The New Obama Cabinet! [Reader Post]



Who are these people? You don’t know? Let me try to explain.

Franklin Raines is the CEO who, along with Jim Johnson, made tens of millions from Fannie Mae, and then was used by the Obama campaign (Johnson to pick the Vice Presidential Candidate). Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, as you know, was given totally free rein to give massive amounts of bad loans. They, in turn, infected the entire sub-prime market, which in turn has helped tank the whole financial system. McCain and others tried to stop them. Obama, Frank and Dodd supported their dangerous schemes. Fannie Mae gave massive contributions to Obama, number two amount of money all time, next to Senator Dodd (head of the relevant committee), although Obama had only been a Senator for two years.

Ayres, besides being an unrepentant bombing killer, is actually very influential in the ultra liberal education elites. He believes capitalism should be destroyed, just like ACORN, the Annenberg grant in Chicago, and the Woods Foundation, on all of which he worked with Obama. Ayres gave Obama $50 million as his Annenberg chairman to fund their far-left education programs. How could Obama ‘forget’ they worked together? Why did he lie about how he launched his campaign in Ayres’ home, saying the previous Rep. had arranged it, when she hadn’t?

Tony Rezko is a shady far-left money man who has worked closely with Mayor Daley, the Governor of Illinois and Obama moving HUGE amounts of money, even to terrorist sympathizers. He is under indictment and is about to sing for a deal, although it’s not clear who he’s going to sing about. He ‘helped’ Obama with his real estate, as well.

I think you all know Wright, but the media doesn’t point out he’s a Marxist. No after life, Jesus is a black revolutionary, ‘unconventional’ morality.

And Marx? No one can doubt that moldy fellow played a large part in Obama’s young political formation. If you look closely at the ideas and even the language used by Obama, you can see the effect is not negligible. You probably haven’t heard any of this because most of the media is in the tank, a few because they do know his past and want to hide it, many because they love the idea of our electing the first black President. Hey, I love the idea, too. I just don’t like the idea of putting a shady Chicago politician in charge with Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and a dominant liberal Congress. If you are pro-life, especially, the idea should chill your soul. He voted against bans on born-alive and partial-birth abortions. Even ‘pro-choice’ people of conscience should be given pause at how radical that is.

The economic ramifications are also horrific. The ‘middle-class tax cuts’ he always talks about neglects to mention the ending of the Bush tax cuts = net loss for us. The 95% figure neglects to say only 60% PAY taxes. Today he told a plumber he wants to “spread the wealth around”. Economic re-distributionism. Socialism. Wherever Communism or socialism has been tried, it’s been a disaster.

At the very least, these consistently far-left associations show HORRIBLE judgment, if nothing else.


There have been MASSIVE amounts of false registrations in 13 battleground states across the country on OBAMA’s behalf. They also specialize in intimidation of banks into giving bad loans. The Obama campaign tried to sneak $800,000 to Acorn through third parties. We should remember Marxism sanctions lying and skullduggery such as this. “The ends justify the means.” Right at this moment, hearings in Ohio are trying to make sense of it all there.


Americans think they’re getting a great ‘treat’ with Obama. If we actually look at what we are being handed? Maybe it’s time to take stock – or not!

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and hitler had really great ideas right? just as hitler could move a crowd and make many people believe in his cuase obama has the same charasmatic quality. very scarey. he will pad his cabinet with all the unsavory types he can and then blame anything that fails on the fringe conservatives. he is a disgrace to american politics.

He is far from a disgrace to American Politics –Luva…

BTW check this out… 7.4% ahead of gramdpy McCain..

Plus it looks like he will win the electoral by well over 300 possibly 350…

“Real American Patriot”,

Are you saying that popularity equals lack of disgrace? ‘My guy is ahead in the polls, so there is no disgrace.’ Hitler was ahead in the polls, too, thanks to a combination of thuggery, vote fraud, high-powered public relations and a certain reticence about his real origins. Sound familiar? The argument you use is a fallacy of informal logic called “argumentum ad populum”. ORWELL and 1984 notwithstanding, truth is not subject to the opinion of the minute. The disgraceful antics recited in piece above have not been addressed. Further, citing a political ad to make a point is pretty weak! What if I gave you a McCain ad to look at? Of necessity, they are always oversimplified and cannot go into the facts or logic of anything deeply.

