RINO’s For Obama


Reading this article I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean seriously:

Call them the Obamacans: They are against continuing the Iraq war and reject what they see as Mr. Bush’s unconstitutional buildup of executive power. While the conservative Republican base rejected Senator McCain in the early primaries for his push for bipartisan campaign finance regulation and amnesty for illegal immigrants, the Arizona senator’s hawkish support for the Iraq war has alienated what was once his national constituency, anti-Bush Republicans.

The Obamacans include a former senator of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee; a former senior Justice Department official under President Reagan and senior legal adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, Douglas Kmiec, and a granddaughter of President Eisenhower, Susan Eisenhower.

The group one day may include Senator Hagel, a Republican of Nebraska, who has co-sponsored Iraq withdrawal legislation with leading Democrats. Asked yesterday on CNN whether he would endorse his party’s presumptive nominee, Mr. Hagel said he would base his support on the candidates’ positions on withdrawing from Iraq.

Chafee, Hagel? Those two have always been known as nothing other then RINO’s. Not shocking that they are voting for the biggest liberal in Congress. Kmiec? Written about him in the past:

Check out the endorsement for him given by Doug Kmiec that is super heavy on those platitudes. In it he is essentially endorsing someone who shares absolutely NONE of his values and does not agree with any of his policies (save one), but in his words, seems to be a honest fella.

How does a Romney guy, who served as co-chair on his PAC somehow, someway, move from Romney to Obama. A move that is beyond a small step but is in fact a giant leap. Hell, its a Evil Knievel rocket launch across the Grand Canyon.

The endorsement is thin on facts, heavy on sentiment. Basically comes down to the fact that he acknowledges the Senator disagrees with him on pretty much every issue but hopes the man “is not closed to understanding opposing points of view, and as best as it is humanly possible, he will respect and accommodate them.”

Good way to pick a President?

Basically he is willing to throw all his principals down the toilet because of Iraq. So good riddance.

Eisenhower? Someone known only for bringing up her father whenever possible and is partnered with Sandy Berger at Stonebridge.

All I see is RINO’s who more often then not side with liberals anyways. At least the writer had the smarts to ask Mark Levin about the supposed “defections”:

“I think this is a lot of nonsense,” Mark Levin, who served as chief of staff to Attorney General Meese and now hosts a nationally syndicated talk radio program, said. “I don’t see a lot of movement of Republicans or conservatives to Barack Obama. Whether or not they vote for McCain, though, is another story. It will be clear by then that Obama’s agenda is an extremely hard left agenda on domestic and foreign policy. It will be clear the courts will be in great danger. Once all that crystallizes, and it will, he may get the usual Republicans who are not that serious, but it won’t be enough to matter.”

Hell, even the polls the author links to proves Mark’s case:

Recent polls support the view of Messrs. Levin, Norquist, and Simes. The latest Rasmussen poll has Mr. McCain at 51% against Mr. Obama, who polls at 41%. According to a Gallup survey from early March, 28% of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters would vote for Mr. McCain instead of supporting Mr. Obama in the general election.

So why in the world does the writer want to call them Obamacans? Because three RINO’s are supporting a liberal? Because of a couple Ron Paulian isolationists are switching parties?

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign in Pennsylvania is touting the endorsements of some Pennsylvania Republicans. One is Lou Thieblemont, former mayor of Camp Hill, Pa., population 8,000, a suburb of the state capital, Harrisburg.

In an interview, Mr. Thieblemont, a former pilot for TWA and American Airlines, said proudly that he has never voted for a Bush. “Since I was able to vote at 18, I didn’t vote for any Bush,” he said. “I voted for Reagan, I voted for Dole, but never a Bush. I don’t like the way they do business.”

Another Pennsylvania Republican who supports Mr. Obama is retired Major General Walter Stewart, a township supervisor in Burks County who says he has given money both to an anti-Bush Texas Republican, Rep. Ron Paul, and Mr. Hagel, who he said was his first choice for president this election season.

