Hillary Supporters Still A Bit Angry


Not looking good for Obama:

Fewer than half of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s supporters in the presidential primaries say they definitely will vote for Barack Obama in November, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, evidence of a formidable challenge facing Democrats as their national convention opens here today.

In the survey, taken Thursday through Saturday, 47% of Clinton supporters say they are solidly behind Obama, and 23% say they support him but may change their minds before the election.

Thirty percent say they will vote for Republican John McCain, someone else or no one at all.

Its easy to say this during a poll but what they will do when they have to actually vote is another thing entirely. But with the news that Obama never even considered Hillary for VP, the anger may very well fester until November.

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Considering the fact that FOX news is under attack by mad Democrats, I figured you might be open to a bit of news. It is being reported that Clinton De ligates in Denver are being worked over in Hotel rooms that they are calling torture chambers, in which people are being threatened with their political Careers. I’m sorry but the more I watch this debacle of an election years, the more frightened I become. This recent development is not thing less than fascist and AMERICANS can not allow each other to be bullied into voting for an individual who is anything but democratic. this man could be YOUR president in a few months. Make sure that doesn’t happen. Conservative journalist, needs to report this. It has become more than making sure Mccain wins, its about making sure our children have a democratic nation to grow up in. Just so you know I am and african american, and so my dislike of obama has nothing to do with racial prejudice. I can think of at least five blacks I would vote into the office of president, and Powel is one of them. But Obama and his minions frighten the hell out of me. Obama must be stopped. Report this please

PUMA Sally, the “Chicago style” politics… or maybe politics in general… wouldn’t surprise me one iota. I’ve said often that Pelosi, Reid and Obama must be working the back rooms and phones on the supers in light of a roll call vote. They can’t appear the fools by having a 4 day Obama love fest, only to find Hillary gets the nomination. And Obama has not got the nomination but in his own mind. He needs the supers to win.

So yeah… I bet there’s a lot of back room strong arming going on.

However any delegate who feels unduly pressured in the back rooms should be speaking up. First with a roll call vote for Hillary, and directly to the press right after that.

The nation can’t correct the problem if they cower in fear for their livelihood. At some point, you have to put something larger than your job as priority. Besides, considering how famous people get for doing nothing (or having an affair with the “right” person…), I seriously doubt anyone’s career can be ruined as a whistleblower. They may just be finding a new spokesperson career.

Update… sorry had to find the links since I didn’t remember the ladies’ names who were threatened of being stripped of their delegate status for not supporting McCain… oops… Obama. They said they’d rather support McCain. You can read the report from Aug 12th here.

and this should surprise people why…. the dems are famous for this kind of arm twisting, and the clintons were very good at it, but i guess obama was better this time around. the delgates really do need to speak up though, that is a bunch of crap browbeat them.