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they don’t care because russia isn’t the u.s. and georgia isn’t iraq. they don’t care because its not their government that is in their opinion being ugly. they are those dumb people who will protest the change in milk shake flavors at the local dairy queen. when people see them they tune out the code pink messge and think about getting rid of all pink in their closets.


I was going to answer your title question with a link to the Code Pink post, but see you had already “been there, linked to that”.

Also read your comment there (and you wonder why you attract moonbats to your blog? Tsk, tsk…) and left some droppings of my own.

The code pinko’s and the democrats have painted themselves in a corner with their open support of Hussein and other terrorists Nations/leaders. Now they can’t come out and protest brother Russia or any other flea bag nation that kills millions of civilians. Tying in with the socialist/communist/Islamist has them between a rock and a hard place with no way out. They can remain silent and be thought of as fools by everyone in the world or open their mouth and prove they are fools. Isn’t it great when the plans of traitors come togather.

Wordsmith: I added this to my previous comment at the Pinko’s site:

“1) The Georgians started it.”

Reflects the typical ignorance of history that one would expect from you clowns.

Russian efforts to subjugate the freedom of the Georgian’s goes back to Czarist days. And it’s clear from Russia’s response that they had planned this episode for a long time.

Once again, the moral inversion of Code Pinkos becomes clear.

I recommend anyone who wants a good laugh to go over there and toss a verbal brick at one of these fools. They are not the brightest bulbs in the shed.

If CP’s real interest were peace and not Bush-bashing, then they’d be screaming mad and protesting against Russian bombing of civilian targets as well as their choice to invade rather than to seek a diplomatic solution. Using anti-Iraq war rhetoric (like the “we invaded a sovereign nation, so it should be ok for everyone now) thing…that’s childish and hypocrticial for if we’re to believe it was wrong to invade Iraq…then it must be wrong to invade South Ossetia, Georgia, and any sovereign nation. No? Sad, but your pink soul has been revealed by your silence.

The Pinkos are just another tool in the Democrats Alinsky arsenal, fool the American people. If you judge by the turnout, it has been a dismal flop.

More important is the lies the drive by media tells. which we now know are legion. The drive bys have ‘edwards’ the Iraq war and now are doing same to Georgia.

Good find Scott! To paraphrase Simon & Garfunkel: “The words of the prophet Obama are written on the teleprompter and in tv ads but whisper the sound of silence for the people of Georgia.”

Thanks, but my YouTube, Find O Da Day is here:

Democrats Take Bush Position On Russian Invasion

This is news? How big and loud were the “peace” protests in 1968 when Russian tanks rolled through Czechoslovakia? I guess they were too tired from protesting U.S. efforts to stop Russian proxy aggression in Southeast Asia.

Nothing to add, but this is a spectacular post.

Thank you Ortner!

They do not protest Russians becausethey areall funded by Communist gropsin America. Almost all are fundedby CPUSA or other variations of Marxist groups. If you have ever gone to Zombietime and checked out what they are selingis almost all Communist propaganda or Marxist propaganda. So theywill never protest aginst their borthers in arms.