Boston Phoenix Not Falling For Romney Line


The Boston Phoenix is putting up with none of the Romney camp shenanigans:

Two women contacted the Mitt Romney campaign this week, offering
their memories of seeing Romney’s father march with Martin Luther King
Jr., in Grosse Point Michigan in 1963. Campaign officials were well
aware that the women were mistaken. Yet, they directed those women to
tell their stories to a Politico reporter. The motives and
memories of the two women are unknown and irrelevant; the motives of
the campaign, however, were obvious — to spread information they knew
to be untrue, for the good of the candidate.

By getting this story out late on Friday afternoon, heading into the
holiday weekend — good luck getting a King historian on the phone
before Wednesday — the campaign was pretty well assured that it could
keep alive through Christmas their claim that Mitt Romney was mistaken
only about “seeing” it, not about it taking place.

Then-governor George Romney did indeed march in Grosse Pointe, on
Saturday, June 29, 1963, but Martin Luther King Jr. was not there; he
was in New Brunswick, New Jersey, addressing the closing session of the
annual New Jersey AFL-CIO labor institute at Rutgers University.

Those facts are indisputable, and quite frankly, the campaign must
have known the women’s story would eventually be debunked — few
people’s every daily movement has been as closely tracked and
documented as King’s.


Bear in mind that the campaign has
direct access to George Romney’s materials and documents, his family
members, his friends, his former staff, etc.

Believe me, they know the two men never marched together. This is an
attempt to rewrite history. And even if it is a small rewriting, it is


Changing that history by mistake — which
is quite possibly how this began — is unfortunate. Changing that
history intentionally — which is what the campaign is doing now — is

A few readers came into my earlier thread demanding I put in these eyewitness accounts but I know firsthand the quality of information you can get from eyewitnesses.  Almost always poor quality.  Especially 30+ years after the fact.  No way can Mitt try to stifle this story by throwing a few witnesses at it when there is so much documentary evidence to prove that he, his father, and MLK never marched together.