Obama Back Down To Earth


I guess it was bound to happen. The messiah has come back down to earth. Even Zogby, the most left-leaning of pollsters, has McCain ahead of Obama now:

A national Associated TV/Zogby International telephone poll of 1,011 likely voters conducted July 31-Aug. 1 finds Republican Sen. John McCain taking a razor-thin 42%-41% lead over Democrat Sen. Barack Obama in the race for the U.S. presidency.

Even more surprising is the fact that a majority of McCain’s gains have been in 18-29 year old voter group. He gained 20% while Obama lost 16%. He gained 10% among women and Obama lost 11% from the Independent segment.

Even with African-Americans and Hispanics, Obama shows smaller margins.


The luster was due to fade away sooner or later but this is surprising so early….and from Zogby!

In the Rasmussen poll the numbers aren’t good for Obama either:

A week ago today, Obama had a three-percentage point lead and the candidates were even among unaffiliated voters. Today, McCain leads 52% to 37% among unaffiliateds.

McCain is currently viewed favorably by 55% of the nation’s voters, Obama by 51%. That is the lowest rating for Obama since he wrapped up the nomination. Obama is viewed favorably by 83% of Democrats, 22% of Republicans, and 47% of unaffiliated voters. For McCain, the numbers are 87% favorable among Republicans, 26% among Democrats, and 61% among unaffiliated voters.

With these numbers its not surprising that Obama has once again flip-flopped on a topic that is on everyone’s minds nowadays. Energy.

I love the end of that segment. “The Obama campaign said it hasn’t changed its position.”


Gateway Pundit found the LA Times making excuses for Obama. Its not a flip-flop when a Democrat does it, its a “refinement.”:

The reversal is the second refinement in Obama’s energy policy. Last week, he said that he would reluctantly consider accepting some offshore oil drilling. Obama had previously said he opposed such drilling, which is strongly backed by rival John McCain, who has urged that states be allowed to decide whether to drill.

Refinement….I love it.

Even better news from Gallup:

In a year when approval of Congress has reached a new low, just 36% of U.S. registered voters say most members of Congress deserve re-election


Gallup has found ratings in the neighborhood of the current 36% in three other election years — 1992, 1994, and 2006. All of these years brought about significant change in the membership of Congress.

Thanks Nancy!

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In a year when approval of Congress has reached a new low, just 36% of U.S. registered voters say most members of Congress deserve re-election

I don’t really think that means all that much, same with Congressional approval ratings. Its kind of like the line about lawyers. “All lawyers are scum, except my lawyer.”

I’d be more interested in numbers asking “do you plan to relect your congressman and senator?”

its no wonder his numbers a going down, he says a whole bunch of pretty nothing. his refinement on the issues, like drilling is making his followers wonder if he stands by anything he has ever said. the dems are hoping they can have some of their members vote for drilling so that when, not if, but when obama is elected they can throw it all out the window. the dems are a party of control freak game players. when you can’t keep your stances steady and you shift everytime the wind blows you end up falling off the fence. he is falling, and if he keeps this up he will never see the office he covets. kinda funny, the dems thought they could put him up there, shout racism if anyone quesstioned obama, hide all his bad crap, have women oggle him and they would win the white house. doesn’t seemt o be working so well, yeah he is drawing crowds, but could they be there to catch some of his refinements?

truth be told he will likely rise again since a crook by another name is John McCain

And pray tell who has McCain ever stolen from. And considering obama, cheated to win his democratic nomination he makes McCain look almost saintly.

Good find Curt. Real Clear Politics has yet to update their rolling poll average with this latest.

As Zogby says: “Loss of support for Obama among young voters may also be due to his perceived reversals on issues they care about, such as the war and government eavesdropping.””

Add to that the flip flop on oil drilling that I linked to yesterday.

It seems the Obama fad is starting to fade!

With all that flip flopping, Obama has attacked himself. He spent millions of dollars saying the Republicans were wrong on certain issues and then turns around and backs them.

Man, even HUFFINGTON POST is trying to explain to their base that they’ve been played by Obama.

No bs, I had to check that logo at the top several times before I actually believed I was reading that at HUFFPO


“The Molten Core of Barack: Why Obama Can’t Win”

“John McCain is a complete and well-formed man. Barack Obama is completing himself. As he moves to fit what he perceives to be a right-of-center country, he distances himself from the simple and authentic passion of a young candidate who once pledged “Change We Can Believe In.” This is the trap Barack Obama has made for himself, the one he cannot escape, the one Hillary Clinton foresaw, the one that may doom him. The Obama campaign knows it too. In fear the dream is being lost drop-by-drop, they are going negative on John McCain. “

With all that flip flopping, Obama has attacked himself. He spent millions of dollars saying the Republicans were wrong on certain issues and then turns around and backs them.

Spot on Gregory!

