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Hussein O is a humble man when it comes to earmarks. He’s only requested $750+ million in the 750 days since he was elected to the senate. It looks even better if you divide the $750 million by the 143 days he’s actually been on the senate floor. He sure takes care of his friends (and his wife) with our money.

Excellent picutures….!!!!!

BHO,, is an egomaniacal idiot… long may he speak his words of idiocy…

Wow ! I’m impressed.


…and then to wave the very flags the DNC pitched out…
“Flags seen waving at the Colorado event were among the 12,000 recovered from the trash after the DNC convention’s final night at Invesco Field in Denver ”


Dr Bulldog took pictures of the trash at the RNC convention, and guess what! …not a single flag in the RNC trash.

A Report on the McCain/Palin Rally in O’Fallon, Missouri – In 3 Parts

Someone is patriotic, evidently not the democrats in Denver.

Yonason: You can bet on one thing: Some Code Pink freak is going to go to a GOP rally and try and throw a flag in the trash and take a photo.

What they don’t understand is that the minute the flag hits the trash three veterans will be there to save it while another vet wrestles the freakazoid to the ground.

Mike’s America #7, That’s a great visual! ROFL

The Tip of the Trash Can

Obama Throws Flags in the Trash. This is yet another example of Obama’s false patriotism and disrespect to the many in the armed forces who provided the blanket of security so he may be free to criticize the government. He does not care about American flags. They’re just props for the naïve. As a leader, showing great leadership skills, he should have made sure that the flags used for his convention were not thrown away for respect and the environment’s sake. The flags were merely part of his and Axelrod’s disgusting and manipulative strategy. It’s all a show to get the most powerful job in the world. Integrity, fair play, etc. are really for the weak and naive in Obama’s view. Obama only demands fair play so while others are holding up their end of the bargain, he can “cheat” and beat them… just like when he condemns attacks on Palin publicly but secretly colludes with the slick Machiavellian greedy spinster David Axelrod (who worked for John Edwards & Eliot Spitzer – anyone see a coincidence or running theme?) to promulgate ugly, spurious rumors through friendly AP, NYT reporters and blogs who are anything but places of journalistic integrity and logical intelligence.

Obama is such an overly ambitious person it baffles the mind. He’s 46 and arrogantly expects to be the president of the most powerful nation on Earth. What wisdom can he bring at the age of 46 that will circumvent and surpass those of the average politician and military generals who are age 56? What wisdom can he usefully glean from his weak, trumped up experience that he got from Emil Jones who also happens to be next on the indictment list for Rezko’s money corruption scandal in Chicago. Obama is not going to care what he has to do in order to get the position, much the same he’s now giving “Rezko” money to charity in some false “mea culpa.” He used the Rezko money to get where he wanted and once he got there (name recognition, publicity, voted into office, etc) he got rid of the “money.” Just like the flags, they served their purpose to manipulate the national audience and off they went to the trash. Grow up people, we are being played by Obama, Axelrod, and the boneheads running the DNC.

I’m an African American democrat (yes, my ancestry comes from Africa, and my relatives picked cotton, suffered beatings, murder, lynching, and racism) but Obama is not getting my vote because he’s black (unlike the racist Oprah who has failed to rise above her ethnocentricity). I have a brain and an education, but the knee jerk swipe I always get from “brothers” is that I’m a HN or an Uncle Tom, so go ahead and follow that cliché.

Obama says he’s going to do all these great things, and some sound great, but no one has stopped to ask where he will get the money to do so. More direct taxes from us via intentionally false promises and higher prices at the store and gas station because he “stuck it” to the oil companies who simply passed on those higher taxes and fees to us. Does everyone think the oil companies are a non-profit organization that are just going to sit around and sing Kumbaya with Obama and his peace pipe crowd while they give us our money back?

Me and many others we’ve been speaking to in the community are not drinking the kool-aid because his pans will not work or help us. They’re empty words to get elected. He has not thoroughly convinced a lot of us and that will be greatest miscalculation in this election. California will be his biggest upset. That state is really a swing state since the majority of the democrats in California are moderate democrats and are slightly shifting towards the center as the state becomes more financially independent from the rest of the country due to the film, computer and aerospace industries. Why do you think Schwarzenegger, a Republican, got elected governor in a heavily democratic state by a landslide? Remember his campaign? He was the maverick going to unlock the congressional gridlock while the rich Hollywood liberals hissed at him but in the private voting booth cast their ballot to protect their lifestyle.

And now we are seeing that again but in a different form. Most of the Hollywood crowd want to be seen as part of the cool-hip crowd… “look at me, I’m open minded, I support a black man for the President”. Obama is a great orator, can read a teleprompter – great, but so is Jane Fonda and Susan Sarandon – they’re actors and great ones at that. Lofty words and speeches are great and inspiring, but they need to be backed up. I’m sick of the whole way Axelrod and the DNC (run by the embarrassing sexist clown Howard Dean) are trying to paint Obama as this JFK meets MLK. It’s an untrue manipulative association because if anyone took the time to understand and read history, they will discover that JFK’s economic plan that lifted America during the early 60’s closely resembles McCain’s economic plan. Obama’s is quite the opposite.

I work hard for my salary and have faced unemployment many times… so I find it rather naïve and offensive of Obama to expect my blood, sweat, and tears will go to support the ones who sit around, blame everyone but themselves, and have their palms up. Wealth redistribution never works, ask the Soviets (oops, ex-Soviets).

Obama is not a communist. He is not an anything “ist” except for ego “ist”. He just wants to get into office to enjoy all the perks, power, and prestige. There’s no sense of rolling up the sleeves and working compassionately from the heart. Otherwise he would still be in Chicago as a community organizer, helping with housing and food shelters But he left that in rubble, brushing the poor off his lapel like an annoying insect, and moved on to get more bling. For all his chest pounding condemnation of the war in Iraq, the simple fact is that more Americans died this summer in Chicago (Obama’s hometown) than in the war in Iraq. If he’s so compassionate about the loss of American life, why doesn’t he focus on improving conditions in Chicago and Illinois, the very job he was elected to and promised to uphold.

All this speaks to his unscrupulous ambition as exemplified by the flags found in the trash.

Bill: you nailed it on multiple levels.

I would just repeat what you said: “Obama only demands fair play so while others are holding up their end of the bargain, he can “cheat” and beat them” as it reminds me that Obama pushed the pledge to accept federal campaign spending limits until he realized he would gain an advantage by rejecting them.

And of course we do not have any specifics on what Obama would do and can only look back at what he has said BEFORE he began his campaign for president and are troubled by the very, VERY liberal stands that he has taken in the past. They are the only indication of where he would actually lead this country if elected.

I couldn’t agree more with your observation that Obama is an egoist. We’ve seen that behavior demonstrated time and again. I laughed at his convention speech when he said his campaign wasn’t about him. The cult worship of him is all that is driving his campaign.

But cult worship isn’t enough to win him the White House.

The flags won’t be the only thing in the garbage if you elect this nitwit, you can look for the country in there too.