Obama – “Any Time, Any Where”….Except There


Obama released the following yesterday:

Obama’s campaign released a letter this afternoon from campaign manager David Plouffe to the Commission on Presidential Debates only agreeing to the traditional three sanctioned fall debates and single vice presidential forum.

“Due to the late date of the two parties’ nominating conventions, and the relatively short period between the end of the conventions and the first proposed debate, it is likely that the four commission debates will be the sole series of debates in the fall campaign,” Plouffe writes.

Not said is whether Obama is any longer considering meeting McCain for any town hall meetings outside the Commission’s debates. After initial indications in June that some would take place, it appears increasingly unlikely that the two candidates will meet on stage before the first debate at Ole Miss in September. McCain wanted to do one per week; Obama’s campaign responded by proposing one town hall on July Fourth and a Lincoln-Douglas-style appearance in August. McCain’s campaign rejected this counter-offer and discussions have since ceased as the campaign has increasingly turned negative.

So the challenge from McCain for 10 town hall debates has officially been dismissed by the Obama campaign. What a coward. But we’ve all seen how the guy does without a teleprompter, his staff most certainly has, and they did the smartest thing. While running from these debates is cowardly, it is smart. He would be demolished.

McCain responds:

“We understand it might be beneath a worldwide celebrity of Barack Obama’s magnitude to appear at town hall meetings alongside John McCain and directly answer questions from the American people, but we hope he’ll reconsider.”


The left made much of Bush’s ability to speak well but when it comes to the messiah….it just doesn’t matter anymore. Funny how that happens eh?

And what will hurt even more is the fact that McCain will continue to appear at town hall meetings to answer questions off the cuff while Obama jets around like the rock star he believes he is to get his photo taken as he reads from speeches written for him.

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Wow, this is the primary redux: He shirked every townhall with Clinton as well.

By all that is holy, this man has the term ‘uhmm’ down to a science. Could he have added one more ‘uhmmm’ followed by an uncomfortable silence in that press conference?

obama is afraid to take a real question from a real voter, he is scared that if he doesn’t have his answers in front of him on his little screen he won’t know where he stands. his people know he is an empty suit with no real stance on anything except “change”. whats he gonna change? his boxers, nationality, his religion, his mind? he sure won’t change my mind, i can see through his very pretty yet empty words. i do have to say that he has some great speech writters, they get an A for their work, but for the actual content, D-.

What a coward.

A coward is as a coward does, climb back under your Chicago rock!

A coward, yes; but ten townhalls without teleprompter and makeup will cook his goose. McCain is going to keep going after Barry’s waffles and gaffes. This ought to be fun to watch.

May I boldly rename your article:

Obama – “Any Time, Any Where”….Except Nowhere.

There is historical record on the issue. You’ll remember the last “debate” that Obama was a part of had him raked asunder by none other than a female … Hillary Clinton. She tore Obama a new a#@(#&e and then some. That’s why Obama is AFRAID to debate. Nowadays, it fair to question Obama about his character, his lies, his obfuscation, and his deadly pro-abortion beliefs.

However, Mr. Barack Obama changes his position so often; that’s why he has to “huh…huh” while he thinks about what the hell he lied about last.

Besides, there some very serious questions out there. These WILL present a problem for Obama at the NEXT debate.

1. His associations with Louis Farrakhan and other radicals; his priest the Jeremiah (of God Damn America fame) and Frank Marshall Davis, a dyed-in-the-wool communist.

2. His being a Muslim. Or, at least, his denying being Muslim as a child — some early Islamic enculturation here and there.

3. His birth certificate. Is Obama qualified or not to be a candidate?

4. His DRUG use. That’s right folks Obama used COCAINE, perhaps as recently as ??? Suffice it to say that if there are people out there that can over this; however, there are tens of millions who consider still — the use of COCAINE an illegal and bad characteristic trait.

Never mind the issues, he takes no side with any issue; he wants everyone to know that he’s on their side what ever it is — too bad the polls show Obama’s popularity is falling like a lead balloon.

More on Obama’s lies:



McCain should appear at dozens of TOWNHALL debates. And on stage at every debate construct a mannequin like structure wearing one of Obama’ traditional black suits as if it were empty. Some sort of wired cage on the inside – no head and no hands.

The perfect EMPTY SUIT – McCain could look over at the empty suit as if it were Obama – “my opponent has conveniently changes his positions as often as the wind changes” I have always stood my my principles as any honest senator should. etc etc.

Audience members could also direct questions to the empty suit with dramatic pauses as the camera’s zoom into the empty suit.

“senator Obama… you have changes your positions so many times – what version of your policies should I trust is how you honestly feel today and in the future?”

Would make great commercials!

Breaking News: Identity Discovered on Birth Certificate, NOT Obama’s name

Obama is TOAST!!!

The smoking gun has been found on his birth certificate!!!

Check out:


There’s a snake in the grass, that’s waiting to be discovered. Waiting for those investigation geniuses in the MSM to get right on the trail. Crickets make more .noise