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Fortunately, Iowa doesn’t tend to be a place where being a nice guy is enough. The caucus process is such a pain that showing up for your guy is not really enough and general warm fuzzies about somebody is not likely to bring out the people that are willing to spend hours in that process.

I should add that it also, unfortunately, favors those with the money to haul people in, feed them and keep them supplied with plenty of coffee….or Postum, as the case may be.

TB: Iowa does require a high degree of organization to be successful in the caucus.

And while Huckabee hasn’t put the time and money in developing that organization he has been very successful in tapping into existing organizations of mostly single issue voters like the Fair Tax bunch and the pro-life crowd.

Sadly, a lot of those voters don’t really care what a candidate does on other issue which also have an enormous impact on the lives of every American.

Huckabee Clueless on Foreign Affairs

Thirty-one years ago, President Gerald Ford made a huge gaffe by declaring in a debate with Jimmy Carter, “There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe…”. What Ford meant was that the United States would never recognize the right of the Soviets to do

Wasn’t “Jesus Juice” what Michael Jackson called the wine he gave to the children before he abused them?