Democrat Speaker of House Orders Tribute to Fallen Marines Removed


Pelosi Orders Removal of Congressman’s Tribute to Fallen Marines

His photos reflect his passion. U.S. Congressman Walter Jones R-NC has a picture gallery at his official website. Displayed prominently are dozens of images of the congressman alongside uniformed U.S. military personnel and concerned veterans. Among them, scenes of his opening dedication of a memorial to fallen solders stand out in the context of the newest House controversy.

Constitutional lawyer Bruce Fein wrote in an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle that a poster (seen in the video below) kept on the wall in the hallway next to the Congressman’s office had been removed. That poster had displayed the photos of U.S. Marines from Camp Lejeune, based in his district. All of them had been killed in Iraq. Jones has claimed that it was a memorial to those Marines.

Why remove it? The Congressman (a Republican) is against the success in Iraq).

The official reason given by the House was that it violated policy on advocacy material.

The Speaker of the House, Rep Nancy Pelosi (D) believes that it’s wrong to advocate, honor, and pay tribute to fallen American Marines.

How’s that sit with you Marines?

Curt, you’re a former Marine. Does this make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

How about you Marines-or people from any service-who have served in Iraq? Do you feel more or less supported by the Democratic Party’s Congress….the Congress that keeps funding your operations, but protesting the funding, threatening to cut off your food, fuel, and ammunition, and claims to “SUPPORT” you?

I’d love to hear some thoughts.

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Any remembrance of the sacrifices made by our heroes should be allowed in any setting. Just another example of the anti-military mindset of the Democrats. Not all of them, but more then a majority.

Why the surprise? Pelosi is from San Francisco. They hate the military there and spit on them when they can. She is only folowing her true beliefs. The democrats have made it a campaign
to diss the troops while saying they support them. The truth is they would like to support them right out the door. And anytime they can bedevil the republicans on any petty issue they will do so. Senator Coburn still delivering babies is an excellent example. They want to pick his hospital. After all, their motto is ” Do as I say not as I do” or “rules are made for thee but not for me.” It is truly frightening that she is third in line. This is the main reason for everyone to work hard to elect republicans to the house and get a majority so as to sink this flake.

Since she believes that abortion is a choice and is a-ok…..
I believe she is a candidate for retroactive abortion… post haste.