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Well of course the first thing to do is to acknowledge the problem.
Is the evidence of global warming ? What effects might this have on our environment ?
Both the CIA and the US military have spent millions on studies. Might there be national security issues involved as the CIA and Military say ?
Regardless of the cause what steps should the USA take ?

Is it possible that the 6+ billion humans and their machines could have any impact on their environment ? If humans are one component out of many should we attempt to lessen the one component that we MAY be able to effect ?
If global warming does force the humans in the southern portions of the northern hemisphere to migrate north what can/should be done?

John Ryan: If it’s not caused by man, and nothing we could do would alter the situation, what’s the point other than a powergrab by the UN and socialists?

We could get hit by an asteroid soon too. Maybe we need to cede our sovereignty to the U.N. just in case that happens.

This has got to be the biggest hoax ever perpetrated in the history of the world, certainly in financial terms. Every hot summer day is proof, every cold winter night just a cold winter night. Some day we’ll all look back at this insanity and laugh, a little poorer, a little wiser.

If reverend gore was funneling all that carbon offset gold into an alternative energy infrastructure for this country, I might buy in, but I smell a rather large rat. I have lost friends over this, but I am not ready to bet the house on a theory. I am not ruling it out, mind you, but I am not nor will I ever be a lemming. Lefties will tell you you can’t be environmentally responsible without embracing this theory. If they persist, tell them the next time you are out back burning your old tires you’ll think of them!

fester: Where is all that money for carbon credits going? Perhaps to fund the expanding infrastructure of socialist/environmental activist organizations?

We could totally fund a Manhattan Project style program to develop and implement an alternative energy economy with the royalties and taxes from the remaining HUGE oil reserves in the United States. And in 10 to 15 years we could be totally energy independent (except maybe from imports from Canada).

See the map from the US Geologic Service:


45 billion barrels of oil just sitting here and the lefties won’t let us touch it.

If we burned all of it today it would make the slightest difference to permanent planetary warming.