who received the gift cards… What a scam.