Flight 93 Memorial Blogburst: Where Is The Lizard Army?


Pennsylvania is on fire. Tom Burnett’s color advertisement in the Somerset Daily American, asking the people of Somerset to protest the crescent memorial to Flight 93, raised a great deal of awareness. At least four television stations covered the controversy, and there were two news stories in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review alone.

Those who went on to read Alec Rawls’ more detailed advertisement (exposing the fraudulent Park Service investigation of the giant Mecca-oriented crescent) are burning mad, and are taking up Tom Sr.’s call for state and Congressional investigations. Word is that two Pennsylvania state representatives, one Democrat and one Republican, are hot enough to co-sponsor a resolution initiating a state investigation.

That is a long way from actually getting an investigation. The hurdles are still huge, and it would sure be a big help if the high traffic conservative bloggers were pitching in. Charles Johnson and Michelle Malkin played a critical role in raising the initial alarm when the Crescent of Embrace design was unveiled in September 2005. Both also helped to expose the phony redesign, which leaves every particle of the original design completely intact.

But since 2006, nothing. For two years, as the revelations about the Memorial Project have become ever more explosive, the fire-hoses have ignored what will undoubtedly become one of the biggest scandals in American history.

This is a difficult story for our high traffic bloggers. With Flight 93 family members on both sides, no one can weigh in without checking the facts, and our high traffic bloggers are all stretched too thin to check the facts. Charles Johnson only has two eyes and two ears. No one can say he ought to do anything, when there is no way he ought to even be able to do a quarter of what he does.

Johnson’s lizard army, on the other hand, has thousands of eyes and thousands of ears. The question is whether this sensory system is connected to the lizard brain. Is there any trickle-up at LGF?

To try to establish this trickle-up connection, Charles recently installed a new link-rating system at the top of his main page. Let’s see if we can get it to work! Come on lizards. Time to rejoin the fight. Please take the links to the two advertisements that are now setting Pennsylvania on fire and see if you can rally your fellow lizards to push these links up into the collective consciousness of the lizard army.

Over the next two weeks, these ads will continue to be published in the free weeklies for the cities of Somerset and Johnstown. We are putting tinder to the first licks of flame, and maybe even have a couple of sticks in the fire, but we are still a long way from an established blaze, never mind the bonfire of awareness, and the firestorm of awareness, that it will take to stop Murdoch’s plot.

We need lizard help to stop architect Paul Murdoch from stabbing a terrorist memorial mosque into the heartland of America! (That’s what a Mecca-oriented crescent is: the central feature of a mosque.)

This is YOUR story lizards

It was five lizards who discovered, almost immediately after the Crescent of Embrace was unveiled, that the nearly one mile wide crescent points almost exactly to Mecca (kifaya, khamr, Edgren, bluemerle, and Etaoin).

Etaoin Shrdlu's graphic 60%

Etaoin Shrdlu’s Mecca orientation graphic, posted by Ace of Spades September 11, 2005 (three days after the crescent design was unveiled).

Charles stayed with the fight until July 2006, when he rallied the lizards to participate in the Park Service’s open comment period.

Then he and Michelle and all the other high traffic bloggers disappeared. No links when Tom Burnett Sr. publicly protested the memorial by refusing to allow Tom Jr.’s name to be inscribed on one of those 44 glass blocks on the flight path (matching the number of passengers, crew AND terrorists).

No links when the crescent design was discovered to memorialize, not just the 4 hijackers of Flight 93, but also the full complement of 19 9/11 terrorists. (There are two sets of 19 nested crescents in the crescent design.)

No links when Tom Sr. and Alec Rawls protested the crescent and star flag configuration of the memorial on national television.

No links when an academic fraud told the Park Service not to worry about the similarity between the giant Mecca oriented crescent and the Mecca oriented mihrab around which every mosque is built because there has never been a mihrab anywhere near this BIG before.

No links when Congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo called in November 2007 for the Park Service to scrap the crescent design entirely. The usual difficulty for the blogosphere is to get the mainstream media to cover our discoveries. This has been inverted for the memorial story. Dozens of mainstream news stories have been written about the controversy, none of which were ever linked by any high traffic conservative bloggers. All the weight has been carried by a creditable collection of small and mid-traffic bloggers, starting with our three dozen blogburst participants.

The blogosphere has an Achilles heel. A controversial story that requires fact checking gets skipped over by our high traffic link-editors. Charles Johnson’s addition of a decentralized link-editing utility might be able to overcome this weakness, but it won’t happen automatically. For this tool to work, the lizard army has to step up and make it work.

To join our blogbursts, email Cao (caoilfhionn1 at gmail dot com) with your blog’s url.

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I believe this memorial design is an absolute outrage.

I believe you are going way overboard, looking for secret meetings.

I think you should spend more of your time investigating the crescent on the South Carolina state flag. I think that there must be soe sort of secret army of Osama bin Laden there, poised to take over the United States: All based on that crescent!

And, if you belive that one, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell you from which you can watch for al Qaeda invaders.

It’s obvious you haven’t looked into this story one iota Stevo. Your kneejerk reaction is typical of those, like yourself, who believe the Conservatives all walk in lockstep, some big religious conspiracy, but dismiss real evidence of a real travesty regarding this memorial.


I understand that people have multiple opinions on the choice and style of memorials. I also understand that the choice of a particular layout might be disliked very much in some quarters. Just look at the kind of battles that swirled around the World trade Center site in lower Manhattan.


I do not buy for one minute that the Pennsylvania memorial site is some sort of secret Muslim symbol, meant to take over the US on behalf Islamic Jihadists worldwide. And the constant overlaying and “secret map” directions is something that wold have embarrased Oliver Stone.

Given time and a series of maps, I can construct similar scenarios. Which is why I use the South Carolina flag as my example. No one seriously believes that the state of South Carolina is a Muslim enclave, any more than the rest of the US has Muslim, Bhuddist, Christian, Jewish, Atheist and other religious persuasions. However if I were trying to construct such a scenario, picking on that crescent is akin to the same “overlays” tha are being put on the Pennsylvania memorial.

In orther words, Re-posting the same paranoic declaratios do not a conspiracy make.

I do not buy for one minute that the Pennsylvania memorial site is some sort of secret Muslim symbol, meant to take over the US on behalf Islamic Jihadists worldwide.

And you base this on what? Just because?

And who said it was meant to take over the US? It was meant to take over the memorial.

Philadelphia Steve, it was designed to memorialize the hijackers, not the people on board who defended Washington DC with their lives.

You are just a troll anyway, this will be the only time I ever respond to one of your comments.

Please, please, please!!

Alert the world that John McCain is a closet Muslim. If you notice on his campaign logo, the star is directly over the capital “C.”



This looks suspiciously similar to the crescent and star symbol for Islam.

see: http://www.4wardthink.com/page4.html

Let Michelle know as she hates ALL semi-circles!

see: http://www.someguywithawebsite.com/blogarchive/week_2005_09_04.html