Sunday Funnies- The Rock Star’s Magical, Mystery, Global Citizen, One World Tour


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Bravo! Quite an impressive collection of comics

Funny, but accurate…

Who draws these marvelous cartoons. Sort of hits the nail right on Oshama’s head, it’s good to laugh at this clown.

Thanks again for my Sunday grins, Word! Saves going thru a lot of BS to get to the meat…

I do it all for you, MH! 😉

I thought this week’s roundup was particularly good…but how could it not be, considering the topic matter?

The cartoon with the NYTimes McCain editorial could be funnier if someone made one that the way for McCain to get his op-ed published is to stick it in a folder labeled “national security government secrets”.

Pookie found some good ones too:

Thanks, Mike’s America! Here are today’s:

Palin’s speech was a home run!!! All you left wing democrats who have been smug and presumptuous, acting as if Obama has already won, are about to be given your rightfully deserved comeuppance. Keep America strong … No Wright, no Farrakahn, no Ayers, no Rezko, no mean Michelle, NOBAMA !!!