General Stewart said he was supporting Mr. Obama because he could not endorse a candidate who voted to authorize the war in Iraq, which he compared to King George’s decision to send the British army and Hessian mercenaries into New York Harbor in the Revolutionary War. In 2004, General Stewart said, he supported Mr. Kerry, the Democratic nominee, over Mr. Bush. “I think there is a general feeling in the military that this war in Iraq has been a catastrophe,” he said.

I think not. Call them ignorant but if the Ron Paul-Hagel element of the party was going any other way I would be worried. They represent the worst of our party, hell…they are barely IN our party. They represent those who want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend if we just leave it alone all will be ok. A hopelessly naive and ignorant mindset. So given all that its not surprising they are backing another hopelessly naive candidate in Obama.

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“Basically he is willing to throw all his principals down the toilet because of Iraq. So good riddance.”

And yet, that’s exactly what those of use who can’t support McCain because of his non-conservative views are being asked to do. Support Obama? Nope, I can’t do that either. I’m left with no good options this fall.

None of us are. basically we have 3 Democrats running. At least McCain will not bow down to Al Queda and Iran in Iraq though.
Hopefully these elements will just go away from the Republican Party and the Party can get back to having more conservatives instead ofthe Squishy RINOs

We are faced with Hobson’s Choice. Bad, Worse and Worst. This is the best our country can do? Apparently YES, because the vast wealth and power that is now entrenched in politics, it attracts the worst thieves, greedy powermongers, liars and cheats in our population.

Everyone I know is as disgusted as I am.

We have a socialist who wants to win the war vs. two communists that want to surrender. It’s not that tough a choice.

it sucks! obama is insane, hillary belongs in an asylum, and mccain needs an overhaul. this way sucks

Dumb Dumber and Dumberer

In remembering Romney ran to the left of none other than Ted Kennedy for his senate seat, I’m not surprised at all Kmeic would slink over to Obama as he obviously hasn’t a drop of common sense to draw upon. It has been widely known for some time that Obama was voted the most liberal senator…a freshman senator doesn’t achieve that infamous distinction by “working across the aisle”. Relatively new out is his Illinois questionnaire, it’ll burn your fingers but, of course, he’s already denied it with one small problem…his personal handwriting is on it.

Barack Hussein Obama

Romney became a republican merely by having no moral compass of his own but, the personal drive for power allows for any foundational belief to be discarded at any time where a simple check mark and signature on a voter registration card was all that was required to ‘become’ a republican. We have seen the ludicrous flips after flops and many are on YouTube revealing his disgrace.

Then again, Giuliani did the exact same thing merely because republicans offered him jobs…ask his mother, she’s the one that told us all about it;
“He only became a Republican after he began to get all these (Justice Department) jobs,” Rudy’s mother, Helen Giuliani, told Barrett. “He’s definitely not a conservative Republican. He thinks he is, but he isn’t.”

The Huckster is just as pathetic but, after decades of religious instruction and then years of preaching the word from the pulpit he still refuses to control his deviance in right from wrong…Huckabee is the Rogue of The Robes.

These facts are all in their records with much more that leaves the reasonable without a question in their minds and they are easily found online.

While General Stewart should shut his egotistical mouth long enough to read a few of our soldiers letters for a clue of what they think;

Hope Rides Alone by Eddie Jeffers

The War at home

If that isn’t more than enough for the idiot then he should have long since learned the same lesson from Vietnam;
“How North Vietnam Won The War”
Bui Tin Interviewed by Stephen Young

To appreciate Obama, Hildabeast or any of their sheep one only has to refer to this quote;

“At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child – miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill disciplined, despotic, and useless. Liberalism is the philosophy of sniveling brats.” – P.J. O’Rourke

It’s just a small prayer of mine that one of these days, years, the well over 70% of households in this nation that have internet access will actually avail themselves of the information that is here instead of being lazy, disloyal slugs in listening to the agenda driven media and alleged pundits.

