700 Grand Pricetag For Obama’s German Speech


You may recall a post I did sometime back when the media and the leftwing went nuts over the fact that the RNC paid 150 grand for Sarah Palin’s wardrobe. Clothing that will be donated to charity mind you. At the time I said, “much ado about nothing.”

And I was right.

Now, is the MSM and lefty’s going nuts over the news that Obama spent close to three quarters of a million dollars for his European speech that meant nothing nor did it do anything for the campaign?

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama paid a German company nearly $700,000 for staging, sound and lighting services at a time he delivered a speech this summer in which he declared himself a “citizen” of both the U.S. and the world…


The German company, whose Web page says it specializes in theater and event management and advertises the Obama speech with numerous pictures on its marketing pages, is listed as a disbursement recipient on Mr. Obama’s most recent campaign expenditures report, filed Thursday with the Federal Election Commission.

The company was paid $667,082 by the Obama campaign in three separate disbursements in July and August, according to the FEC records. The campaign also spent another $9,018 to Bero Berlin – Eurolimousine, the records show…

For hours before Mr. Obama arrived, attendees listened to live reggae, drank beer and munched on bratwurst and steak sandwiches. Many in the crowd sported black and white Obama T-shirts with the slogan, “I want you to stop climate change.”

They didn’t become angry when Obama spent five million on the Barackopolis, why should they with this news.

Lets tally it up shall we?

Infomercial – $3,000,000.

Night of Lights in Germany – $700,000.

Barackopolis – $5,000,000.

But hey, since they take in money from all over the world using suspect credit card procedures…why should they care.

But if he gets into office we should all care….the man will spend like its going outta style.

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nearly 700 million dollars raised and he still has members of his family living in dire poverty.

I’m reminded of this quote from his book “Dreams of my Fathers”

” If Jane or Zeituni ever felt ill, if their companies ever closed or laid them off, there was no government safety net. There was only family, next of kin, people burdened by similar hardship. Now I was family, I reminded myself. Now I had responsibilities.” — Barack Hussein Obama

The man can’t even keep his word with his family. He cares only about himself.

What makes anyone think he would take good care of us?

The Obama campaign is almost done with it’s campaign, having gone through about $600 Million dollars. And, isn’t it odd that John McCain, at this time, is eclipsing Obama in many states — voters are resoundingly rejecting the socialist Obama’s “spread the wealth” ideas. A headline on the Fox web today (Friday, Oct. 31. 200*) read something to the effect that “Obama is seeing Red.” What a slam!

The real question is, did anyone in Germany understand what Obama was saying — they don’t all speak English — who is Obama kidding? What a waste.

Not much gained because Obama is truly empty (an empty suit?) and has no real or executive experience.

Get this:

Sources: Sarkozy views Obama stance on Iran as ‘utterly immature’

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is very critical of U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama’s positions on Iran, according to reports that have reached Israel’s government.

Sarkozy has made his criticisms only in closed forums in France. But according to a senior Israeli government source, the reports reaching Israel indicate that Sarkozy views the Democratic candidate’s stance on Iran as “utterly immature” and comprised of “formulations empty of all content.”


2008. The year The One (Barack Obama) … Lost.

That’s only part of his overseas tour expenses. We had to fork over $$ for Secret Service, also, $$ for the countries he wrote off as Senate business, so we had to fork over part of the money for transportation and whatever. Then there’s hotel, meals, staff, etc. The $700,000 was a drop in the bucket.

What did it cost the press to follow him around?

All that and Johnny Mac is still breathing down his neck. I don’t think we can afford Barack Hussein Obama.

Remember in the last debate when he scoffed at the $18 billion McCain complained about in earmarks. Obama is a high roller, have money will spend–where it comes from matters not.

Did I hear that Obama said something about “selfishness” recently? What a load this guy is!

@Fred Beloit:

Welcome to FA, Fred Beloit. Got all those libbies over at ReihlWorld straightened up yet? Nice to see you here!

All of you please go to McCain official website and participate in the phone banks for getting people to change minds for McCain. This is the strategy used by Hillary in the primary states she won. The phone calls are targeted to the people who are undecided and need to finalize their ideas.


I guess your comments were just that, ‘your comments”. Look who won the race!!!! Apparently a majority of this United States of America feels differently. Get over yourself.