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I’ve got this information on: NO QUARTER

SusanUnPC here:

I can’t resist adding what Dick Morris, ordinarily NOT one of my favorite people in the world, said about Sarah Palin’s performance — he got it right:

“This was an unbelievable win. In fact, I think it unveils a level of skill in communication that I really have not seen since Ronald Reagan.

She is a superstar. Her ability to bypass the conventional wisdom of Washington, her ability to speak a tone, a genre, a style that was so authentic and so outside of the mainstream was just unbelievable. And Biden looked like he was on downers. I mean, every time he was talking, I kept wishing that I could hear Palin instead.”

On NBC Live Coverage (You’ve got to see this incredible video):

Peggy Noonan on Gov. Sarah Palin’s Debate Performance

Thanks Craig. I embedded your video here:

Sarah Palin wins VP debate with Joe Biden — 10.2.08 — GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin destroys Dem rival Joe Biden in one of the legendary upsets in political debating history.

Frank Luntz: “Watch the polling data over the next 24 hours, ’cause you’re gonna see a shift.”

So far he’s wrong:

–CNN’s poll finds the debate goes to Biden, 51% to 36%.

–CBS’s poll of uncommitted voters found 46% were favoring Biden, where 21% thought Palin won. But 55% said their opinion of Palin changed for the better, yet 53% said their opinions of Biden changed in the positive direction as well. Further, 18% of uncommitted voters are now committed to Obama; 10% are committed to McCain.

Doug, I got an interesting email this morn. Part of it read as follows:

According to CNN, 51% of their viewers think that Biden won while 38% of their viewers think that Palin won. 11% think is was a tie.

According to FOX, 88% of their viewers think that Palin won while 12% think that Biden won.

If the average of CNN/FOX is used, 63% think Palin won while 32% think Biden won.

I’m sorry guys, but looking at fox or cnn poles is meaningless. Those aren’t poles at all, they’re simply liberal and conservative channels where people self select to support their position.

You’d expect CNN to claim Biden won, even if he spent the evening muttering about damn squirrels and making brushing them off his jacket movements on stage.

I think Sarah did a tremendous job, but I also don’t think it’s going go matter much in the real poles in a week or so. I simply don’t see how MC/P can overcome the MSM being in the tank for O/B. Most people aren’t political junkies, and get their views of the candidates from MSM news snippets, and maybe a few TV spots…

The fact MC/P are as close as they are given the concerted efforts of the MSM lead me to believe that w/o the MSM, O/B would get crushed like Mondale. Someone once said having the MSM on their side was worth 15 points, and I think that is probably true.

I patient enough to wait for actual individual state polling numbers rather than the insta-polls. I think nationally the roughly six point lead Obama has now is a ceiling. The numbers will likely tighten as we get closer to November. Unless we get some bad unemployment numbers… oh wait.

I know a wealthy elderly lady who gets the LATimes, Wall Street Journal (but doesn’t follow the op-eds), and watches CNN. She often shares views and opinions that reflect the MSM-pushed perspectives, despite claims to being conservative.

I once handed her John McCain’s written account of his Vietnam experience. The next time I saw her, she was just swooning over it, saying she was going to vote for him no matter what, simply because of his experience. Didn’t matter to her how that translates to meaning McCain can lead a nation.

Within a few weeks, she was back to having doubts about who to vote for, and expressed all the same naysaying bias that talking heads have been saying about Sarah Palin.

She parrots what she hears, and I imagine there are a number of fickle voters like her out there, that are only as good as the information they are receiving and not receiving.

She doesn’t have access to a computer, and I can’t shake her loose from old media. She adores Bill Moyers and is mortified by my notions about bias.

Everytime I click onto this thread I get a note that a trojan has been removed. The last time that happened was in Mike’s America’s Sarahcuda thread after she was announced as being the VP pick. So what it is about Sarahcuda that is drawing trojans? There has to be some kind of conspiracy behind this.

Yes Wordsmith: You can’t tell these folks they are being influence by bias because they pride themselves on being well informed. Even when they are not. The story you relate about the older woman is typical.

And what a bizzaro world we live in… I actually find myself agreeing with Fit Fit this morning?

While visiting doug1’s link, do take the election quiz!