A portion of a snarky post I wrote regarding the current presidential race:

Then, you have McCain and his particular identity crisis. The republican, the Republicans hate to love. He’s the “demi” Democrat, the soft Republican or the “i’m not a Democrat or a Republican”‘s candidate. With John, you have choices. You pick him because your Democratic candidate of choice isn’t the Democratic nominee. You pick him because he is tough on ………… and soft on…….. Hey, he is the third party candidate in a country that doesn’t have one yet.

Of course, if you hate the Democrats, you pick McCain, because he ain’t, exactly.


I agree with you’s guys regarding McCain. But I came to realize, that we won’t be thinking about the other sh**, if we are dodging bombs.

We only have to put up with McCain for 4 years. In the meantime, the Republicans can better prepare for the next run. It might be distasteful, but it can’t be worse than having Obama or Clinton.

Yes with the Messiah or Hillary in there we would be totally screwed, but at least with McCain we will not bow to Mecca 5 times a day

I couldn’t or can’t in good conscience vote for McCain, even with the hope that the republicans can get better prepared for the next run. The problem isn’t with McCain alone, albeit he’s a big problem, but it’s also with the GOP. It seems as though they’ve left their conservative principles/values parked at the curb, and are acting more like democrats with each passing day.

Four years. . . . . A lot of things can happen in four years.

There is a better option.

From my position I believe a better option of not having one for four years except that would place Pelosi in the driver’s seat…I don’t think I’ve ever been petrified before but, that thought brings it into view. ( As if she would be worse than Hussein or Hildabeast. )

You’re absolutely right about McCain but, ALL of us must know what’s broke before we can pull together to fix it as the four years will go by quickly IF we’re still standing;

How the Republican Party Committed National Suicide By JB Williams

Who Hijacked the Primaries? by Brett Winterble

The Death of Conservatism? 43 Mistakes and the GOP’s Dobson’s Choice

GOP Leads Astray

There might not be anymore elections for Republicans… The push is on again to eliminate the Electoral College and add 60 to 70 million immigrants from third world countries that will be granted immediate voting rights and that will end the Republican party. McCain is very open on how he wants Open Borders. Does he support Bush’s North American Union crap?

Re: “There might not be anymore elections for Republicans… The push is on again to eliminate the Electoral College and add 60 to 70 million immigrants from third world countries that will be granted immediate voting rights and that will end the Republican party.”

There is always a “push” on to abolish the electoral college. It never goes anywhere because all the “empty” (Red) states will fillibuster it to death in the Senate to preserve their disproportionate electoral power. (The thriteen Rocky Mountain States have about the same population as California, but have 26 Senators to California’s two. And proportionately more electoral power. Of course no Conservative has EVER complained about that imbalance in electoral and Congressional power, since it serves the same political party they do.)

If you don’t want all those third world immigrants to”flood” the US, then you better support you Democratic Senators and Reps, since if John McCain is elected he’ll continue that Bush Administration policy, just like all the others. And only a Democratic Congress will stop him.

My fellow conservatives, I appreciate that as a matter of principle, McCain is a less than perfect candidate for the Presidency. However, I would implore you all not to fall on your swords here, and simply avoid the polls all together in November. Yes, McCain’s views on immigration are objectionable, and his “maverick” identity doesn’t always endear him to the core conservative voter. But, I tell you this; four years of McCain, with a chance to correct the situation come the next election is better than four years of Obama!
Between the Wright issue, and the obvious implications as to what Obama’s true ideology is, and with the latest “There will be Bamboozling” being only the tip of the iceberg on the cover job that the MSM is doing for him; the guy could be (and probably is) an unrepentant communist, and race baiter. His brilliant plans to withdraw from Iraq and open up negotiations with an Iran with nuclear ambitions, send a loud and clear message to the radical Islamic terrorists that America is so much the paper tiger, or “weak horse,” that Osama bin Laden cited back in his post 9/11 video. His “self-esteem” plan for the third-world sounds like a cover story for America to toss its sovereignty at the feet of the U.N., and toss its hard won cash to every third world nation that has a grievance… (I don’t know about you guys, but the current economic downturn hasn’t left me exactly flush with cash). Reagan used to refer to America as the “city on the hill,” and that in his view it was “morning in America.” Obama’s view is more like “America is the city in the briar patch at twilight,” and we’ll have to self-flagellate, scrape, and toss money to and fro in order to placate our enemies. That’s just addressing his foreign policy…
As someone who was born in Nebraska, the idea that Hagel would back Obama fills me with shame. But, if Clinton supporters would rather vote for McCain in the general election, perhaps we should take that as a clue as to just how bad an Obama Presidency would be for the nation.

