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Test, and oh yeah, her cat’s aren’t getting fed for a day or two…

Hillary signed the document agreeing to the DNC rules, and agreeing that the states that violate the primary date rules should be stripped of their delegates.

She is now arguing for the opposite of the document that she signed simply because it benefits her politically. Is that someone you want as president?

What do those that are against this FL/ MI compromise propose we do with states that keep pushing their primaries up? When will it end? Do you want to start selecting promising 12 year olds for the election in 2052 right now?

I certainly think the residents of the two states should be mad at their state legislators who voted to move up the dates in violation of the rules, but the DNC is not in some conspiracy to strip you of voting power. Rules are made for a reason and Hillary is luck to have half the delegates

The main source of anger from these people simply lies in the fact that Hillary has lost.

People that say they would vote for McCain if Hillary does not win have no principles anyway, and do not care about the future of the country. McCain continues the administrations legacy of failure and incompetence.

As much as I don’t like McCain, he is damn good on the war and security, the two most pressing issues we face…Obama is a laughingstock and he’ll be Carter number two, only more naive and inexperienced.

On to Denver Democrats, with all the victimization rubbish you’ve sowed which you are now reaping. Congratulations.

what makes McCain better on the war? Security?

He has made numerous and serious factual errors regarding the situation in Iraq and about Iran.

That reminds of someone

Steve: Do you have some meaningful and substantive examples to go along with your opinion or is it just your opinion?

Iraq and national security are the ONE area on which nearly every conservative would agree that McCain is strong.

And when compared to the confused Obama, who changes his position more often than most Democrats change their underwear it’s easier for voters disgusted with Obama to vote for McCain.

mike do you have any meaningful or substantive examples of Obama changing positions on the Iraq and national security, or is that just your opinion?

As for McCain, I’m sure CONSERVATIVES would agree that he is strong on Iraq and national security, but they voted for the worst president in history twice, so I’m not really going to value their opinion this time, sorry. The best thing to happen to Iran was Bush’s mismanaged Iraq war, and McCain wants to do nothing but leave things as they are without coming up with some kind of strategy.

As for McCain’s factual errors, you can simply keep up with real news (no, fox and the new york post is not real news) as you will find numerous examples over the past few months. or you could watch this video

Steve, you lost ALL credibility when you called Pres. Bush “the worst president in history”.

If you actually think that he is, you can’t have a logical/serious conversation with ANYONE.

oh I can’t, how about a MAJORITY of historians that were recently polled?

you think I’m alone on that opinion. when was the last time you left your house?

Steve asks: “mike do you have any meaningful or substantive examples of Obama changing positions on the Iraq and national security, or is that just your opinion?”

You gotta be kidding right? This is a joke!

Or is this the first post you have ever read at Flopping Aces?

This should help clear up any confusion you have:

THEN – Obama Didn’t Think Surge Of Troops Would Work; NOW – Never Disputed A Surge Of Troops Would Work

And that’s on an issue of such importance that it hardly compares with the minor and trivial complaints you have regarding McCain.

When it comes to the most important, key national security issues Obama has shown such a complete lack of depth, knowledge, history or ANY kind of relevant experience it is actually scary that people would consider voting for him.

Clearly your opinion is misinformed and you have been misled.

over at ace of spades they have a you tube clip of a pissed off lady form california, she is steaming. she says if obama gets the nod, she is voteing for mccain. i love this, get the popcorn and the soda, we are in for a show in denver.

no, the american public has been misled continuously for the last 8 years by those in the white house

the say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

Give it a rest Steve. That Bush hating stuff is getting tiresome. Come back when you get some new and original material. Wise up or I’ll send that Hillary broad over to your house.

I’ll give it a rest when the bums are voted out… and that includes McCain

America is too important to stay silent

America is too important to allow dangerously naive and idiotic left wing ideologues anywhere near the White House unless it’s on the public tour (and even then with the closest adult supervision).

This new Steve is just like the old Steve.


Did someone leave the gate open again?

“God Damn the Democrats” – best line in the video.

Could not have said it better myself….:)

Skye: When I first heard it, I thought it was just another sermon by Reverand Wright!

“Another Hillary supporter suffered bruises after being forceably removed from the meeting room.”

Hmmm … visible bruising. I’m not the lawman in these parts, but wouldn’t it constitute assault or something. Would defer to the expert here.

People that say they would vote for McCain if Hillary does not win have no principles anyway, and do not care about the future of the country. McCain continues the administrations legacy of failure and incompetence.

Rather vicious eating your own, eh? People that choose McCain over Obama do so for two reasons:

1: They can’t abide Obama, who makes Hillary appear almost downright right wing.
2: Or they find McCain’s domestic policies palatable, and will deal with that for four years, then run Hillary in 2012. Once Obama loses to McCain, he will no longer be the DNC and media darling.

McCain and Bush cannot be further apart on the majority of issues. However you DNC’ers with blinders still run a campaign against Bush. Such a visionary group…. uh huh.

Your opinion is your opinion. However you are premature in your judgments. The decision for regime change in Iraq as wise or a mistake will not be decided for decades to come. You and your supporting “polls” are not the end-all truth meter. Ask 1000 uninformed people a question, and you’ll get 1000 uninformed answers.

It’s always amazing that those of us who support the ME policy action, even acknowledging that mistakes have been made along the way, are told we are a minority. If you’re in the majority, why the heck are you so defensive and worried?

November will reveal all. If McCain wins, perhaps we are not such a minority afterall … despite your precious polls. I suggest you be patient. In the meantime, parroting well worn talking points without enlightening factual source materials is boring. We’ve heard it all for years. Your opinion means nothing to us if we have no idea what you are basing it on… facts or pure hatred.