Obama’s been running to the center-right since his Highness eliminated the Hillmiester. His pollsters must think that the far-left loons aren’t paying attention or will not forsake the “One” while betraying every promise he made to get the nomination.

What a phony! —— Change, my azz.

if you go by what rawdawg has said, mccain is a racist. what ever. obama is slimy one, bad slimy. you couldn’t trust him to dot he best for this nation, he will do whats best for him and his friends.

WTF Rawdawg. McCain a racist???? You have got to be kidding me.

I could barely understand what the hell you were writing.

Yes the USS Obama has hit the iceberg and is slowly sinking in the polls, at least for now.

I don’t like McCain personally but you will not find a more honest man and politician other than GWB, who has been accused by the left of lying even after their lies have been disproven by themselves, and the left wing media. Today the left is hyping another lying book. Can’t the most mentally retarded figure out when they’ve been had and someone is simply trying to make themselves rich by writing a book? I see the man without honor McClellan disappeared as the wonder boy of the left when he had to admit ‘in public’ that his book is full of lies.

“…I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” B Hussein Obama,

page 261 of his book, Audacity of Hope…

Ask him about this statement today and watch him lie like a worthless coon hound.

Ask him about this statement today and watch him lie like a worthless coon hound.


I read Dawg’s blog piece. BTW, love the dreads, love the funk blues tunes, and one heck of a stunning dollbaby you’ve got there too. However I don’t agree with with your assessment on McCain.

But I also don’t agree with some here that you are insinuating McCain’s a racist. The only place I see where you even touched on the race division is your comments on McCain’s speech to the Nat’l Urban League. So for the record, I did want to clarify that to others.

I appreciate that you have criticisms of both candidates. Heaven knows there’s a lot of us here that are disgusted at the choices for President this year. But I have to wonder if your notion that JSM may come across as thinking you’re”stupid” is based on the campaign presentation that the press deems negative. As you point out:

Even when it comes to economics, education and yes, even the energy policy, he maintains a banal and sublime approach to problem solving that on the one hand condemns his opponents for beliefs his fellow GOP comrades have and maintain.

I saw a very interesting analyst on one of the talking head shows yesterday discussing just that… McCain’s “message” being dominated by negative info on Obama. And he brought up a point I hadn’t thought of… and that’s McCain losing battle for any substantial press coverage.

As the analyst pointed out, the only way JSM gets any press coverage is when he talks about the media’s pet subject … Obama. They don’t cover McCain’s view of the issues as broadly simply because McCain just doesn’t have the media draw Obama does. And the media is all about numbers, advertising and cash. Even here on FA, post on McCain, no one cares. Post on Obama, and they flock with comments.

There is truth to the argument that if JSM can’t get media traction talking about the issues, then the only other choice is to get traction by bringing up how your opponent is wrong on the issues. The choice is no press vs the media talking about your negative press. Obviously the latter is the best option.

But you seem to think that JSM would remove habeas corpus to US citizens. Why would you get that idea? Quite the leap. Gitmo detainees are a unique case of imprisoned fighters. They are stateless enemies picked up on the battlefield. Even their Geneva Convention rights are in a gray area, tho they are treated with far more respect and care than they treat western hostages.

INRE oil exploration off US coasts and the Black Sea… you have to remember that oil companies are private. They will explore, develop and extract where there are resources, and are permitted to do so. There’s no reason they can not explore and produce off Turkey, as well as the US territory. The more, the better… What’s stopping them from doing any US territory drilling is the US Congress… and they’ve been doing so for decades. *Both* parties. It’s not an either/or proposition.

It looks like much of Congress is back peddling on their decades of errors. That cannot be held to JSM only, and it’s long overdue as well.

You think McCain wants to stay in Iraq forever. And you resent his reassertion – like not only prior Presidents, but Obama himself – that Israel has the right to defend herself. The former is an erroneous talking point by the BHO campaign. The latter is not unusual. Supporting a democracy over despots and dictators is what the US is all about.

I suspect that most your problems with McCain is a lack of clear communication as to who he is, what he as done and what he means to do. Unfortunately, McCain does not enjoy the same opportunity to talk about himself – where the media hangs on his every word – that Obama has to talk about *himself*. McCain only catches the media eye when he talks about Obama. Obama only misrepresents what McCain is all about.

Understandable with the media coverage. But there is still a plethora of data and history on McCain that you needn’t depend on a biased media to get to some facts for yourself. But I would suggest you start forming an opinion about the GOP candidate based on his words, and not the media’s or Obama’s twist on McCain’s words.

Obama or his minions trying to infer McCain is racist??!!?!? McCain would never say it himself, but you may recall he and Cindy adopted a child of color from Mother Teresa? [This was used as an attack on McCain in South Carolina in 2000, you may recall.] Anybody willing to invest their heart and soul in the love and care of a child tends to make such inferences ridiculous.

BTW, INRE Dawg’s comment on McCain suggesting Iraq tactics might be of benefit in US high crime neighborhoods (or as RawDawg put it, “code” for black neighborhoods, as he put in his blog piece).