There is still a Reganite in the race, and he would make a great president. While I hate leaving the GOP, I feel the GOP left us quite some time back, and I don’t see it trying to right itself. It may well take a complete fall before it ever comes back, and it’s quite possible that conservatives will create a third party of their own, but in the interim we have a country facing great obstacles/troubles, and I don’t want to lay the most powerful office in the land in the hands of one of three of the worse candidates to come along in a long while.

For the time being however, this Reganite is preparing to make a run under the Constitution Party Ticket. That Reganite is Alan Keyes, and he deserves a look see. You may want to check out http://www.renewamerica.us

Reaganite. . . . . Please excuse, it’s early.


If we were in a race, where the election of a Democrat would meerly cause 4 years of whining, pouting, non-fatal economic and social ills. Voting for an unelectable 3rd party candidate out of principles, would be a good move.

But, if you vote for Alan Keyes, Obama will get the white house. Keyes cannot get enough votes to win and all it will do is weaken the Republican vote in a close race. A vote for Keyes is a vote for Obama. Is that what you want?

That may or may not be true. . . . And, the only reason anyone can win, is because someone gets behind them with their support.

Here are just a few of the reasons I can’t endorse him. . . .

1. He supports destruction of human embryos for use as “spare parts” in unproven medical research (showing a disregard for fundamental Declaration of Independence and Constitution principles) and has received endorsement of a political action committee for choice (for abortion, not school choice) from party members.

2. He engaged in an effort that actively opposed conservative judges; the candidate now takes credit for aiding one’s appointment whom earlier the candidate had criticized for being too conservative.

3. He promoted, voted for, and helped pass a bill censoring free speech by organizations, including those religious or conservative, and shutting down grass-roots criticism of elected officials, especially in the critical weeks before an election–an assault on the First Amendment of the Constitution which this candidate has sworn to uphold.

4. He received an F– rating from Gun Owners of America in 2004 and 2006. There is concern for upholding provisions of the Second Amendment.

5. He was one of only three senators from his party to vote against defining marriage between one man and one woman. Why? The candidate said: “I think that gay marriage should be allowed if there’s a ceremony kind of thing, if you wanna call it that, I don’t have any problem with that.” (http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=59187)

6. He associates with left wing donors George Soros and Teresa Heinz Kerry (http://www.gunowners.org/mcsoros.htm). Such donors channeled funds through an institute to promote the candidate’s political agenda; in 2006 after a large controversial and apparently compromising contribution came to light, ties were severed. However current campaign staff has been paid by that institute in the past. One, a Hispanic outreach director for this candidate, has dual citizenship in Mexico and the U.S, has served in the cabinet of former Mexican president Vicente Fox, and has argued against a border fence between Mexico and the U.S.

7. He helped write and promote the bill aiding Ted Kennedy in his attempt to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, jeopardizing national security. (http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=59187)

8. Many of his statements show a willingness to compromise and jeopardize national sovereignty for questionable “scientific” claims.

9. He admits to weakness in economic understanding, and has opposed tax cuts in recent years under the present administration.

10. He’s had a rocky relationship with many religious conservatives, based on some of his own statements, policies, and actions.

11. His campaign team recently chose a liberal for management of the party’s convention who has been opposed by conservatives, who has promoted White House overtures to homosexual activists, and who helped displace a liaison to religious conservatives. (http://www.unionleader.com/article.a…3-f5b9ad180b04)

12. He’s become known for a temper with obscene outbursts and use of God’s name in vain.

I would rather support someone I know has the moral fortitude/conviction to do what’s right (win or lose), than risk voting someone into office hoping they do. It boils down to my conscience, and my consciece tells me McCain is not the man for the job.

