Election day in an Asheville, NC classroom


And a H/T to my mon ami, Alia

Teacher Diantha Harris browbeats McCain supporting student, Kathy,in Ashville N.Carolina grade school. The poor girl is obviously distressed over the teacher’s line of questiong and belittling her choice of candidate in front of her school mates.

Note the use of vague promises of “change”, and abusing the “100 more years of Iraq war” to McCain when addressing the military daughter/student. Also, that the war was “senseless”.

Moral of the story? Keep a close eye on what they are teaching your children in school….

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Someone please tell me this woman will lose her job. Please.

Get in their faces!

“Someone please tell me this woman will lose her job. Please.”

Probably get a cabinet position in the Dept., of Eduactioin with Ayers.

OMG! American leftist teachers are like Palestinians who indoctrinates their children with Mickey Mouse hateful TV shows.

Please note that I have a comment stuck in spam, in Mike’s America thread: Will 2012 be…

Welcome to Obama America.

Is this lunatic masquerading as a teacher still employed?

As an Obama supporting liberal Democrat, I have to say I agree with you guys on this one. Watching this really pissed me off. She says she said that having a different view, “is okay”, but every time a student says they support McCain, she says “Oh Lord!” and inserts her own personal opinion. It is my belief that a teacher’s job is to encourage students to think for themselves, and to learn to research both current events and history, without imposing their own personal stance. I sure hope she doesn’t represent our educational system today, or I’ll be holding my party to fix it.

How do we find out this wench got canned?

I have all the contact information to respond to this outrage (Bd. of Ed, etc.) If you all would like I can post it here.

She’s probably been reassigned to run a re-education camp!

as a parent of a 4th grader i would have been all up in that freakin womans face. when i was done with her she would have been lucky to be licking the shit off of my boots. i would have sued her, the school district and and anyone else for the emotional damage she did to my child. holly fucking shit. i hope that woman has been fired, hung, something. you keep politics out of the classroom. my kids preschool teacher is an obama supporter and tells the kids she is broke and barack will fix it. i told her to tell her teacher that obama is evil and will ruin her preschool and business. freakin asshole liberals. damn that pisses me off. you dont mess with kids heads.

@MataHarley: seriously though mata, these are innocent kids, and it would be nice if ayers were tatr and feathered. i would have nailed her ass, i don’t care, you keep politics out of school. you give the facts of history and all, keep opinions out of school and do not brow beat a child because her parents are military. my mom would have beat the crap out of her, all my teachers were afraid of her, it was kinda cool.


MS LOONA“All right class, today’s history lesson is about the 1960’s. On your desks you’ll find a small piece of colored paper with a dot in the center. Put it under your tongue while I turn out the lights, put on some psychadelic music, and turn on the black lights and strobe, and…”

PRINCIPAL LEARY“Ms Loona? Could you come here for a moment?”

MS. LOONA – “Yes Principal Leary, what is it?”

PRINCIPAL LEARY – “I’m so sorry to hear about your son.”

MS. LOONA – “My son?”

PRINCIPAL LEARY – “Yes. I just heard that he was arrested. Something to do with selling LSD. And not only that, the people who took it eneded up in the emergency room, very sick. Hadn’t you heard?”

MS. LOONA (starts screeming incoherently and running around in circles frightening the children who start to cry.)

PRINCIPAL LEARY – (walks away chuckling and humming “the times they are a changing”) “I love messing with her head.”

Peace Love, Y’all!

And, good night, America.

Home school.

This ignorant ass-hole should be run out of town on a rail. Do you see what PC creates?
When people actually thought like rational human beings this inept slob would never have seen the inside of a school room.

I just called the school system. They are getting calls on this. Spread the word to call


The woman I talked to seemed VERY supportive of our side. I told her the teacher needs to go. She seemed to agree.

Meanwhile, we have a similar situation in a Neptune, NJ Middle School that I will address on Monday. Once I verify, I will ask everyone to call that school system.

What is the full name of the animal in that video? Child abuse deserves more of a response than merely having to change jobs.

The name of the teacher in question is Diatha Harris. The Superintendent is Dr. William Harrison.

This type of indoctrination is not an isolated incident folks. It is practiced in almost every public school system and is endorsed by the teacher’s union which is firmly supportive of the Democratic party. She will just be placed in another school and replaced by someone with similar opinions. That’s why you must get involved as parents and find out from the children what they are being taught. I talk to my nieces and nephews and when I hear about propaganda being used on them I fight back. A couple weeks back I asked one nephew in middle school if they talked about the election in class. He said yes. I asked who he thought should win the presidency and was informed that everyone in his class wanted Obama to win because he was for change, and change was good. He said his teacher liked it that everyone favored Obama. He also said Obama was a good speaker and a good-looking guy. I asked him if he knew what Obama would change or if what he would actually do was ever discussed and just got a shrug of the shoulders. I could tell the propaganda machine had been at work on him.

Since he is a pre-teen and old enough to understand and be interested in politics, we discussed how his father works in the medical field and how Obama’s socialist medicine plan would effect his dad’s income and how much he makes once competition becomes a thing of the past. I also explained how Obama’s tax plan and increased energy costs would reduce how much his dad and mom’s would have to spend. How his father who is already working two jobs struggling to make ends meet would end up losing the house they live in and move into a smaller house because he can barely afford the one they have now.