RAP, anything can happen, what would you do if it comes out that obama was really born in kenya? he is not allowed to be potus then, where will you be? i always find it interesting that the libs refer to mccain as mcsame and grampy mccain, then there is the c word thing about palin, if i was to refer to obama as ape boy or some other nasty thing you would be all up in arems. me saying obama is a disgrace is far different from name calling. i realize that when facts and patriotism is really lacking in your charactor you have to resort to this, i am so sorry for your lose in moral fiber.

@Real American Patriot:

How’s the trending there Sky?

You like to tout the polls so much then show us the pattern over the last 7 to 10 days.

I can tell you that Obama has nowhere to go but down and the trending indicates that is precisely where he is headed.

Because I know that you don’t have 1) the stones to post a response 2) the intelligence to do the research needed to get the answer and 3) the courage to do the research that will prove your own contention wrong I’ll post a little tidbit of why your side needs to be very worried at the moment.

You’re crowing about the polls when the following is true:

Gallup has it narrowing from double digits down to seven.

Zogby has it narrowing from six to four.

Furthermore Sky, where is Obie campaigning right now?

That’s right, PA.

If he’s as far ahead in PA as the pollsters would like you to believe then why oh why would he be campaigning there?

Wanna know why?

Because the pollsters are yankin’ your chain.

They’re building Obie up trying to make everyone think that this thing is over.

Polls like Newsweek are so full of fuzzy math that it’s bubbling over.

Basically, they’re lyin’ Liberals just like you.

Even Zogby has warned you that “It’s far from over” and that he doesn’t “think Mr. Obama has closed the deal yet.”

In addition, have you ever heard of the “Bradley Effect” Sky? Do you have the mental acuity to even begin to understand how that will affect the polling numbers that you so eagerly hold on to?

Be careful Sky.

The ice you’re walking on is very, very thin.

When/if you decide to drop back by maybe you’d be willing to display your intelligence regarding voter fraud, ACORN, Project VOTE, the Democratic Socialists of America, the New Party, and the New Workers Party.

Your candidate is DEEPLY involved in those organizations and I would love to hear you pontificate on that.

Course we all know that you don’t have the stones for a two way conversation.

You much prefer to be a fly-by poster.

Dash in, sling poo, dash out.

That’s you.

Word, I don’t believe I’ve told you how much I just *love* your [sarcasm button on] “asian_American” butt lately, eh? [sarcasm button off] LOL (Note: I say sarcasm because Word, da *man* is about as all-American as they come, and also resents being shoved into a hypenated-American class)

BTW, my mommy still loves the Wordsmith Sunday Funnies. I really hear it when I don’t send on the direct link. She’s 83, and doesn’t navigate as easily as regular cyber users. I’m just happy she’s an 83 year old, that’s tackling the use of a computer! But a Sunday without Wordsmith is like a Sunday without the NYTs crossword puzzle to a puzzle junkie.

BTW, I echo Curt on your response to that site pest history-challenged bigot, Kool Aid on another thread.

snap, run, SCORE!

I have been voting since JFK, and I can tell you the polls are always showing the Democrap winning. How were the polls in 2004, wasn’t Kerry ahead, and 2000, wasn’t Gore ahead. They even try to fix the exit polls in 2004. You see if your leading in the polls, it is so much easier to cheat. Acorn, motor voter, early voting, no I.D. at the polling place required. This country is being cheated into oblivion. Take Florida in 2000, we watched as Judges tried to award Gore votes from thin air, allowed recounts only in the Precincts where they knew the cheating was the heaviest, in Washington State a governor was elected after 2 recounts showed she lost. by miraculously finding 2000 votes that had previously not been in existence. The Democraps are crooked to the core, and nothing is ever done about it. I’m sorry to be so long winded, but I have been watching this since JFK stole the election in Cook County Illinois in 1960.

