Florida Poll: McCain By 8. With Drilling Proposal, Lead Grows to 11 [Reader Post]


Turns out McCain’s offshore drilling proposal is a big winner, at least in Florida.

First, voters believe more drilling will reduce the price of gas (that’s because they are not all retarded and know about the law of supply and demand – unlike some liberal Democrat nominees we know). On this issue, McCain is killing Obama. From Rasmussen:

Rasmussen Reports conducted a special Florida survey to measure the immediate impact of the offshore drilling issue on the Presidential race. As one part of the survey, respondents were told that McCain favored offshore drilling and said it would bring down the price of gas and oil. They were also told that Barack Obama opposed offshore drilling and said it would not bring down the price of gas and oil. After hearing the views of both McCain and Obama, most Florida voters agreed with McCain–61% said it was likely that offshore drilling would reduce gas prices. Only 34% disagreed and said that offshore drilling would not accomplish that goal.

The best part is that McCain gets three points for the drilling proposal alone.

The Florida survey also found that McCain currently leads Obama in the state by a 47% to 39% margin. Six percent (6%) said they would vote for some other candidate while 8% are undecided.

However, after voters were told that McCain favored offshore drilling and Obama opposed it, McCain’s lead increased to eleven points, 49% to 38%.

McCain’s favorability is also up.

McCain is now viewed favorably by 57% of Florida voters, Obama by 51%. Those figures reflect a seven-point gain over the past month for McCain and a three-point gain for Obama.

Maybe this is why Obama has essentially written off Florida as a competitive state.

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