A History Lesson for Charlie Gibson [Reader Post]


When Charlie Gibson interviewed Sarah Palin he did his absolute dead level best to pin her to the wall by using her comments about God and prayer against her.

This video puts her comments into perspective with a little bit of historical review.

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President Bush Addresses Members of the Knesset (Invokes the blessings of God on Israel)

“Over the past six decades, the Jewish people have established a state that would make that humble rabbi proud. You have raised a modern society in the Promised Land, a light unto the nations that preserves the legacy of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. And you have built a mighty democracy that will endure forever and can always count on the United States of America to be at your side. God bless.” — George W. Bush.



Blessing the Jewish People
“I will bless them that bless thee …”


More …

Bush says God chose him to lead his nation


Good night, Charlie Gibson.

aye chi, very good, its puts it back at them. they do love to twist her words don’t they. i guess they are so wrapped in the future they haven’t looked to the past.

When they have to lie to make their argument, what does that say about the weakness of their argument, or their good faith in putting forward their argument?

“I wouldn’t trap an Orc with a lie.” Faramir, The Two Towers, Lord of the Rings

The unhinged Left just does not get it. They are just pushing more normal Americans away with the Far Left shift in the Democrat Party.

As Ronaldis Magnus said, “I did not leave the Democrat party, it left me”

“When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That is my religion”—-Abraham Lincoln, founder of the Republican party
Psst…and he wasn’t affiliated with any Christian church.

Psst he was not the founder of the Republican Party either. He was just the first Republican President.
I think you would know that one also.

I’ve linked to your post from Jeremiah Films

“Allah Ahkbar!” (nope. no holy war there. Just secular civil war, right?)

2 things I think every President should have:
1) religion, faith in a God ’cause the world is not a civilized place, and there’s gonna be times when prayer is needed (see also, there are no athiests in foxholes…probably shouldn’t be in the White House either)
2) the ability to kill-this nation is at war, and we absolutely must have a President who understands and doesn’t hesitate ala Deer Fever when it comes time to say the killing word, “Go.” When he/she says that word, missiles with explosives on them will be launched, and people will die. When he/she says that word, pilots will take off, fly into harm’s way, and drop bombs with the intent of killing people. When he/she says that word, men and women will disembark and cross borders and begin shooting at other people with the intent of killing those people. Saying the word “go” is not the same as pulling a trigger-it’s worse. It’s like pulling thousands of triggers, dropping thousands of bombs all at once. A President in war (and America IS AT WAR) must be ready to kill.

Obama’s faith is formed and led by a man who believes America deserved the 911 attacks, and who screams, “GOD DAMNED AMERICA!”

Obama’s ability to kill is not there. I don’t think he has it.

Senator McCain’s faith was formed in a torture camp where he endured what would have killed most people.

Senator McCain’s ability to kill has been tested, and is there.

In a time of war…we can’t wait to see if a President lacks the will to kill, to say, “go”.

I feel like militant secularists on the left are all too eager and quick to prove their stereotyping of “the religious right” as accurate. The “separation of church and state” radicals are so hypersensitive to any religious expression in the public square, that they are offended by the sight of a Christmas tree in a shopping mall, Christmas carols at school….

These days, the history of all American presidents and politicians invoking God into their speeches is ignored, while in recent days, anytime a religious conservative politician makes mention of God, he’s somehow pushing his religion upon the rest of us. It’s oversensitivity, religious intolerance, and partisan politics that has liberal secularists go into hysterics and mischaracterize the context whenever George Bush so much as says “God” at all.