A Visit From Fred Thompson


Fred Thompson visited my neck of the woods in Southern California today and I figured this would be one of the few chances I get to meet and listen to him live before the primary so I arose early, got some java, and made the trek to listen to the best candidate for President we have.

First up on the stage for the event was John Ziegler, a local newstalk host who recently left the news station he was broadcasting from and is now filming a documentary on the Clinton scandals.  I recorded a few minutes of his funny intro which you can see below (Sorry about the video quality, guess my digital recorder doesn’t do so well in low light)

And finally the man of the hour arrived and gave a great speech. Below is the whole speech which lasts about 26 minutes:

Fred Thompson Speech In So. Cal from Curt S on Vimeo.

I’ve already laid out the many reasons why I have decided to back Fred in this post and the visit by Fred just reinforced my support for the man. Each interview, each debate, each speech just reinforced my belief that Fred is absolutely our best choice for President this election. As McClintock stated in his speech, Fred has not suddenly “found” true conservatism. He has always been one and will always be one. We need someone like that in the White House, and we need someone like that facing the Democrat challenger.

FredThompson 041.jpg

FredThompson 003.jpg

FredThompson 013.jpg

After the speech he came down to greet those in the audience.

FredThompson 051.jpg

FredThompson 053.jpg

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Curt: Glad you got to see Fred in person. I hope you’ll expand your post and include more of your personal impressions.

Here in South Carolina, I’m coming up on a hard choice in less than 50 days.

It’s a hard choice because there are so many good candidates to choose from in the GOP.

I’ll be making my choice known soon.

Was too tired earlier to think straight so I just put up the vid’s and pics. Just put up a paragraph on my thoughts.

You got it! Fred is the man we can all get behind. He is a true conservative, a good speaker, and a solid man well able to lead this great nation.

Not only can he lead this nation he can slice and dice Hillary. I only wish more people knew him.

Thanks for the great videos Curt, and for giving all of us another opportunity to see Fred Thompson speak. Fred is the grown-up at the table and he’s laid out a lot of policy that should prove it.





Fred Thompson was, and is and will always been a common sense, “consistent conservative”.

If anyone is still uncertain about who to vote for, then go to each candidate’s website, check them out, and do your homework and then if you’re not sure, please go to http://factcheck.org/ to get the truth.

You can still get a 70-1 payout on Fred at Intrqade,com
Come On !! Let’s see little faith in his chances !! Put up money on him 70-1

John Ryan…. Bookie for useful idiots….

John Ryan, intrade is easily manipulated. For a couple of million you can get it to say anything you want. You think L. Ron Paul has twice the chances of Fred to win the Presidency? Ron Paul has ZERO chance to win unless Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Rudy, Mitt, Fred, and McCain all get on the same plane and it crashes. You think there is any real reason why Hillary’s and Rudy’s chances have been going up and up in spite of the fact that Hillary is tanking in Iowa and Rudy’s got more and more troubles every day?

Fox News is determined to elect Rudy, at least any reasonable person would conclude that the evidence points there. Rudy will fall apart with all the accusations and his erratic personality. He is also losing more and more conservative support every day due to his inability for a “comprehensive illegal immigration condemnation”. Mitt is a flip-flopper and unelectable due to his religion, although he is quite a bit better than Rudy. Huck is a nightmare: worse than Hillary on illegal immigration, and just as bad on taxes.

There is NOBODY but Fred. Yes Hunter and Tancredo are great but they are an order of magnitude away from being electable. Support Fred and fight the lazy/tired/dead perception any way you can. I called my local conservative radio station and gave them hell for not mentioning Fred in their candidate discussions. Got the host to agree that he is the best other than the “fire in the belly thing”, and I argued that stupid point too. The guy who got on the air right after me got excited about Fred and changed the topic to him. Get out there and promote Fred!

Check out the CNN/Larry King poll, just google it. Fred’s doing great there after his Friday appearance if you discount the usual Paulbots.

I donated to Mr. Thompson’s campaign when he first announced. He has my support and prayers because he is the best candidate out there. My thinking is that all of the other aspirants will begin to fold when the combined sources of the “unbiased” press really begin their hard questioning. Fred Thompson shares my political convictions and is also the most able person to counter the liberal “hive”.


THANK YOU for posting them here!

I have linked to your videos from a discussion thread now posted on Free Republic here:

FULL VIDEO now online!
Fred Thompson ROCKS SoCal! Tom McClintock (and JERI!) Laguna Woods 12/1/07

If you look just right, you can tell Fred’s an alien.

….so he’s got my vote!

Your welcome Ron. In fact it was your post to FR that made me look over my video and get the Mountjoy video up. I had forgotten about it…..

Your right, Fred rocked So. Calif….was a great visit.

Curt. I don’t know you but from what I see on your site, I like you. I just retired after 38 years as a Sergeant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. For over 20 years I served as a Senior Hostage Negotiator. I have seen what the current crop of legislators have done to our Country. I have been a supporter of Fred Thompson since early on and have given out bumper stickers since early this year. I believe that he can only win if we engage in a major grass roots operation. Each of us who believes in him must talk to everyone we know and get them to go to sites like yours and see what Thompson is really all about. If we can get a ground swell going he can win. I believe in Fred Thompson. If you folks believe in him then get off your butt’s, get out in your communities, and get the ball rolling. If you don’t make it happen then who will? God bless you all. Thanks, Mike handley…..

Mike, thanks for the compliments. Always appreciated. 38 years! Holy cow man….can’t imagine. I’m on my 17th year on the LASD and already starting to think about retirement at 30 years.

I’m with you completely on Fred. I’m doing my best to tell everyone I know about Fred and why he is the right man at the right time. One person at a time is all it takes.

i’m putting myself and my wallet behind Fred, and all of you should too. He can beat WHOEVER the other side puts up there, and I think it will be edwards, or another surprise candidate (hugo Chavez?)

Hang in there Curt. You will like it when you get there. At present i’m working with the California for Thompson group but they are combining with the Fred08 guys for more impact. If you haven’t already, check out their site… Let me know if you need anything.. Mike…

A Visit From Fred Thompson in Southern California Videos

A Visit From Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson visited my neck of the woods in Southern California today and I figured this would be one of the few chances I get to meet and listen to him live before the primary so I arose early, got some java, and made the tr

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