Obama – Self Interest Above All Else


Mark Steyn on Obama dumping Trinity:

In among all the usual presidential ditching of inconvenient associations, I can’t think of anything to compare with Obama’s dumping of Trinity. It’s like Jimmy Carter renouncing his Baptist Church in Plains, Ga – although Carter never went so far as to title his campaign-launch promotional book after one of his preacher’s sermons. Perhaps it’s closer to Howard Dean quitting the Episcopal Church in Burlington, Vt over its objection to a proposed bike path – although even that arcane theological dispute seems more principled than Obama’s wholesale abandonment of Trinity, its congregation, and the man who married him and was entrusted with the spiritual education of his children.


Will the media give it to him and continue the fawning iconography? Or will Bob Herbert, Joe Klein, Garry Wills and the other bobbysoxers resent being made to look like saps over their this-is-the-greatest-speech-since-Gettysburg hooey and confront the fraudulent nature of the image they’ve promoted so assiduously?

Obama tossed Wright overboard when it got to hot. Who cares if he had a twenty year relationship with the man, allowed him to marry him and baptize his children. When that relationship looked like it would threaten his goal, that relationship became expendable. Now, he does the same with the whole church. This whole episode proves that he is nothing but the typical politician who will do whatever, and say whatever, will get him elected. Self-interest above all else.

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Yeah, Obama said he could no more denouce this man(Wright) than he could his white grandmother but he did. First he tried to just say he didn’t agree with Wright’s words then he denounced the man himself. Now he says he’s left the church for the good of the church. Next he will denouce the church. The man is a chamelion. What ever camoflage or cover it takes to blend. Whatever each group wantsd to hear. A man for all seasons and a man for all reasons. He’s not even an empty suit. He is the man who never was.

The church members who would discuss it with reporters see the truth… and make no bones about saying it. He left because he had to politically. Yet that bothers them not. So much for “change”. An opportunist pol is an opportunist pol – whether young, old, white, black, male or female.

“It’s politics,” said Herbert Brooks, 84. “He’s trying to do what he thinks is right to win an election. It doesn’t bother me.”


“He’s running for the highest office in the land,” Kemp said. “He has to make that unfortunate decision to separate from his spiritual mentor.” Kemp said if he were in Obama’s position, he wouldn’t have left the church, but that he still respects Obama for doing so.

A young Trinity member, Amber Lambert, 14, asserted Obama was right to leave to avoid being tarnished as racist.

“Pastor Wright said some prejudiced stuff,” said Lambert. Obama “is trying to follow his dream.”

Yes yes… it’s alright to compromise and reject your long time friends and beliefs when chasing a dream. Sorta makes that dream pretty darn sleazy tho – and puts His Messiahship’s priorities in question.

Hellary and her racist army are ripping the Democratic party apart and I’m sitting back enjoying it! Hellary is EVIL!

Musn’t forget the true mantra of the left…”the ends justify the means.” It explains every leftist activity that happens to leave normal people staring in amazement.