Confidence in Democrats’ Congress at Mere 12%


Yes, that’s lower than any other Federal Institution in history apparently. Gotta hand it to em’…it IS a “New Direction.”

Curious, will others who voted Democrats into Congress hold them to account as I do, or will there be nothing but excuses (my favorite remains the idea that Dems need more seats/absolute power to get things done…yeah, real spirit of bi-partisanship there, real “NEW DIRECTION”


The poor economy and lack of effective government action on important issues such as gas prices, the Iraq War, and immigration help contribute to the erosion of trust and confidence in government institutions. Earlier this week, Gallup reported historically low job approval ratings for the three branches of the federal government. These confidence in institutions ratings underscore the public’s frustration and signal an electorate that may be hungry for change in Washington come the fall’s elections.

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With this in mind why do the pundits say the democrats are poised to pick up seats in both the house and the senate? I still believe that the dems won in 2006 because the republicans were too lazy to vote. Historicaly mid term elections are sparsely attended. The dems “get out the vote” and putting in conservative candidates is what won them the house and senate. I have hopes this will change in November. If the public is disatified then why would they put the same people back in office. Toss them all out and start anew.


What you are ignoring is that it’s not the Democrats they have lost confidence in.


The last thing this country needs is for either party to win a super majority. The Republicans really need to get their act together.

Fitfit, I couldn’t agree more! In fact, you just made my point-no one is holding the Democrats to account-just “Congress.” We all know the Dems deliberately lied their way to power, and now that those lies are demonstrated, proven, even admitted…no one holds them to account. Somehow, it’s “Congress” or Republicans, and not the people who deliberately misled America and sought control of Congress for partisanship not patriotism’s sake.

not the people who deliberately misled America and sought control of Congress for partisanship not patriotism’s sake.

You can’t tell me that’s not a two way street.

You can’t tell me that’s not a two way street.

Fit fit,

Do you have a video clip of your opposing political party admitting that they lied to get into power?

I do.

Fit Fit, I agree that it’s unhealthy for either party to win a super majority. Wow… that’s twice lately. Go no…

Unless I’m reading it wrong, your link merely proved that all of the polling, save the three “ties” are heavily weighted by polling more DNC than GOP members.

Using that, we see two things…

1: They traditionally get less GOP members participating when finding what “the American people” believe, which means the polls are disproportionately skewed in favor of the liberal mentality, and totally misrepresentative of the nation’s political split. Surprise, surprise….

2: Were it weighted in favor of the GOP, one would expect Congress to be in the pits. These polling results reveal even the majority DNC responders are giving Congress low approval numbers. And Congress is a slim majority of liberals. No excuse there.

Libs are pissed Congress didn’t live up to their promises to withdraw from Iraq. Conservatives because Congress tries to thwart what is good for the US at every opportunity… whether it become energy independent or put full support behined success for Iraq.

Bottom line, everyone’s unhappy…. however perhaps for different reasons.

Bottom line, everyone’s unhappy….

I received an e-mail the other day that was attributed to Jay Leno discussing why we were unhappy. I didn’t believe that it was he that said it so I went searching and found the author. Although I rarely stroll to World Nut Daily, it does make some great points:

Made in the USA: Spoiled brats

No argument from that WND link here, Udder. The increasing mentality that individuals are “owed” wealth and happiness by the govt, combined with the lack of appreciation of our lifestyle and opportunities (including evil “big oil” that pave the way for that wealth) has been a beef of mind for a long time.