Hey Chet,

My list on McCain dwarfs yours in size and content so I know full well that you’re right, McCain isn’t the man for the job BUT, voting the lesser of evils is critically necessary for this election. The information that we need to understand and act upon to end this insanity I have already listed above. In the meantime…

While I also agree with Alan Keyes on a large host of principles and values he is very much like Ron Paul inthat they both specifically deny the solutions which we now face that will incrementally work towards our goals in place of their crusade of pipedreams which are not possible to obtain all at once…which they might as well publicly cry, “I’ll stamp my feet and hold my breath until I get what I want!” That isn’t maturity, it sure as hell isn’t wisdom and it proves neither one of them have a clue what leadership is. How they can understand so much and then completely lose all reason and rationale on others reveals they are not ready and may never be ready to lead anyone. For any of us to continue in denial that either one of them have little to no support while McCain already has the delegates is another vivid demonstration of adolescent immaturity and an exercise in suicide wherein I won’t join that club because I’m merely crazy, not pitifully stupid.

An example of their ridiculous positions is demanding an abolishment of income tax in one fell swoop as predictably unobtainable. The 16th Amendment, or any other proposal of a Constitutional amendment, can not be repealed ( or added ) due directly to the number of votes required…we know this is true from our own recent history. A real leader would know, understand and formulate a way to soften our current tax law and tax burden today which also serves to make more adjustments in the future such as an optional Flat tax plan. This isn’t rocket science folks, it just takes knowledge of our systems, our government and the wisdom to head towards our goals as the situation dictates to be successful.

Which this also begs the question of our powers of observation generally. How is it that some conservatives refuse to see liberals have been following this plan to ruin our society as they have?? OR is anyone suggesting they’re smarter than we are?? Not hardly. More manipulative definitely but, not wiser.
Therefore, ONLY small steps may be taken at a time to accomplish our ultimate goals of retrieving our country back from these sniveling, socialist brats.

Further, in a situation like the one we’re in now we take our phones in one hand and send emails with the other to McCain’s campaign and office to make sure he doesn’t dare cross us in allowing amnesty for illegals or appoint judges who are not strict constructionists and so on and so forth. We don’t have to support him, we just hold our nose and vote the bum in for 4 years while we get ready for the next election.

Our withdrawal from our own system of government doesn’t get the job done, it merely allows the lunatics to run the asylum…Why have we forgotten or never learned this lesson of our own survival??

“Here are just a (few) of the reasons I can’t endorse him. . . .” Winghunter, I’m sure my list is probably as long as yours, that’s why I said “just a few of the reasons.”

I do appreciate your thoughts on this Winghunter, but the last sentence in the next to the last paragraph of your thoughts speak volumes. . . . “We don’t have to support him, we just hold our nose and vote the bum in for 4 years while we get ready for the next election.”

Voting for the lesser of two or even three evils, still yields evil.

Agreed yet, it is much better to hold our nose rather than cut it clean off to spite our faces as we did the last time. Folks don’t appear to understand we have slid to the point of no return and if we don’t climb off from riding the ass’ of the liberal path, we will lose our freedom and our country. It CAN happen and it will if we don’t do what we need to right now.

AND here’s my list on McCain for your comparison:


And if you’re old enough you don’t need one for Hildabeast but here’s just a taste anyway: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2008/03/hillarys_list_of_lies.html

After a full year of concentrated study I believe the authors of the articles I gave links to are absolutely correct and I dare to hope people will not simply read them but, digest them and act now…if we can crash the senate phone system to make them listen to us we can steer the direction of our own government down the right path!;

Conservative Blackout by Lisa Fabrizio

How the Republican Party Committed National Suicide By JB Williams

Who Hijacked the Primaries? by Brett Winterble

The Death of Conservatism? 43 Mistakes and the GOP’s Dobson’s Choice

GOP Leads Astray