Get Ready For The PC Show


This latest Obama racism charge against Hillary should be taken as a warning that come the general both barrels of the PC Double Standard shotgun are going to be loaded and ready to blast holes into the Republican contender.

Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has prepared a detailed memo listing various instances in which it perceived Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign to have deliberately played the race card in the Democratic primary.

The memo, which was obtained by the Huffington Post and has been made public elsewhere, is believed to have been given to an activist and contains mostly excerpts from different media reports. It lists the contact info and name of Obama’s South Carolina press secretary, Amaya Smith, and is broken down into five incidents in which either Clinton, her husband Bill, or campaign surrogates made comments that could be interpreted as racially insensitive.

The document provides an indication that, in private, the Obama campaign is seeking to capitalize on the view – and push the narrative – that the Clintons are using race-related issues for political leverage.

Now here is the thing. The MSM isn’t going all gung-ho on this issue yet because, well, it’s Hillary. Once the two candidates have been decided you can bet your ass that the MSM will be unloading on the white Republican contender if Obama is the Democrat nominee. Anything the Republican says will be answered with RACIST!

But for now we get to eat popcorn and watch as the double standards get strewed around like this typical episode noticed by Allah:

See, for example, this comically anguished semi-apology from Josh Marshall to his readers for even covering the racial angles, urging them to exercise caution in jumping to conclusions about ill intent and command and control. This is the same guy, you’ll recall, whose outfit gleefully accused the GOP of racism last year for running an ad targeting Harold Ford that dared to feature timpani — drums — in the background.

We all remember that episode. The horror! Timpani drums!

Now imagine what will happen in the general.

But if Obama loses and Hillary is the nominee guess what kind of calls we will get? Sexism!


So that’s where the Democrats’ fifty years of identity politics have gotten them: If Hillary loses, the party is sexist. If Obama loses, the party is racist.

What a sad and pathetic state the Democrat party is in.

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Hmm, yeah, Barack Obama sure has room to be throwing the racism card around, when he, in fact, is a racist himself it seems.

Black racist and radical Islam all in one. Yet he gets away with running a campaign pretending to be for “hope, unity and change”. Can you imagine if a Republican was this much of a hypocrite?

Michael beat me to it. B Hussein Obama is a racist’s racist..

The liberal party, the one that is so color-blind, is the one that is having a problem with race, is the party that can’t get past skin color or gender.
Pass the popcorn.
I’m with Fred!

Curt, you might be interested in this as well.

Guess were lucky Oprah isn’t running.

You would get a double shot of the MSM love.

Both parties exploit paranoia and fear, from an illegal immigrant, criminal, communist or terrorist behind every rock to the “rich” white men stealing money and jobs away from women and minorities or creating global warming. Some carry the fear and paranoia farther than others. It’s an old stand by, which strips “hope, unity and change” away from this campaign. The band, Buffalo Springfield, might have a career rebirth with the way many of these candidates view things.

I’ve lived under communism and yes I “fear” communists in the sense that I don’t even want to hear their crap again let alone live under Marxist-like Obama. If you don’t “fear” criminals maybe you’ve never been on the wrong side of the gun from a criminal. If you don’t “fear” illegal immigrants maybe you’ve never heard of hospitals and emergency rooms closing. If you don’t fear “terrorists” maybe you’ve never watched the videos of people jumping to their deaths from the Twin Towers or watched a man’s head being sawed off while he is suffocating on his own blood. A little fear goes a long way if you want to stay alive, sane, healthy, and solvent.

Igor- Your posts are always spot on I enjoy reading them. Only tell us what you really think.

Off Topic—-Breaking News—– Soro’s funded Lancet Study—–New figures out by London Medicine. LINK

Sometimes it is fun to watch the Dems gore one another. It is also a good time for the Republican candidates to take very good notes of this fight.

I’m loving this new redesign of Flopping Aces!

jainphx, thanks for your kind comment.

Perceptional fear causes things like this:
The federal government has spent about $1 trillion going after one group of terrorists that have killed less than 10,000 Americans in 25 years. The same federal government spent $500 million over the same period to fight cancer which kills 500,000 Americans a year.

While there is talk about Al Qaeda or another terrorist group getting an atomic weapon, there is no talk about the belief than by 2030 there will be 17 million deaths per year be cancer. To get a weapon that size to kill that many people, they would need a freighter for at least a 40 megaton bomb (because of the inefficientcy in the delivery method) and to get all the bombs needed to kill as many people as cancer will by the time they get an atomic bomb, the would probably need all of Pakistan’s weapons and by that time, the U.S. would have just nuked Pakistan to prevent the terrorists from actually using them.