I fear his cabinet would be worse then thesse clowns. Ibrahaim Hooper will probably be on it.

I do not believe in polls. I’m sure they are owned by leftists just like the MSM. And I even doubt the Fact Check sites honesty. McCain/Palin will win this election. They have to. Otherwise, America will become a terrorist’s sanctuary.

You’re right Craig, If you didn’t know it is run by Annenberg. You remember them? Obama & Ayers were on that board.

And every election going back to Carter vs Reagan the polls have shown the Democrats in the lead. No they are in no way dependable. In November.

Oh speaking of the polls, Why would Obama be dropping…? Hmm, let’s see… Do ya’ think maybe it has something to do with the end of voter registration and Acorn reps have pulled out and stopped hovering over the registration offices and DMV’s like buzzards? Rest assured of course they’ll be right back outside the polling stations forcing Obama phamplets upon everyone that gets with-in 200 yards.

My bad. Corrections;
– That should be As you can see at the top of their link, like much of the Obama connections, they hide in plain sight.
– “in November” was supposed to be at the end of my last paragraph.

I did find it surprising that factchack pointed out some Obama-Biden mis-statements. I wonder if that was only concerning items someone had already raised the BS flag on to make them appear legit? After all, it was CNN that suggested viewers go there to review what was true and false following the Biden vs Palin debate.

I think Oprah will be in there someplace.

Rocky B:

(, which is nonpartisan, also receives funding from the Annenberg Foundation. But we are in no way connected to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which finished its work long before we came into being in late 2003.)

I’m not suggesting that are perfect but they routinely fact check the left. And besides, numerous authors on this very website reference them. Curt and Wordsmith have both sited Factcheck so I doubt they would use them if they weren’t reliable.


FactCheck really burst onto the scene in the 2004 election when Dick Cheney referenced it in the VP debate. He called it by mistake, which, if I remember correctly took you to a Soros funded site.

I trust in their efforts to be non-partisan, but I think anyone could eventually find fault with some of their conclusions from time to time.

To Fit Fit:


Sorry, that’s all I got.


Then I stand corrected on my correction.

After reading your post and a having a “Now wait a damn minute, I know what I saw.” moment, I went back to double-double-check and it appears you are correct. However, I would recommend remove “Annenberg” from their banner or putting a disclaimer somewhere on the webpage that is in no way affiliated with the Chicago Annenberg Connection so that others don’t jump to the same conclusion of potential bias.

Fit Fit; did indeed once lead to a Soros site. I know because I was one of many that ended up there following the 2004 VP debate. I hadn’t gone back there since and now when you go there it takes you to a search engine. So I thought maybe my memory was faulty and changed “.com” to “.org”. Knowing of the Soros-Obama-CAC connection, and seeing Annenberg right there in the banner, I had naturally assumed it was the Soros site. My thanks to Ron for straightening this out and apologies to for impuning their honor.

As I mentioned, I too had gone there, as can be seen by these links.

Hence the confusion. It’s not surprising that socialist like George Soros would take advantage of and mislead the public. Socialists enjoy screwing with people’s minds. I would not be surprised if the name “Annenberg” and acronym “CAC” for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge were originally selected to mislead. The Annenberg School For Communication at the University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1959, long before the CAC of Ayers and Obama.

To note; There are a several organizations with “CAC” acronyms that pop up when you do a search with the “University of Pennsylvania” and “CAC” so this can add to the confusion:

The Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) which meets at Bloomburg University of Pennsylvania

The Child Advocacy Center of Montgomery County (CAC), to be called Mission Kids;

The clean Air Counsel;

The Corporate Advisory Council (CAC);

The Center for Advanced Communication;


To RockyB:

You sir are a gentlemen. I appreciate the kind response. You’d be surprised how many times people have responded with sarcasm and insults when I post something that contradicts what they’ve posted. I was once called “an insidious disease” for simply posting some fact checking about McCain (and I’m a McCain supporter) from the website.

Your links and rebuttals are quite thorough as well as insightful. I’ll definitely pay closer attention when you post responses, although I’d have to take a day off work just to get through all of the information you post!

I’m a kidder!

Kind regards