Election Season Nuttiness In Full Swing


You know it’s election season with these kind of stories:

Mitt Romney will never be President — I won’t be
surprised if Mitt Romney wins the Iowa Caucus. I will be surprised,
however, if he’s still in the race when the South Carolina primary
comes around. Even if the impending scandal that has been rumored for
doesn’t derail his campaign (I can’t say what it is but you
should hear about it before Jan. 8
), his inherent dishonesty will
eventually do him in.

It’s not just his flip-flops on the issues, though that should be
enough. (It’s hard to take seriously all those conservatives who bashed
John Kerry for being inconstant while turning a blind eye to Romney’s
politically expedient changes of heart.) No, what will destroy Romney’s
chances is that he will lie about an issue, know that he is lying, know
that you know he is lying, and say it anyway. It’s not just that he’s dishonest. It’s that he thinks we’re stupid.

Now it’s true that in the short term, we do tend to be stupid.
Indeed, the reason that Romney’s dishonest campaign tactics have helped
him in the short run is that most people have yet to realize–as have
the other campaigns and the mainstream media–he is a liar. But
eventually the public catches on.

If he had reserved his dishonest tactics solely for Governor
Huckabee he might have got away with it. But he and his campaign (his
communications team appears to be just as despicable and unprincipled)
send out dishonest attacks on McCain, Thompson, and Giuliani too.
Because most of it is done behind the scenes (i.e., scurrilous emails
sent to reporters and influential bloggers) it is difficult to point
out the most egregious examples. Don’t take my word on it, though. Ask
around to the other campaigns and media outlets.

Supporters of Romney will no doubt be offended by my criticism. I
could counter that I’m offended that conservatives are backing a man
that, until recently, was just another Massachusetts liberal. Instead
I’ll just hold my tongue and wait for Romney’s campaign to implode. His
“lie and buy” strategy may get him a narrow victory in Iowa but he’ll
flame out soon enough.

This was written by Joe Carter, former Huckabee staffer who obviously has a thing against Mitt.  So how much faith should we put it this fortune telling?  John Hawkins has a source that says the “impending scandal” is the push-polling deal:

Another source of mine, which is not with the Huckabee campaign or the same campaign as my previous source, told me that they are hearing that the story is going to be that Romney was behind the “anti-Mormon” push polling that got so much attention in Iowa.

And many have connected the January 8th date to the announcement of this book:

One candidate is about to be challenged — with hard and
cold facts, presented cogently by an author, former TV business news
editor, decorated military hero and college political science
instructor who shares this candidate’s party affiliation — and who has
known the candidate personally since their college days.

Next Monday, the truth will be revealed when a book that literally
gives “chapter and verse” about this candidate’s less-than-candid
candor with the American people.

This book is supported by 10 pages of meticulously-researched
end-notes supporting every factual assertion about the candidate’s
failure to shoot straight with the American people, and this
breach-of-faith’s implications for the Presidency.

If you’re serious about covering the 2008 Presidential campaign, you
won’t want to miss this news announcement — and you will want to meet
the author.

Some are speculating McCain as well, as Rick Moran is:

The candidate isn’t mentioned but the military angle would seem to suggest an attack on John McCain.

The same fellow who mounted the Viet Nam Veterans Against John Kerry
now has a group called Viet Nam Veterans Against John McCain. Gerard
“Jerry” Kiley is claiming that McCain betrayed the United States as a
POW and hints that he is being blackmailed even today by the Vietnamese.

I will not sully this site with details of the charges. I will only
say that any legitimate news outlet that attends that press conference
or runs with any story connected with these folks should be sued by the
McCain campaign.

Plus the publishing company which is putting out this book obviously doesn’t like Bush as this book proves, named “Christian Words, Unchristian Actions: George W. Bush and the Desecration of Christianity in Modern America”.  What does this mean?  Who freaking knows.  But I do know the election season nuttiness has started.

Joe Carter has been stating in emails that this book is NOT what he was talking about on the “impending scandal”: (via Hot Air)

Let me add a few points of clarification:

1. I don’t know anything about Monday press conference other than
the PR email I got on it. I have no idea whether it is about Romney or
some other candidate.

2. None of what I know was acquired through my connections to the
campaign. The stuff I found out (whether its true or not) came through
my sources as a blogger.

3. I don’t know if the Huckabee campaign knows about this stuff or not (though, I doubt they do).

Could it be related to this?

Iowa pastors who support Republican Mike Huckabee for president have received letters warning them that getting involved in politics could endanger the tax-exempt status of their churches.

Several pastors who have publicly backed Huckabee, a Southern Baptist minister who has support from many evangelicals, said they have received the letters, which have no return address. They have arrived in the weeks leading to Thursday’s precinct caucuses.

Two letters were sent to the Rev. Brad Sherman, of Solid Rock Christian Church in Coralville. The first arrived a couple weeks ago and warned that he could be prosecuted for his support of Huckabee.

“I just laughed. No one lands in jail for this,” Sherman said. “Somebody is trying to intimidate Christians from getting involved.”

A second letter came Wednesday. It alleged that the Internal Revenue Service is looking for churches that back candidates in violation of tax rules and mentioned Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley, a Republican who has sought information about spending by high-profile ministries.