Good Fred Interview


Great interview of Fred this morning:

That interviewer, how should I say this…is a glaring example of an empty head.

Even better was this minute and half interview where he refused to pander to the media in their horse race reporting and instead tried to focus on why he is the best man for the job.  When it came to MSM reporting, he had a few words to say: (h/t Newsbusters)

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Damn I love Fred! He’s the man.

Instead of these empty headed interviewers that I know Fred will have to grab at every opportunity just so he is seen more.

We really need to push him somehow to appear on Bill O’Reilly!

Bill has the largest viewing audience there is on cable.

He HAS to get seen and heard more by the cable and regular channels. Time is running out.

Let’s mass email Fred to get him to appear on O’Reilly, Oreilly said he would love to have Thompson on his show and has been dying to get him for a while.

And after Bill’s dust up LMAO! with an Obama Staffer, cant you see his ratings go through the roof?

That was a great interview.

The reason why I support Fred Thompson is held in this statement on the type of Republican he is:

“I’m on one side and everybody else seems to be on the other.”

Fred! is the only conservative choice.

By staying in the race isn’t Fred technically helping Huckabee become the nominee. Fred doesn’t have a chance anyway so he should drop out to help one of the other candidates beat Huckabee.

Marie, anybody who is small enough to omit Fred from his online polls and who declared Fred dead many times is not to be trusted with a fair interview. It’s too late now for Fred to become a “media darling” candidate. I urged him before to go on all the shows, but now it’s just too late. He is building his brand as someone who dares to say to the media “I owe you nothing”, “Discuss issues not the horse race”, and “I will not dance to your tune”. He has to stick with the brand to see how it plays out. I wish he could speak more forcefully on the issues, but Fred is Fred.

Right now the campaign is playing on the subliminal level. Overall Fred’s bet everything on the “Consistent Conservative” position. He can now only win by the voters coming to the conclusion that there is nothing fake about him and that he represents strength against powerful forces aligned against him. Since Fred doesn’t have an overtly aggressive demeanor, so the strength has to be inner strength, of the unshakable kind. In my eyes, O’Reilly has moved from someone I had enjoyed watching to a force for evil. He is a faker and stands for nothing. I would like it very much if he actually attacked Fred in some sort of a frenzy. O’Reilly is a bully with a pulpit, and making him angry by avoiding all contact is just the thing to do.

Wrrrr, Fred has a strong chance, at least better than Giuliani. Huckabee isn’t by any means the worst candidate. McCain’s truth about what he will do about the Amnesty is worse than any of Huckabee’s lies. There isn’t a single candidate besides Romney and Fred who is even saying the right things on both the Amnesty and Iraq, and Romney will say anything. Who the heck is it that Fred should support if not himself?

So does this put to rest the idea that Fox News has shut out Fred?

I have to agree with Igor on a O’Reilly appearance. A ten minute (max) segment would do nothing for Thompson because O’Reilly can’t shut his trap long enough for (especially) slow talkin Fred. O’Reilly would dominate the conversation and leave Fred with little time to explain any position.

Maybe Fred will give Bill a half hour interview later in the oval office.

After the reaction to his debate last night they finally put him on. Its still true what he said tho, he came in third in Iowa, McCain 4th, and all they talked about…and I do mean ALL they talked about was McCain.

Amazing how that works.

There is a media hype for McCain that amazes me. The people of this country have got to block out the MSM, they do not have the American peoples interest at heart.

Love the new theme; loads faster. I saw Fred’s interview on Fox and was glad to see him there and it was an outstanding interview.

The web site re-do is excellent.I am from Arizona and anything that reminds of the old west is great. By the way, i am for Fred.Love the way he handles the reporters and the talking heads.

Mike, they never shut him out completely. In the debate itself he was handled very fairly, and certain hosts treat him better than others. There’s just so much hatred towards him expressed by so many people there without an adequate explanation, for such a long time, that something is wrong. You see, a reasonable attitude for them to take could be “he has great ideas, except for this one and that one, and he is so slow talking (or whatever) he can’t excite the electorate. While we don’t think he can win, will give his ideas at least proportional (with national poll numbers, or some other reasonable measure) airing because they are solid conservative ideas.” Instead we get poisonous comments from Fred Barnes right after the debate that HAVE to have a better explanation than “we don’t think he can win”. We do get amplification of rumors that he is about to drop out without consulting with him. We do get three predictions in a row on Fox and Friends about McCain coming in third without any mention of the possibility that Fred will. We DO get the silent treatment of the fact that it’s Fred who is third and not McCain.

Mike, they don’t have to be like the Gestapo to show that they hate him.

Marie, now we know who Fred listens to. He’ll be on O’Reilly tonight.

Dirty tricks against Fred being investigated:

OMG! Curt!!!

Right after I mentioned it,

Fred agreed to go on O’Reilly, I just watched the interview!

We need to get his face on O’Reilly and Hannity, and all over the place.

That’s it, I have held off on buying yard signs and bumperstickers for Fred long enough but I’m doing that right now!

I suggest everyone on here do the same.

We HAVE to get Fred ALOT more exposure if we want him to win, and the MSM (Except O’Reilly and Hannity, I’m shocked) dont pay alot of attention to him.

And at the debates he is almost non-existant I have noticed because they done ask him alot of questions.


We have to PUSH, PUSH, PUSH, Fred down peoples throats apparently!!