Fred Thompson to Pick McCain’s Judges [Reader Post]


Big Fred doing the Big Job. Love it. From Human Events.

In a McCain administration, former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson would play a dominant role in selecting Supreme Court nominees and other judicial appointments, sources close to the McCain campaign and to Thompson tell us.

And why is Fred suddenly everywhere? These sources say that the agreement between McCain and Thompson is behind Thompson’s resurgence in the national media in recent weeks. In a McCain campaign conference call with reporters yesterday on last week’s Supreme Court decision on terrorist detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Thompson — without claiming such status — played the role of a prominent McCain adviser.

McCain will lock down a lot of conservatives with this one, yours truly included. Fred knows exactly what he is doing in this area and, as long as McCain follows his advice, there will be no Harriet Miers, David Souters, or Anthony Kennedys coming out of a McCain administration.

Viva Fred!

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I am THOROUGHLY glad to see Fred Thompson involved with the McCain campaign…what could be better?!? I am, after all, a recovering ‘Fred Head’ and have never resolved that he would be completely out of the political spectrum since his Presidential run ended.

Smart move on John McCain’s part indeed! Fred’s advice on Supreme Court justices would be like nuggets of gold to a McCain’s Presidency. He’s (Fred) made it clear, though, that a V.P. slot was not in his interests, but he is most certainly still in the loop in an influential capacity! Go Fred!! 🙂

I do have to admit that this does go a long ways. If I can believe it. I’m just not sure that I can, yet.

What I mean is, generic “unnamed sources close to ‘x'” could just be those sources floating a rumor for political benefit. That happens all the time by political operatives. On the other hand, if McCain says “And I’ve asked my friend Senator Thompson to lead my judicial appointments team when I’m elected” that means a whole lot more.

It’s like this stuff where McCain has supposedly flip-flopped on ANWR. Of course he didn’t. He said he’d think about reconsidering it. And he will, and then he’ll say ‘nope, still not drilling in the Grand Canyon’. And yet supposedly sophisticated political operatives appear to be fooled by this.

The Constitution of the United States of America has been amended 27 times. When our Politicians want to make changes to suit their policies and screw the people they just vote to Amend the Constitution.

I really like this one.
Amendment 27 – Limiting Congressional Pay Increases. No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.

Here you can find information on the Constitution.

If it is true it will definitely give me a good reason to vote for McCain. As I was (am) a Fred Head. I was a Fred Head a long time before he even started his campaign. He is loved in Tennessee and they were sad to see him get out of the Senate race because of the death of his daughter. And I think that he got out of the GOP Primary because of his mother’s illness.

While the selection of David Souter and Anthony Kennedy ended poorly, the selection of Harriet Miers couldn’t haven’t ended better. Not only did Harriet Miers not end up on the court, but due to the universal disapproval over how unqualified she was, John Roberts sailed through the nominating process and we ended up with a truly worth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. If not for her, such a worthy nominee would have likely never made it through.

Jazzman, I agree with your analysis and conclusion. The point here is that Bush put conservatives through a near-death experience with the Miers nomination, the outcome of which was nowhere near certain at the time. It looks great in hindsight, but I (and a whole lot of other folks) almost had an aneurysm phoning, emailing, swearing, etc. trying to kill it.

Fred is good for your health.

Oh !
Thank You !….this is wonderful news !
I’m an original FredHead from March 10th, 2007.

This is good news, from any stadpoint.

I hope that it represents real movement on McCain’s part to embrace conservatives, instead of continuing to poke his finger in our eyes. McCain and Fred are long time friends, so it is possible this is more a statement of support for Fred and their friendship than anything intended to apease conservatives.

I am also one of the FredHeads. I donated the maximum allowable to the campaign, went to several events, and had been selected by his campaign as a delegate to the California primary — just before he withdrew.

So I am very happy to see his intention is to remain active, and like many others I hold out hope that he’ll be a strong leader in the movement. Perhaps next time he can get his campaign together a bit faster…

I was a First Day Contributor on June 4th, when he started his exploratory committee (I also contributed the maximum amount).
I went to Franklin TN, to an event for Fred June 26th 2007…..and then over the next 3 months I went to several others….but the rest were here in TX where I live.

It’s great to see Fred involved !