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Yep, he’s going to have to learn how to deal with this stuff, because it isn’t going to stop. I will say that the questions about “losing the Jewish vote” were pretty lame, but he will have to answer for Rezko. I’m still not so sure about the Canadian thing; what the Canadian wrote may not necessarily reflect what was actually said. Anyone here remember “fitting the intelligence around the policy” from the Downing Street memos?

Oh Obama think’s has has it rough now, wait till McCain and the Republican Attack Machine get going.

He wont know what hit him 🙂

Geometric logic and strawberrys are not far behind. He might not have stress balls, but he does have plenty of cigarettes (he’s a chain smoker after all) to calm himself down.

This is the same guy that wants to stress prevention in his healthcare plan. Maybe somebody should question Barack on that.

You can only pretend that a two-faced Marxist cult leader is the Messiah for so long. The king is looking decidedly under-dressed these days.

I am looking forward to seeing how Mr. Obama responds to being under the spotlight with more scrutiny. Below is a good article that was written today by Byron York at National Review Online about the NAFTA controversy and is entitled:

“Is Obama Lying About NAFTAGate?
He certainly doesn’t seem to be telling the whole truth.”

Please read through the entire article…it’s good:

Great article SoCal Chris. I excerpted this:

The campaign, and the Canadian government, initially denied everything. “The Canadian ambassador issued a statement saying that the story was absolutely false,” top Obama adviser Susan Rice said Thursday night on MSNBC. “There had been no such contact. There had been no discussions on NAFTA.” Obama himself, asked about the story the next day, said, “It did not happen.”

But it turned out that there had been contact, and something did indeed happen. Later news reports identified the Obama adviser as Austan Goolsbee, a professor of economics at the University of Chicago who serves as a senior adviser to the Obama campaign. Those reports said Goolsbee met with officials at the Canadian consulate in Chicago, where the NAFTA discussion allegedly took place.

News of the memo changed the whole story, and the Clinton campaign quickly sought to take advantage of it. “At this point what we have is a lot of statements from the Obama campaign that have been proven to be demonstrably false,” Howard Wolfson, Hillary Clinton’s chief spokesman, told reporters Monday. “There is a memo surfacing and circulating in the Canadian government that makes clear that the Obama campaign communicated one thing to the people of Ohio about NAFTA and another thing to the Canadian government about NAFTA.”

Wolfson challenged the Obama campaign to own up to the fact that a conversation had indeed occurred. But when top Obama aide David Plouffe spoke to reporters on a conference call a couple of hours later, he wouldn’t concede anything. “This conversation has been discredited by the Canadian government, it has been discredited by our campaign,” Plouffe said. “It is simply a conversation that did not happen.”

What is going on? With the evidence we have so far, Obama appears to be in a difficult position. At first, his campaign denied that there was any contact with the Canadian government. Then, when it was forced to concede that there had been contact, it insisted that it had nothing to do with softening Obama’s position on NAFTA. And then, when the newly-released memo suggested that it had been about just that, Team Obama simply stuck with its story.

Obama and his campaign are clearly LYING.