Here is the quote the left is seizing upon, puffing it up into some sort of martial law intent as an extreme:

Sen. John McCain: “And some of those tactics, very frankly—you mention the war in Iraq—are somewhat like that we use in the military. You go into neighborhoods, you clamp down, you provide a secure environment for the people that live there, and you make sure that the known criminals are kept under control. And you provide them with a stable environment, and then they cooperate with law enforcement.”

Absurd and unnatural leap from this statement to martial law. McCain is not suggesting we send in the military to “clear and hold” US crime ridden areas. The military is limited in their use by a Commander in Chief… and this isn’t one of those uses.

Instead the concept is akin to advocating increased police efficiency, in tandum with Neighborhood Watch organizations. Right now, citizens who’d love to clear out the crime do not do so out of fear. Police aren’t around to protect them, and the gangs and criminal element exercise strong control… and punish snitches and rats, or those who do not cooperate. On this level, it’s not much different than jihad radicals in control over Muslim villages.

What McCain is saying is that with increased security (from police, as is appropriate under US law) can come a more active Neighborhood Watch… people who do not feel fear battling the criminal elements in their midst .

But expect the left to morph this into some advocacy of dictatorship and martial law for campaign purposes.

Ask him about this statement today and watch him lie like a worthless coon hound.

“Coon.” Nice. You sure hate Blacks, don’t you, Scrapiron?

Obama or his minions trying to infer McCain is racist??!!?!?

“Imply,” I think, is what you mean here.

‘Scrapiron’. Code for junk. Code for Fred Sanford, i.e. Redd Foxx. Ra-a-a-a-a-cist!!!111!!

Whoops. Looking for jokes when I should have been actually reading. My most abject apologies, Scrapiron. Mea culpa. Won’t happen again.


>>“Coon.” Nice. You sure hate Blacks, don’t you, Scrapiron?>>

Boy! Talk about twisting someone’s words by quoting selectively …!

Boy! Talk about twisting someone’s words by quoting selectively …!

He could have used any of a variety of words to describe Obama, suet, and he chose “coon.” When you couple that with his previously-stated view that

Black America is totally racist, why? They use racism to get ‘freebies’ from the taxpayers so the sorry among them (90% of the black population) don’t have to work.

then there is no twisting being done here. Scrapiron knew exactly what he was writing, and “coon” was le mot juste he was looking for.

But remember: nobody at all is against Obama because he’s black, and anyone who suggests that anybody is a racist is, in fact, a reverse racist who is racing to play the race card. Or whatever it is that you guys believe. It’s hard to keep up with the spiral.

I am just wondering, do any liberals have a sense of humor and see sarcasm when it is used ???

Just wondering???

He could have used any of a variety of words to describe Obama, suet, and he chose “coon.” When you couple that with his previously-stated view that

He didn’t choose coon you pathetic idiot. He said coon hound. Do you know what that is? Obviously not. Its as in raccoon hound. A hunting dog. Hunting dogs need to be active in order to be worthwhile. They shouldn’t lie there. Its kind of like claiming you’re being racist when talking about a blackhole too. Oh yeah some moronic democrat did that too already.

But hey you need to look for everything as being racist, to assuage your actual racist tendencies I’m sure. Probably cross the street when you see a group of black guys coming the other way, that is if you even live in an area that is at all diverse.

LOL! Ah, Buzz… you’re not new here. You should know our concrete urban dweller site pest is always quick to point the “racist” finger with any turn of phrase. As you pointed out, he just hears racisim at very turn… funny how that’s such a predominate progressive trait.

But then, what would you expect from a devoted urban denizen but ignorance of coon hounds.

Frankly, a coon hound’s got it all over Obama… far more of that “Presidential pose” going on, don’t you think? And infinitely more likeable.

He didn’t choose coon you pathetic idiot. He said coon hound.

Sure! And Reverend Wright was saying, “God dam America!” You know: he felt that our energy policy should be about hydroelectric plants, rather than drilling for oil.

Frankly, a coon hound’s got it all over Obama… far more of that “Presidential pose” going on, don’t you think? And infinitely more likeable.

Comment caught at another site: “Hey Obama, Ross Perot called—-he wants his ears back”

By a margin of 76% to 11% respondents in Pew’s weekly News Interest Index survey named Obama over McCain as the candidate they have heard the most about in recent days. But the same poll also shows that the Democratic candidate’s media dominance may not be working in his favor. Close to half (48%) of Pew’s interviewees went on to say that they have been hearing too much about Obama lately.

I’ve been warning about this since the last election cycle when the House race in my district (PA-6), which was fairly close, caused the Democrat challenger to pour on the TV and radio ads until it became sickening. She eventually lost (for the second time). I hope she doesn’t run again this year because I’m still sick to death of her.

Yes Virginia, there is a limit to what money can do for you in an election.