I explained to him how people use propaganda and how he should never listen only to what other people tell him, but always try to find out the facts for himself.

I noted how he and his friends are drawn to each other because of similar interests and said, “Let me show you one of the guys Obama hangs out with.” I went to the computer and pulled up a picture of Ayers standing on the flag and asked him if he could see what was under that man’s feet.” Then I showed him Ayer’s mug shot and explained that he was a terrorist and his wife blew up building and killed people,” He nodded and noted. “That’s pretty bad”. Then I said, “This is the preacher at Obama’s church…”, and played the ‘God Damn America’ sermon for him.

I next told him how McCain was in the military like I was and fought for his country. Obama wasn’t. He was a lawyer and taught people how to protest their government. Sarah Palin is a Mommy with five kids and she’s able to raise and take care of them, and still be a state governor.


That’s great news for Obama, whose legislative fate may depend most on his ability to persuade conservative Democrats.

What his supporters will accomplish in Republican districts is another uncertainty.

“If they’re networked into PTA meetings and barbershops and call-in talk shows, they can let people know that their guy isn’t doing what we want him to do. That could be an extraordinarily powerful tool,” Lilly said.

Presenting opposing view points is only one way we can combat those attempting to indoctrinate and propagandize America’s children. If they are going to try to “Network” their way into PTAs and every other avenue, we must be prepared to mount a defense. And counteract their influence. The election may be over, but they will not stop.


Don’t worry, Rocky, they’ll focus on him and bend him to their will or ostracize him, at best.

Here’s a Disney version of how that happened back in the 1930’s…

First it’s a civilian army “for peace.” Next it’s Mexico and Canada under America’s “protection” for “peace.”

What you are doing is good and necesary, but unless everyone else is doing the same (and they are obviously not, since all the kids were for O’Bunko), it’s shoveling younowwhat against the tide.

Please post the contact info What school was this? it should be posted all over the place and the school should be bombarded with phone calls and letters Enough is Enough
All American’s should be appalled at this whether Dem or Rep

This is truly infuriating. She says it’s okay for the kids to say they support John McCain and then, like Cary posted above, says “Oh no” and “Oh, Jesus” when the kids do admit it. She was bullying that poor little girl! She was spreading lies! Teachers like that should not be protected by tenure or anything – they should be put out on their asses! The education system is so dominated by liberals – hence the so-called “liberalizing effect.” I remember attending a lecture in which the professor just cut to an hour-long rant of why Reagan was the “worst president in history”. You can only imagine my frustration and anger!

Malagent, I whole-heartedly agree. Two words: home school.

The really sad thing about this is that so many people seem surprised. This is not an isolated incident. Students at schools across the country in all levels are indoctrinated just like this.

When I was in college more than a decade ago studying criminology, I was criticized and ultimately forced to leave when I wore a tee shirt depicting Ronald Reagan. Every time we talked about the constitution it was brought up how we needed judges to “rewrite” it to make it more fair for minorities accused of crimes. When I stated in a paper that I felt juvenile offenders should be punished (personal responsibility and such) I was told I had to see a counselor or I would fail the class. This was back in the 90’s.

Today my niece is in high school and has been forced to watch “An Inconvenient Truth” and even tested and graded on it. Other students I know or are related to describe similar situations. My cousin’s 12 year old son asked for one of my NObama shirts. When he decided to wear it to school he was sent home and suspended for “expressing anti-diversity views” – I think that is some sort of weird politically correct way of saying he is a racist? Maybe?

The moral of the story? Talk to your children. Find out what happens in school and make sure that if they are learning values that they are learning them from you instead of the school system. If you learn about something like this happening to your kids – start calling the school, go to the school, demand that heads roll – but don’t let it happen.

Yo, Mata! I’ve read the the teacher’s recent comments as well as the Superintendent of schools’, Cumberland County. I know from first-hand information, the Cumberland County schools are generally quite terrific about supporting the military and their children. However, no matter how I take into account the teacher’s recent responses, it still doesn’t change what went down by her, in her classroom. And I have continued to try to come to her defense; there isn’t one.

“Malagent, I whole-heartedly agree. Two words: home school.” – Leah #25

Yes, while it’s still legal…

big brother knows best

“Every California child deserves a quality education and parents should have the right to decide what’s best for their children,” Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a statement today. “Parents should not be penalized for acting in the best interests of their children’s education. This outrageous ruling must be overturned by the courts and if the courts don’t protect parents’ rights then, as elected officials, we will.”

Good man, Arnold.

And the article’s right – turning all kids over to actual schools and banning home-schooling won’t reduce abuse. Children are more open to expressing their opinions at home because they won’t be picked on or beaten up by other kids for doing so. At home, they don’t risk facing bullies. At home, they’re not at a higher risk of mixing in with the wrong group of friends or being shot by a troubled kid who brings a gun to school. And they’re especially not at the risk of being picked on and belittled by a teacher who opposes the child’s views. A teacher’s job is to educate about the world, not to create one-track minds.

I know, Leah, but the fact is that they will keep at it and keep at it until they get it, unless we are constantly vigilant.

Here’s some potentially good news, though from what’s happened to date I’m not optimistic.