With a gazillion disaffected Hillary VOTERS out there pledging to vote McCain/Palin, I wouldn’t be too encouraged when a conservative pundant seems to go negative. His opinion can and will change with the shifts in the campaign. What is it? 28% of Hillary’s 18 million still won’t vote for Obama, no change there. Visit their blogs, Pro-Palin fans conservatives could take a lesson from.

In the meantime, Obama supporters are cheating/messing with the vote, bother you at all?

Media Curves: Who won the debate?:

—————– Biden Palin
Repubs. ——– 19 80
Dems ————- 87 11
Independents- 69 31


Luntz’s claim, “… you’re gonna see a shift.” …It’s not happening.

Media Curves: Who won the debate?:

In altered realities. Look, I’ve already admitted on here that I grow some good sh*t but it doesn’t match up with what you’re smoking

Doug is sputtering more than usual. That can only mean one thing: SARAH WON THE DEBATE!!!!

Doug is like a pitching machine.

He just keeps throwing.

Remember folks, Doug’s mission here is to obfusicate and discourage. Shut out the troll voice and vote McCain.

H.R. The folks here have been on to his game since the get go. Not too many of us are foolish enough to allow ourselves to be manipulated by our opponents.

But you are often foolish enough to believe your own hype…

The DRUGE report:


PALIN: 70% (329, 729)

BIDEN: 28% (134, 618)

EITHER: 2% (8, 681)

Palin says she doesn’t wan’t to get out of Michigan.


Fit Fit: Thanks for reminding me why it is such a mistake to agree with you on anything.

No class FF!

It’s meant as a warning, not an insult…

Yes, how dare I believe what I say…. I should always listen to you because YOU are NEVER WRONG!

Just saw Luntz on FOX a few minutes ago…

He was saying ‘the numbers are really looking good for Palin …that in a couple of hours we will have more information, but now it appears she’s getting a pop in the polls.’

Of course, there was no mention of the “polls” he was referring to, just a consistent harping of her ‘numbers looking good.’

As more polls are laid out in the next hour or so, for the 6.30 news cycle, keep in mind the names of those polls Luntz is talking about.

Here’s another one he can’t use:

Doug: The only polls I am interested in seeing right now are the three day rolling average tracking polls put out by Gallup and Rasmussen. They only begun post-debate polling today and won’t give a full report until Monday. I’ll give them one or two more days to work out the weekend blips which are a bit unreliable and hope to see something more solid by Wednesday.

The state by state polls typically follow the trend in the national tracking polls.

Yeah, Mike, I’m interested in them too.

Yet, you posted the video of Luntz’s statements. I’m simply watching where he is getting his information for such a claim.

Doug: I’ll tell you on Wednesday.

The Kansas City Star rounds up the VP polls:

Two additional polls to report:

Survey USA Biden 51% Palin 32%
Undecided 17%

MediaCurves.com tracked independent voters, showing them breaking to Biden 67% to Palin 33%.

Original report:
Random and non-random polls for the vice presidential debate declare Biden the winner over Palin in the vice-presidential debate.

Non-random (unscientific) polls on AOL and MSNBC web sites show Biden winning 48 to 45 and 78.6 to 18.9 respectively.

Randomly selected subjects on three other polls also show Biden winning:

CNN/Opinion Research Biden 51 Palin 36
CBS Biden 46 Palin 21
Fox Biden 61 Palin 39


Post debates polls indicate Biden won, came away with higher ratings. Luntz was wrong, Palin did NOT get a “shift” in the polls, nor a bounce, “in the next 24 hours” for the campaign, as Luntz predicted.

As a matter of fact, based on what we already have, I’ll _predict_ the next Pres. tracking polls for Monday and Tuesday –prior the Tuesday evening’s debate– will have Obama’s camp either further ahead, at +49, or will remain unchanged at 49. Either way, there will be no “shift” for the McCain campaign, no gain.

Simply at this point, there is no evidence -none- that Palin’s effort was, or will be, a game-changer. Luntz was simply wrong.

I see you still suffer from that fetish for impatience, eh Doug?

All the pundits and talking heads I hear say you won’t see anything until at least Monday. Mike’sA, who also shares your poll passion, sez next Wednesday.

Are you gonna annoy us every hour on the hour with somebody’s premature numbers?? LOL

Doug knows that stuff is crap and yet he cannot help himself.

Says alot about his credibility does it not?

Maybe we should put up a poll here at Flopping Aces… It would have just as much validity as the stuff Doug is digging out of the drains.