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Well once again when the going gets tough the average American Joe comes to the rescue. How many times over the past 100 years have guys like this come out of nowhere to save the free world and then go back to fixing the plumbing. I’m glad to know that he’s only 34, gives me hope that as a country we can still keep producing guys like Joe the Plumber – if only we had more like him, and fewer Joe Wall Streets.


Does this mean we now support union workers like plumbers? If so, since when?

Never mind that Obama is well-recognized as being the most left-wing, radical liberal in the Senate — Obama is also spewing ideas that are outright socialist and communist. Redistribution of earned wealth in a government hand-out, by its very definition, is communism.

America has absolutely no use for Barack Hussein Obama.

View the Video that will cost Obama the election. Answer the question for yourselves; who are Barack Obama’s associates and “friends”. You, too, Ms. Mary Kay Green!

Mike’s America,

You have DONE IT! Way to go with your title – you’ve carried my ball way down the field. SUPER article!


Can this really be happening? Is it possible for one sentence to undo a presidential campaign? This campaign is more fun than a rickety old roller coaster. I to am just a working man, HVAC mechanic, and when obamas minions along with the msm, I know redundant, go after Joe, they are going after me. Bring it on scumbags! You have no idea who you’re jacking with.



Yes, this may really be happening.

It only took one sentence to sink Mondale.

Hopefully Obama’s fate will be very similar.


We are ALL Joe!

And just to be clear, we identify with Joe the Plumber, not Joe Biden the lifelong Senator and Washington insider.


Bumper sticker size for printout here:

You gender bigots… I am *not* Joe. But I am a Josephine!
sarcasm off…

How progressive/socialist of me, eh? I’m practicing my future “hypersensitivy” under a possible President Obama. LOL

Great bumper sticker, Mike. I’d be living in the States; I would definitely have one on my bumper.


Just for you Mata 🙂


LOL! Thanks, Aye. I feel less “disenfranchised” now!

Dang! Aye beat me by one minute!

Racism would be something like if Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama. Colin Powell has served as a conservative in the Bush Administration — great Secretary of State, and followed and promoted the honorable values of Conservatism. Colin Powell has lived a life of “sense of duty” to his country and the honorable principles for which he served.

In the Bush Administration, Colin Powell worked with other Conservatives in advancing the belief of love for the Constitution and a respect for freedom and hard work.

Colin Powell could not endorse the radical extreme liberal ideology of Barack Obama. If Mr. Powell were to do this, it would mean that Mr. Powell’s honor and integrity could be traded for something else.

If, in America, we are to use honor, integrity, beliefs and coveted ideology as a guide rather than the color of someone’s skin; then for sure racism will be defeated. Otherwise, racism will live on and the majority race will always prevail.

I prefer to believe that Mr. Colin Powell is an honorable man and not a racist.


Well, I guess that Colin Powell is just another racist. I hope this is just a rumor, but it sure looks like it is true. Read this:

Colin Powell Might Endorse Obama
October 17, 2008

Retired Gen. Colin Powell, once considered a potential running mate for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), now may endorse his opponent, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), according to Republican sources. But an air of mystery surrounds Powell’s planned live appearance Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” and no one is sure what he will say.

Read the rest:


Shove it: shove it deep, shove it far, shove that wrench ’til it hurts!



And I’m also wondering just how long it’s going to take those people in the Obama rallies to start thinking: “Hahaha, McCain fighting for Joe the Plumber…oh, wait, I’M Joe the Plumber!”

Leah: All those Obamatons consider themselves so far above the working man. They are elitists who look down their noses at the working people.

Though what most of them don’t realize is that they will never get the chance to join the elite, rich liberal inner circles of power and fame because their masters will do everything they can to stop them by making sure to tax the hell out of them if they get within spitting distance.

Joe the plumber… really not a plumber was an obvious plant.

Sure Real American Hater, Joe was just playing football with his son in own backyard when The Messiah approached him. But for you he is a plant. I’m starting to believe that Omabamaniacs are really mentally ill. He was not a plant, and even if he would have been one (but he is not), what would it change? His question was a good one and Obama showed the whole world that he is just a socialist/communist idiot.

@Real American Patriot:

really not a plumber

Really not a plumber?


What is he then Sky55110?

an obvious plant

Now, that’s funny.

Obie goes into the neighborhood where Joe and his son are playing football.

Joe asks Obie a question and Obie let’s the mask slip and gives an honest answer.

So, the best you can come up with is that he’s “an obvious plant”.

Even if Joe were a “plant” it wasn’t Joe’s question which created the issue here.

It was Obie’s honest answer.

Your attempts to obfuscate are laughable.


Certified Real American Patriot, or CRAP for short, is neither real nor a patriot. Whether or not the individual is an American is open to question as well.

Joe the Plumber is becoming a modern Paul Bunyon.

So Joe, took out his monkey wrench and instead of using it to tighten a drain trap, threw it into the gears of the Obama/DNC socialist political machine.

So how long until the “The Legend of Joe” songs start? I bet they make number 1 on the Billboard charts.