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Words escape me: (h/t Hot Air)

Given all that buildup, it may come as a surprise that the Democrats who will gather around the gavel in Denver are actually more united than perhaps at any other point in the past 30 years. When Obama accepts the Democratic nomination on Thursday night, he will inherit a party focused on its determination to take back the White House, and that overarching goal should paper over any lingering resentments or policy differences, at least until after Election Day.

Is this from KOS? DU?

Nope, its from Time magazine who we all know will write many articles describing how divided the Republican party is come convention time.

Of course this is the same magazine that has had Obama on its cover seven times so I doubt many were holding their breath for some objectivity and unbiased reporting but….more united then in the past 30 years?


Btw, it seems many in the party are a bit worried that the race is so close. I mean how can that be…he’s the messiah after all:

As the Democrats kicked off a convention designed to unite support behind Obama, interviews with several dozen delegates pointed to an undercurrent of anxiety among many from key swing states who will be charged with leading the push in their communities. They expressed doubts bordering on bewilderment: Why, in a year that had been shaping up as a watershed for Democrats, amid an economic downturn and an unpopular Republican presidency, is the race so tight?

Could it be because of people like this?

Sarah Hamilton, a Clinton supporter who works for the Ohio Federation of Teachers, linked Obama’s challenges in the state to the resistance that other Democratic presidential candidates have faced in trying to trump social issues with economic ones. “I really think it still has to do with ‘Gods, guns and gays.’ You bring in his race, and the Muslim rumor, all these things are factors that are easy to play out in the rural areas,” she said.

Yeah, it has to be about those damn hillbillies and their religion. Can’t be because of Rezko, Wright, Farrakhan, Ayers, Pfleger, and lets not forget the uh, uh, uh teleprompter addiction Obama has. Could it be his Socialist policies? His infanticide support? His lack of judgment? His inexperience? Statements like “above my pay grade,” and knocking those who happen to believe in god and enjoy their guns.

Can’t be any of those reasons can it? No, it just has to be about all those folks living in rural areas who we all know are racists.


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This kind of writing is the exact reason I’m letting my subscription to Time run out. Over the years I noticed Time would drift left during the off-campaign season, but would usually drift more towards the center as elections heated up. They stopped doing that in 2004 when they veered hard left for Kerry and stayed there. This year its only getting worse.

The tipping point for me was they way they ardently avoided anything to do with the Swift boat vets. They made a few passing references such as the largely unsubstantiated charges.” Unsubstantiated? Time was selling itself as investigative journalism. IT’S THERE JOB TO INVESTIGATE AND SUBSTANTIATE OR DISPEL. I’m convinced they were afraid of what they would find, so they ignored the entire subject till pop culture decided it was a lie. That was the day they sold their soul.

Joe Klein has destroyed the magazine turning it into nothing more than the PR wing of the democratic party. Good riddance to the rag!

My freedom from Time comes on September 9, when my subscription officially runs out!

Mr. Phillip J. Berg, a Pennsylvania attorney, has filed a lawsuit/complaint against Barack Hussein Obama claiming that Obama is NOT a U.S. natural born citizen.

Hear his discussion:

Complaint and details:


You will continue to get Time for a few months. And expect a phone call asking why you did not renew your subscription. This is what happened to me. I was not so resolute at that time. I just told them I had enough magazines. I just thought they were too liberal but later when the NYT sent me an application for subscription I sent it back with the notation to take me off their list that I would never subscribe to their treasonous rag and never wanted any correspondence with same to defile my mailbox again. I never heard from them again. This was just after their outting the cell phone story.

off the subject…sort of. several months ago during or states primary and dem caucuses, a lady walked into my work and asked where the dems were meeting. now ido attempt to be politically correct, but this hit me wrong because she was very rude in the manner in =which she asked and was interupting us with our clients. i looke dat her and said very plainly that my father had raised me to be a gun toting, religion clinging republican and that i had no use for ass wipes. as you would expect she left and sent a letter to the editor about it. very embarrassing for me, at least she didn’t name our business. i just don’t like the entitlement that many democrats feel in most situations and how the msm media pretents to be nuetral, yet they ar anything but. believe it or not i was never spoken to my my boss, i was a bit suprised by this, but she is also conservative.

What’s going on with all the responses listed here? Ordinarily I see a great deal of clever opinions here, yet this all sounds like junk to me. Come on guys, how about we turn it around.