SNL Bailout Skit Pulled from NBC Website. Why?


*Post Updated with Video Upload*

American Thinker:

NBC has pulled the video off the internet and is deleting comments on its message boards asking about it.
Seems as if the players over at Saturday Night live might read American Thinker. This weekend they ran a skit that mentioned the fall of Wachovia, the finance crisis and the roles of Herb and Marion Sandler and George Soros (who they identified as the owner of the Democratic Party).

Michelle Malkin has a theory as to why the video was pulled.

The skit is funny because there’s some actual underlying truth to the humor:

The video’s bound to get pulled at some point. When this happens, I’m sure Curt’ll repost the video here.

Here it is, for FA viewing pleasure:

[flv:snlbailoutskit.flv 400 300]

Hat tip: Bookworm

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That skit is better than the stupid Palin smear-skits SNL is so famous for.

And I do understand why it was pulled. Can’t have people thinking about all those Democrats up to their eyeballs in corruption and greed now can we?

You all have to see this video. O’Rreilly gets in Frank’s face. He even calls him a coward…
Where did you people get this stupid asshole Senator Frank from? On this video he looks like he just got out of a mental institute. Don’t miss this video:


It’s a rare day when SNL leans right in their humor… kewl. Not airing possibly in response to a lawsuit from the Sandlers’ perhaps? Doesn’t matter… it will get more air play now than ever.

Only problem with it is, George Soros thinks the bail out was a dumb move… As I said in that post, it’s a weird day when I find myself agreeing with Soros.

However, now that Congress, the WH and the Treasury Dept have done the damage, I have no doubt the economic savvy with some wealthy stashed safely away somewhere will find a way to capitalize on it… in another country, no doubt.

Wonder what AlGore’s up to nowadays…. No one will be able to afford his alternative energy now.

i stopped watching snl a long time ago because the annoyed me, but this was funny, loved their nancy pelosi. she was perfectly shallow and arrogant. really struck a nerve with the left i am sure. they never lean that way, never, made me laugh though.

Aw, man, the video’s been removed! Curt, please find a way to repost the video?

It brings up a really good point — that a lot of the crooks in these schemes were not nefarious Republicans but well fed East Coast Liberals who fund things….like the Obama campaign.

I think the lawsuit was cover to pull the skit. NBC can’t blame this mess on the Dems, it goes against all they believe.

Agree w MarkS. NBC can’t put ANYTHING up anywhere that is critical of the Democrats’ Congress. It’s against their secular religion.

QUESTION: I wonder how the freely liberal cast and crew of SNL feel about their censorship? Will they react logically and rebel against it, or will they be lemmings and go 100% straight up nothing but Palin instead? I’m not ready to bet on their cowardice yet, but if they don’t rebel against it….then they can only be lemmings. Sad.

btw, when does it go from spin and slant to straightup propaganda?

Here’s the vid courtesy of the fine folks over at Pat Dollard’s place.

As Pat says, “Yank this.”

Oh, I almost forgot.

A final word to NBC:

Once on the Internet…..ALWAYS on the Internet.

I watched the video over at Pat Dollars site, it’s obvious why they pulled the video … It’s great at explaining the real problem.

Aye Chihuahua – (True American)

just watched the video at PatDollars, that was great still laughing, everyone should watch this,

thanks Aye Chihuahua

There was no skit, go about your business.

His Excellency Lord Barack is watching over you.

NBC will be aggressively chasing this video from the standard video sharing sites for the next few weeks, I’m sure. However, you can download (and share) the SNL C-SPAN Bailout sketch via bit torrent here:

Bit torrent isn’t for everyone, but it is a lot easier than you think. You’ll need a good client link uTorrent or Azureus, but it is real easy to set up. The torrent has a very healthy swarm of seeders right now, ready to distribute the file. Once widely distributed, it isn’t coming down.

Also, the file is small enough to fit throught most email gateways. I’m not suggesting you spam everyone in your address book with it (please, don’t do that)… but you can email it to your parents and a few close friends, probably.

Once on the web….always on the web

How will the cast react to being censored?
Will they be rah rah rah lemmings, or will the SNL cast (and especially writers) rebel?

The truth is leaking out like a bucket shot by a 12gauge!

HA HA HA….gotta luv the net. Once on the net, ALWAYS on the net!!!!!

How in the heck did they manage to get this past the NBC “filters”? Didn’t they know they were potentially playing with fire? What they did in seven minutes pretty much sums up the whole housing debacle.

Thanks for reposting. I have to agree, that was possibly one of the funniest sketches SNL has ever done.