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At what point can we question Congressman Murtha’s patriotism, and don’t give me the “he was a Marine” BS because he burned that bridge when he called other Marines Cold Blooded Murderers just to fuel his party’s need to oppose the war in Iraq lest the party base realize how inept and deceitful the New Demoktratic Party has become.

Thank you sir for standing up for our service men…I do not have anyone in the service but I am still a proud American and am disgusted at murtha for his hasty comment for his DEMONcrat party…I pray for and will continue to pray for our service men and be ever so grateful to them for their service to our great country…..So refreshing to hear a parent stand up for the honor of his family and country…I would like to say more but my heart explodes for caring for your son and family,can’t see to type for the tears.

At what point can we question Congressman Murtha’s patriotism

For a lot of you guys, that point would be as soon as anyone declares themselves to be a Democrat.

That being said, Murtha and others do owe a serious round of apologies.

The best way to deal with murtha and his ilk is to DENY them at the polls – send ’em packing every chance you get….and by the way, even the Marines make mistakes. Not every recruit to ever make it through and become a Marine is of exceptional character…. the heavily flawed character of murtha being an example

It’s unfortunate a United States soldier has to be brought up on charges of murder for doing his job the way he/she was trained to do it. I on the other hand believe that is the way things are becoming. 2009-2010 will be the years to watch. More soldiers to be put on trial because of an increase of terrorism. More terrorist activity in the U.S. I know I’m paranoid.