Nancy Pelosi Says Drilling is a Hoax. Mild Retardation? [Reader Post]


Credit: US National Park Service

Hoax (noun) Definition: an act intended to trick people into believing something is real when it is not.

She apparently believes the offshore oil rig in the picture is not real. This woman is actually in charge of something fairly important.

From Michelle Malkin.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday shut the door on expanding oil and gas drilling beyond areas that have already been approved for energy exploration, drawing a clear distinction from her counterparts in charge of the Senate.

“This call for drilling in areas that are protected is a hoax, it’s an absolute hoax on the part of the Republicans and this administration” Pelosi said at her weekly press conference. “It’s a decoy to punt your attention away from the fact that their policies have produced $4-a-gallon gasoline.”

Pelosi’s stand may put her at odds with a growing number of members of the Democratic Caucus who have been moving toward possible compromises with Republicans on ways to expand domestic energy production actually seen an offshore oil rig and believe them to be real.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Wednesday told reporters that expanded offshore drilling is not off the table, and that Democrats will take a look at whether states should be able to choose to drill off their coasts. “I’m not knee-jerk-opposed to anything,” Reid said.

Love that part about “[Republican] policies have produced $4-a-gallon gasoline.” Seems that the numbers are actually pretty simple on this; simple on the order of 2+2=4.

Maybe McCain can call ol’ Ross Perot and get one of those foam boards with the gas price chart on it and hit the Dems over the head with it.

From The Patriot Room

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Mild Retardation is only the first symptom, it’s an extended form of Bush Derangement Syndrome that applies to ANY environmental issue, from supporting costly and ineffective Agricultural Subsidies while giving away food production Biofuel, to Spotted Owls, Desert Tortoise, and Beaver Dams.
The NO Drill Democrats hide within an Eco-ideological Berlin Wall, surrounded by their supporting propaganda machinery and the NGO’s that feed it.

Oh that’s FREAKIN’ RICH!!!

Hoax (noun) Definition: an act intended to trick people into believing something is real when it is not.

“The election of 2006 was a call to change — not merely to change the control of Congress, but for a new direction for our country. Nowhere were the American people more clear about the need for a new direction than in the war in Iraq. The American people rejected an open-ended obligation to a war without end. ”
-Nancy Pelosi 1/4/07 Speakership acceptance text

Let’s see….
New Direction in Iraq-nope/HOAX
Culture of Corruption/drain the swamp in Congress-nope/HOAX
no more deficit spending-nope/HOAX
end FISA abuse-nope/HOAX

…need I go on? This lady’s a loon. Sadly, we’re to have another 2yrs MIN of an inept Democrats’ Congress. Those lying sacks of puppy poop patrol leftovers ain’t getting vote this time. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…I’m a DNC lemming.

I’m no lemming, and NO ONE should be

[sorry, Friday/beer hour…now back to your regularly scheduled, wide-eyed, leftist lovefest-oh wait, that’s MSNBC not FA]

I wonder what she is going to say if her Dem colleauges in the Senate force the issue by passing a bill permitting wider offshore oil drilling?

After all, SHE compromised on the FISA bill and voted for it. Surely, she can bend twice?

Especially since she and her fellow Dems make such a huge point of saying how they agree to drilling in the 68 million acres already leased for drilling. How can they say drilling is bad for the billion acres where there might actually BE oil?

OMG,, hahaha,, this woman is insane or has drank all the kool aid…. take your pick..

I’m betting the real problem is that no one has offered her a bribe yet….
or she’s trying to get more money from someone…

What an idiot… and all the people that elected her…

Well, Mike you hit on it there. Harry Reid and the other Senate Dems have offered to support expanding the oil leases only after the oil companies drill on all of the land they are currently leasing. For the uninformed, the oil companies lease federal land to drill for oil before they are able to explore that land, to see if there is actually oil there, and accessible. The majority of the land they lease turns out to be worthless in terms of oil production. The democrats in congress are fully aware of this; so by insisting that “BIG OIL” is just trying to grab more land, they try to re-establish the argument that the oil companies are the enemy. Increasingly the public is becoming aware that congress has more to do with the current energy crisis, than the oil companies, and the dems are still trying to play the environmentalist democrat vs the evil corporations.

Facelift (noun) Definition: an act intended to trick people into believing something is real when it is not.

Hoax (noun) Definition: an act intended to trick people into believing something is real when it is not.

The lady knows her stuff.

This would be funny if it weren’t so damn sad.

Peeelosh is simply listening to her advisor Rosie ‘fire won’t melt steel’.

Mild Retardation?

No SEVERE retardation.

And moderate treason.

Can we call them traitors now! The left will drag this country into 1. a depression. 2. A world war, and all for power. Now I ask how are they any different from Hitler and Stalin. May G-D forgive them because I can’t

And this is our Leader in the House. No wonder we got $4 gas with these idioits running CONgress.

Reminds me of these excellent graphics:

Nice. Hoax… that’s pretty rich. I guess all those countries drilling off the coast of Florida is a hoax. I guess Russia pushing into the Arctic region is a hoax. Hmmm… I think Queen Pelosi needs to lay off the weed… it’s making her delusional.

Oh, it’s not “Treason”, because you see they’re doing it for YOU! By forcing higher prices, and doing their best to downturn the economy, they can convince you to get out of your autos, move out of the suburbs, live in expensive downtown postage-stamp properties, ride mass-transit, and that’s good for everyone… err… everyone who has the ability to not have to live that way with the rest of you.

So it’s not treason, it’s for your own good, because they know best how you should live.

(I think the solution is… we need to stop trying to talk to liberals. If they stop being reactionary to anything the right has to say, because we don’t say anything to them, then maybe their brains will kick back in and they’ll start examining some of the utter garbage being heaped upon us by Democrat leaders.)


We want to get the off shore drilling up for a vote ASAP.

Democrats are all about blaming everyone else but themselves. They blame Bush for the high gas prices when it is their policies.

They blame the oil companies for to much profit. The oil companies make eight cents a gallon while the government makes eighteen cents a gallon. Who is making the obsene profits. The oil companies use their profits to pay stock holders and reinvest in finding more oil. The government uses their profits to pay the sentors salaries and benefits.

The Democrats know they cannot get into power when the economy is doing well so make it do bad and they can blame someone else and get into power. They are not about helping America but getting and keeping power. I don’t believe most of them even like America.

It appears to me that Pelosi,Reid and the House & Senate Democrats are Cowards! They
didn’t want to be faced with the Decision to vote on Drilling,knowing many Americans want
them to vote FOR it,so they decided to go on vacation earlier than they were supposed to.
THAT should NEVER be allowed! For Congress to take a “coincidently” early vacation before
finishing their jobs,AKA:voting on the Drilling Bill,should be grounds for Impeachment! People
in regular jobs Normally don’t or can’t take their vacations UNTIL they’re scheduled to,thus,
Congress shouldn’t be allowed to,either.But they are people in Power and they Know it! So,they
abuse their Powers to serve their OWN Selfish agendas. So,I’m all for Impeachment of Pelosi
& Reid and their Co-horts who are keeping America in this energy crisis and who also want to
infest America with other Leftist,Liberal agendas.Thank GOD for the Republicans who DIDN’T
take their vacations early and want to finish their jobs and vote on the Drilling Bill,despite the
fact that Pelosi supposedly turned off the lights and mikes(I don’t doubt it).