Obama Changes His Tune


Well, wouldn’t ya know it:

Barack Obama, who labeled discussion of whether he wears a flag pin in his lapel a false issue in a debate with Hillary Clinton, was wearing one Monday as he campaigned in West Virginia ahead of Tuesday’s primary vote there.

Obama made no reference to the pin, which could be clearly seen in television images and through telephoto lenses as he spoke in Charleston, W. Va., about veterans issue. There was no public comment from his campaign.

What could be the change in behavior?

Could the reason be purely political? You bet it is:

Although Barack Obama is the likely Democratic nominee, West Virginia Democratic voters are marching to a different drummer, as Hillary Clinton leads Obama by 36 points among likely Democratic voters, according to a poll released today by Suffolk University.

Just the same ole politician. A politician with barely any experience nor achievements coming from the corrupt Chicago area….but a typical politician still.

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“Could the reason be purely political?”

Wouldn’t expect any thing else, He’s good but slow

“I’m Barack Obama and I’ll do anything to get elected.”

Typical politician:

Where “ya” been? He was spotted wearing one a month ago. a few days before the ABC debate. It was given to him by a vet.

B Hussein O – First choice of Hamas and the media.

who knows ??? maybe the lapel flag actually works Obama seems to be opening his lead in the polls over McCain. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2008/president/us/general_election_mccain_vs_obama-225.html
It now averages 4.5% among voters, but of course the President is not elected by popular vote but by electoral vote. The only projected electoral vote numbers I have seen come from Rasmussen who has projected electoral votes at Democrats 260 and Republicans 240

Was this the 50 or the 57 State pin?


As usual, all your polls prove is that Democrats are good at fooling people, not that they have appealing ideas or policies.

The difference between polls and reality.

Interesting link you provided, John Ryan. So you use the “average” of all the differing polls of Obama by 4.5%.

To show you the different way we all look at things, I see polls that have Obama as high as 11% ahead of McCain, and other polls that have McCain ahead by 19%. A 30 point spread…

… which pretty much proves that if you ask 800-1000 people for an opinion, it most certainly is not indicative of the nation’s opinion. You get different answers based on the segment of the population asked.

Spin on poll analysis is nothing more than a media and campaign strategy tool to get people to join the herd. Most think that if the majority thinks that way, they can’t be wrong. Duh wuh.

The only poll that counts is the election. So spare us all the BS that polls are facts. I’d suggest we just do away with them, as they are a bizarre form of propaganda and thought manipulation. But think of how many people that would put on the unemployment lines.

To show you the different way we all look at things, I see polls that have Obama as high as 11% ahead of McCain, and other polls that have McCain ahead by 19%. A 30 point spread…

I agree there is little point of pointing to polls as proof of anything other than a snapshot sampling of opinions. But your representation of a 30% spread uses an obvious outliers including one taken six months ago. The RealClear average uses results from recent polls and is showing a pretty close race at this point. It’s true polls can be manipulated based on projections to produce different outcomes, but the pollsters will always show you the math. In that sense, polls are fact. The reason for poll outcomes is opinion.

NEWPUPPYDIXIE (#7) – Very good. To be safe, he probably wears both the 50 state version and 57 state version.

With regard to polling, at this point 4 years ago, Kerry was polling with similar numbers. The electoral map was nearly the same as well. So, right now it’s not indicative of anything. And, if memory serves properly, it’s roughly similar to that 8 years ago with Gore. The conclusion that can be drawn is that the election is less than 6 months away and neither side has an electoral edge.

Pretty much all plls this farout are not going to tell you what will happen in November. Remmber all the exit polls had Kerry winning also. So I take polls with a grain of salt.
Yes and I do remember Obamassiah wearing the Lapel last month after his polls showed how ridiculous he sounded. Either stick with not wearing one as being Patriotic or look a fool for now wearing one. It does not look good to sway in the wind like that, at least to people that actually follow politics.