Latest Smear Against Sarah Palin


Macsmind says the authors of this smear piece are well known Democrat “assassins” whose sole job is to put out disgusting lies into the blogosphere. Today, they put out that this women supposedly hates Eskimos (even tho she is married to one) AND called Obama a sambo:

Two members of Barack of Obama’s campaign, Dick and Sharon Price, created a post today on their “LA Progressive” blog that accuses Sarah Palin of using the name “Sambo” to describe Barack Obama.

Aside from the fact that this constitutes slander, for there is absolutely no evidence – sources, etc, there is more to the story about “Dick and Sharon”. First, their blog only came into being on 10 March 2008 according to whois records.

This is about the time that several satellite Pro-Obama blogs began to appear around the internet, several of which were found to be funded by the Obama campaign. Most likely this rag is funded by the Obama campaign as well.

Secondly, according to sources they are bona-fide Democrat political operatives that are known for planting such slanderous stories about opposition candidate going back for a while now.

The source called them “assassins”.

Just shows how desperate these yahoo’s have become. They fall all over themselves over a report from Democrat operatives whose only source is a waitress named Lucille (I kid you not) and others who wish to remain anonymous.


And now it looks like KOS has gotten smarter. He’s deleted the link to the story.

Don’t miss this at Michelle Malkin either. Bill Maher doesn’t know whose the real mother of Trig.


Confederate Yankee has some background on the author:

The LA Progressive post attacking Sarah Palin as a racist and a sexist that has been swallowed unquestioningly by the dimmer lights of the progressive blogosphere is the work of one Charley James.

Who is Charley James?

James is a far left-wing blogger that views radical activist web site Democracy Now! as “one of the few news and public affairs programs delivering real news”… perhaps not that surprising for the kind of person shocked that some damnable Americans in progressive Canada didn’t appreciate his “Bush Lied/They Died” tee shirt.

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Remember when the Obama supporters were terribly upset because some one used his true middle name…. not only that McCain supported him and as far as know everybody stopped using his middle name… now it is a little different don’t you think?

Gosh is this change we are expecting ! First class name calling smears.

This gets better and better… the libtards are showing their true colors… OH sorry… they don’t see color.. my bad.

racist, sexist democraps are running scared and it’s freaking great!!

Whoever created the smear, didn’t do much research.

The term “Eskimo” isn’t used in Alaska. Instead the pejorative is “Natives”. In fact the easiest way to spot someone from outside Alaska is by the use of the term “Eskimo”.


…Oh, this explains why Obama haasn’t ditched him yet. Gutman isn’t just a big-time money man for the Obama campaign, he’s also the lawyer who represented Susan Rosenberg, who was part of Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground terrorist group.

You might remember Bill Ayers as the guy who was sorry he couldn’t wreak more destruction and who hosted the fundraiser that launched Barack Obama’s political career. The two have been as tight as ticks for more than two decades and worked closely together for a foundation that spread money around to such groups as ACORN (the leftist group that is up to its eyeballs in voter fraud).

Gutman gets a pass because he’s tight with Obama’s terrorist friends. Okey-dokey.

ALL O’Bumbler’s friends/associates are crooks, terrorists, racists, communists, and other assorted unsavory characters.

Let’s see: the article the LA Progressive reprinted is an obvious “smear” because it used anonymous sources; while the Macsmind claim about the LA Progressive is gospel truth even though it used anonymous sources. Have I got that right?

they are very scared, very, very scared. keep digging dems, you only get deeper in the gutter, but that is home for you.

Sarah Palin ate my homework 🙁

The Weekly Standard Blog has a post detailing the technique of how Democrat smears are born”

There’s also a link to the list of smears directed at Palin with an easy reference guide to debunking them:

The tactic is simple: put out some outrageous charge with no evidence and just wait until some “mainstream” news source picks it up and then have the rest pile on.

Of course when there were very REAL rumors of John Edwards misconduct the “news” media wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

The media have been unmasked for what they are: charlatans and liars with no principles other than the pursuit of power. In a word, we call them DEMOCRATS!

The cartoon in today’s Sunday Funnies also fits here:

This article has been retitled when it was submitted to Digg.

Sarah Palin hates Eskimos — What else will come out of the closet?!?

“I cannont tell a lie, Sarah Palin chopped down that cherry tree” — G. Washington (personal communication to Obamassiah – you can believe him, he wouldn’t lie)

Sarah Palin, no matter what lies and truth they spread, is a shining star that will never lose its brightness. She is blessed, having done so many good things in her life. Of course, she is not perfect (Who is anyway?), but her good heart and love for life and adherence to moral values overshadow her minor flaws. I can’t imagine if I will have the courage to give birth to a down syndrome child though I said I will, in case it ever happens to me. I admire her courage and strength to go through an ordeal most mothers will fear to find themselves in a position like hers. That decision alone, which will freak out most women (of course to the exception of those who don’t value life because of their selfish interest) shows an individual who is ready to make tough decisions. She is very smart with an iron hand that will smash the evils that will prevent her from doing her job. Liberals hate her, no doubt about it, because she represents what is real and what is right . Her beliefs will never be acknowledged by those who don’t possess her virtues, for so many drown themselves with the vices and wrong pleasures. It is hard to be good for it requires discipline within yourself, but it is very easy to be evil because it’s easy to indulge yourself to the calls of vicious temptations. It takes strength to be good while weakness is an easy prey to be in the devil’s fold.