The candidates talk about the $11 trillion social security gab, but they are neglecting the $55 trillion medicare gap.

The candidates talk about being tough on crime, but in 2000 the average length a violent offender served was 63 months in federal prison, while a person who was convicted of a drug felon’s average stay was 75.6 months. In 2007, 53% of those locked up were those that comitted a drug felony.
California’s state government also cut money used to fight elderly abuse by court ordered care takers after the govenment funded it after an LA Times artical. So in California, you can mug the elderly and get 63 months, sell a doobie to a elderly person and get 75.6 months or become the elderly person’s care taker and continually rob (by stealing money out of their account or stealing retirement/welfare/social security checks) and probably getting no time because the court said the person could do it.

These candidates would rather talk about the small stuff (like ending $11 billion in ear marks to control a $577 billion deficit), some of which they have little control over because those things cause more fear in voters than the really hard choices like the $800 billion over 5 years needed to put America’s infrastucture up to full strength.

If the candidates wanted to discuss the important issues, they would be talk about ending the $577 (2007’s federal budget) plus budget deficit peer year, raising $800 billion in 5 years to revamp the U.S. infrastructure, finding renewable enegy in time to replace oil (the proven reserves will last less than 200 years at this rate and it looks like it will take 40 years at the current rate to do the complete change over to alternative energy), solving the $55 trillion Medicare gap, solving the malaria crises (which infects 300 million in the world per year and kills over 1 million per year). Instead, the candidates would rather scare people with abortion, gun control (which is split up among the federal, state and city governments), illegal aliens (which are actually leaving because of the lack of jobs here and the job creations in their home countries), lead paint from China, a recession (which would be natually offset as the 62 year-old baby boomers start retiring), talking about using/not using torture (but only able to define warter boarding and physical abuse as torture) and gay marriage (marriage laws are state laws). Attacking Mormonism (used in 1856-1890s by the Republicans against the Democrats), ending foul language in music, ending clothing styles such as “skimpy” bathing suits have been used in the past to scare voters.

Interesting, but while it is a constitutional obligation of the Federal Government to protect Americans from foreign threats, curing cancer and preventing elder abuse aren’t such obligations. Also, the idea that you can treat terrorism as some sort of a statistically constant low-level threat like getting into road accidents with deer is patently ridiculous, because the goal of terrorists is to dramatically increase casualties and take over countries.

In the oath for several offices and jobs in the U.S., the employee has to give an oath to defend the U.S. from all threat foreign and domestic. Something that kills 500,000 Americans is a threat. The CIA has already listed AIDS as a military threat, because it’s starting to destabilize whole countries. Polio was considered a threat by the U.S. government in the 1950s. The U.S. government also got involved in stopping the yellow fever in Panama. The Federal government also has a surgeon general as a cabinet member in the executive branch and also operates the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. Since the U.S. federal government already has a history of fighting foreign and domestic diseases and other health problems, I believe that the federal government has decided that health problems such as cancer, malaria, AIDS and heart disease are threats that need to be eliminated.

The Mormons were considered a security threat by the locals which caused the “Mormon War.”
President James Buchanan felt that Mormons were such a security threat that he invaded Utah on poor intelligence saying Governor Brigham Young was planning revolt. So just because somebody believes a group can do something, doesn’t mean they can or would even try.

Al Qaeda might think it could take over a country, but it’s members would only get in office if elected (Hezbollah, Hamas) and not through force. The U.S. mob used car bombs, terror and drive by shootings but the deadliest ones were mostly eliminated by local law enforcement and not by blowing them up with missles and bombs. In fact training the locals is what the U.S. is doing against most backyard terrorist groups.

The most advanced terrorist groups are FARC and LTTE which even has its own airforce and navies. Neither group has been able to capture the countries they have been going after (Columbia and Sri Lanka).

By the end of this year, when the U.S. plans to give back then rest of the providences back to Iraq’s government at the end of this year, Bush plans to have 100,000 U.S. troops still in Iraq. Instead Iraq is better off if the U.S. were to replace the first 20,000 troops leaving with 20,000 advisors (about as many as sent to Vietnam) and continue the military draw down till there no troops left after the U.S. hands over the last providence. Anbar providence already proved the Iraqs could solve their own problems on their own terms. The stop loss could then end, and there would still be enough troops to have a surge in Afganistan which claims there isn’t enough troops there. The force could be created by dumping the 40,000 troops in Germany (which are thousands of miles from the U.S. nearest enemy) and putting them in Afganistan instead. That way the cost stays about the same (swaping the same bases from one location to another), enough troops would be provided according to NATO and the U.S. would still be going after the terrorists in Afghanistan while repairing the country.