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Ashes?? That’s kind of creepy. Catholics generally don’t cremate but I guess Tony Snow discussed this with his family. It seems sort of sad, though.

It’s amazing that a week ago Tony was live and now he is just ashes. This should be a lesson to us all that we have to have our lives in order.

The prayer on Ash Wednesday is “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Remember, man, that thou art dust – from dust thou came, to dust thou shalt return” So maybe not so odd.

There was a time when cremation was forbidden to Catholics, but it was in response to a particular heresy that had arisen, and people who chose cremation did so as a way of confirming their disbelief in the afterlife (I think – haven’t reviewed it). I think it was in fairly recent times – like the 18th and 19th centuries. During the 20th century, cremation has not been condemned, and has become fairly generally accepted. It had been more common, though (I think), for the body to be present in a coffin at the funeral Mass, and the ashes to be interred a couple of days later. Maybe things are changing about that – seems like things always do…!

i loved tony snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so upset he is gone