Excellent post. Very clear and to the point.

oh I can’t, how about a MAJORITY of historians that were recently polled?

Yeah, sure Steve — these historians are also ideologically left, almost all of which have made huge contributions to the Democrat party…nice objectivity there:

Don’t Know Much About History…

Don’t forget, you don’t judge history as it’s happening — you judge it within a larger and greater context; the fact that these ‘historians’ couldn’t wait for that tells me they’re not interested in the science of history, but ideological pigeonholing.

Go get ’em, Harriett!! Ya gotta love the total, straightforward honesty of New Yorkers…it’s great!

First time reader here, Stev”o” educate yourself in a healthy way, find a purpose for your drive and opinions that don’t evolve from your ego, your not even close on the views you’ve expressed so far, besides the video does tell a silent truth, she’s 110% right, obama’s ticket was Mccains ticket to the whitehouse, wake up and smell the real world 😉

Great comment, Dayne…have to agree 110%!

I refuse to vote for Obama.he stayed in a church for 20 yrs full of hate and then lied and said he did not know they taught this hate.I am not racist but Obama.Michelle,and his church are racist.No I don’t want a racist against whites in the white house.He has no exiperence and does not care about America.He said on more than 1 occasion typical white woman,(what if Hillary had said typical black man) but Obama can say what he wants to say its ok.He called us bitter turning to guns and religion.He knows nothing about the war, He is married to a woman who said she had never been proud to be an American.No I don’t like McCain but I like him a lot more than Obama if you are ignorant enough to vote for obama go ahead but for me and my family we will vote for McCain unless Hillary goes to Denver and would still someway be the nominee .I will be campaigning and voting Mccain.The DNC destroyed the democratic party and i am registering independent.I want no more part of the democratic party.Hillary won the popular vote but the delegates choose Obama.This sounds communism to me and i want no part of it.I won’t vote Obama even if Hillary is his Vp.Maybe if he is Hillary’s VP.but Mccain will be our next president.

I was a Hillary supporter , but the democrats decieded my vote did not count. They made my vote null and void, when they went against the will of the voters by pushing obama .. Hillary had the popular vote. I encourage all of the supporters to vote out nancey and dean when it is time to reup..
I noticed they are trying to remake obama”s wife, well Hillary and Bill are spot on, more inexperience.. I will vote for Mccain..

Frances in Tennessee

No! No! No we never need to elect the people who deceided that they would push Obama in office when the people chose Hillary to be the nominee.Never again do we need to vote for them. Harry Reid ,Howard Dean Nancy polasi and Joe Manchin(governor of WV) are the main ones that gave Hillary a real rough time about conceding to Barrack Obama. Since the democratic party has become communism though they will probably elect theirselves.I have voted democratic for 40 yrs now and never have i saw anything like this before in all my yrs voting.I don’t understand why they want Obama in office so bad that they will tear the democratic party apart to get what they want.My mother would roll over in her grave to hear me say i was voting for a Republican for president.As far back as I know my family on both sides have been democrats and i married a democrat whose family is the same way and all our families are voting republican because they all refuse to vote form Obama.I really believe the democratic party has about ended.I don’t know what parties there will be but i don’t believe there will be a demoratic party much longer.Obama with his hate and racism is not fit to be to be county comminsioner let alone president and what are they going to do with Michelle’s loud unpatroitic mouth?I guess Duct tape works well if they can find it wide enough to cover her mouth.I can see it now though while having a foreign affair of some type her spouting off “I have never been proud to be an American” or “The people of the USA are just mean” or maybe yet “The government of the USA gave the african-american people AIDS”.We need someone with class in the White House.I can’t believe they have the nerve to compare Michelle to someone with the class of Jackie Kennedy .Jackie Kennedy was a very classy lady. Michelle Obama has the class as Rosie O”doell or Roseanne Barr.They even have the nerve to compare Barrack to John Kennedy.John Kennedy would roll over in his grave to know they compared him or Jackie to either Barrack or Michelle.As far as thebronze goes Goerge Bush is the worst president in history and next to him is Jimmy Carter.I don’t cut slack for either party but you tell me a president worst than George Bush. Bush will go down in history as the worse president we ever had unless Obama would accidentally win and then we will have to see but I am sure he can’t be any worse maybe as bad but not worse.He woiuld have to try to be worse.I am sure he would not be much of an improvement but we need a great improvement now or the country will fall apart after Bush has finished with it.We don’t need another dummy in the White House like Bush at a time like this.I use to think Al Gore would have been a good president but i have had to rethink this he probably would have been better than Bush however but not a good president just better.I will never vote for any of these people again and Joe Manchin is my governor and i have voted for him everytime but this time i will vote for Russ Weeks for governor and will campaign for him.I will never vote for Robert Byrd,Jay Rockefeller or Nick Joe Rahall again either or anyone else i know of who pushed Obama as nominee.This make over they are trying to do on Michelle Obama is like trying to make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear.Wev need to fight together to get our country fixed and we don’t have the nominees who have the know how or williness to fix our country.We sure don’t need anyone who went to a church that Jermiah Wright taught at or Michael Pflieger talked at to try to lead the country.Obama is a racist against whites.He is full of hate and bitterness and says we are bitter turning to guns and religion.Ask him what religion is Obama will not be able to tell you and christians don’t get bitter.We turn to religion because we love the Lord and we own guns because we like to hunt.The constitution gives us the right to own and bear arms.Not Obama .Obama probably knows so little about the constitution my 11 yr old could teach him American History.I hope Hillary goes to Denver and tries to get to be the nominee yet.She still stands a chance.