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A few new excellent Fred Thompson video’s out today.

The second is about Marie Ragghianti, if you don’t remember her you should.

The more I read about this man the more I’m getting behind him.  As Allah at Hot Air said today:

he really is the most stalwart conservative among the big four, a point he
should be hammering at every turn.


He should stick to the “true conservative” stuff and start hitting the fact that
while Rudy and Mitt are throwing punches and Huckabee’s chattering about faith,
he’s rolling out one policy proposal after another.

What kind of policy proposals?

He has released seven white papers already including this one on his tax proposal:

  1. Permanently Extend the 2001 and 2003 Tax Cuts. Tax relief enacted in 2001 and 2003 has proved critical to generating a strong economy that has experienced growth despite the war on terror, the collapse in the housing market, and other economic challenges over the last six years. Unless action is taken, every American taxpayer will see a massive tax increase after December 31, 2010. Allowing this tax hike will impose an enormous financial burden on American families, slow economic growth, cost America jobs, and make it more difficult to address the country’s long-term budget, economic, and security challenges. The Thompson plan ensures the following:
    • Reduced individual income tax rates, saving every tax-paying family a minimum of $600
    • Preserving the $1000 child tax credit, which was doubled from $500 per child.
    • Protecting Marriage penalty relief.
    • Retaining Education tax incentives, including Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, 529 college savingsplans, and deductions for higher education expenses.
    • Reduced tax rates on capital gains and qualified dividends.
    • Increased expensing of investment for small businesses.
  2. Permanently Repeal the Death Tax. Current law provides death tax relief, but only through 2010. The death tax is inherently unfair. Under the Thompson Plan, the death tax would be permanently repealed, thus protecting millions of American families, including small business owners and family farmers, from double taxation at rates ranging as high as 55 percent.
  3. Repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax. The AMT is a separate tax system that was intended to ensure that a few high income Americans could not use deductions and credits to eliminate their tax liability. However, because the AMT is not indexed to inflation, it is penalizing Americans it was never intended to affect. While in the U.S. Senate, Fred Thompson authored legislation that would have repealed the AMT. Consistent with that earlier proposal, the Thompson plan will eliminate the AMT as part of broader tax and spending reform. Until comprehensive reform is feasible, the Thompson plan would index the exemption amounts annually so that millions of middle class families will not become subject to this tax.
  4. Reduce the Corporate Tax Rate. The United States has one of the highest rates of tax on businesses of the industrialized nations, second only to Japan. Even Japan is currently considering reducing its corporate tax rate. Economic studies suggest that the U.S. Treasury is actually losing tax revenue by keeping the corporate tax rate so high. In order to increase the competitiveness of U.S. companies in the global marketplace, the Thompson plan would reduce the U.S. top corporate tax rate (including the corporate capital gains tax rate) from 35 percent to no more than 27 percent, which is the approximate average of the world’s leading economies the nations of the Organization on Economic Cooperation and Development. This tax reduction will promote U.S. competitiveness, encourage companies to keep their operations (and jobs) in the U.S., and spur continued economic expansion and growth.
  5. Permanently Extend Small Business Expensing. Small businesses create two-thirds of all new jobs in America, and employ nearly 59 million Americans — more than half of the nation’s private-sector workforce. Women own a quarter of all small businesses, minorities are nearing the 20% mark, and Hispanic Americans are opening their own businesses at a rate three times the national average. Current law allows small businesses to write-off purchases of equipment of up to $125,000 per year, rather than depreciating those assets over time. Making expensing of equipment and other small business items permanent will encourage greater investment and growth.
  6. Update and Simplify Depreciation Schedules. The current depreciation schedules are outdated and in many cases do not reflect the realistic useful life of an asset. This is particularly true for investments in high technology. For example, computers must be depreciated over three years, even though they become obsolete in half that time. The Thompson plan would simplify and update these schedules to allow American businesses to make the investments they need to compete and create more high-quality jobs.
  7. Expand Taxpayer Choice. The Thompson plan would give Americans greater choice about how to pay their federal taxes. This plan is based on a proposal developed by the House of Representatives Republican Study Committee that would provide taxpayers the option of remaining under the current, complex tax code or opting for a simplified, flat tax code. The simplified tax code would contain two tax rates: 10% for joint filers on income of up to $100,000 ($50,000 for singles) and 25% on income above these amounts. The standard deduction would be more than doubled to $25,000 for joint filers and $12,500 for singles. The personal exemption amount would be increased to $3,500. Therefore, a family of 4 would be exempt from income tax on the first $39,000 of income. The simplified tax code would contain no other tax credits or deductions. It would also retain the 15% tax rate on capital gains and dividends. This approach would dramatically simplify taxes for tens of millions of Americans. In addition, the larger standard deduction and personal exemption amounts will still provide significant tax relief to families with children. This proposal would serve as a stepping-stone to fundamental tax reform.

He has papers on his Border Security and Immigration plan, Revitalizing our Armed Forces, Saving Social Security and many more at his site.  I’m especially pleased at his position on the Second Amendment:

The Second Amendment does more than guarantee to all Americans an
unalienable right to defend one’s self. William Blackstone, the 18th
century English legal commentator whose works were well-read and relied
on by the Framers of our Constitution, observed that the right to
keep and bear firearms arises from “the natural right of resistance and
self-preservation.” This view, reflected in the Second Amendment,
promotes both self-defense and liberty.
It is not surprising then
that the generation that had thrown off the yoke of British tyranny
less than a decade earlier included the Second Amendment in the
Constitution and meant for it to enable the people to protect
themselves and their liberties.

As Allah noted, the man is putting out alot of ideas.  Meanwhile the MSM and the political pundits in Washington have chosen to dismiss the man as lazy.  I don’t see it. 

I have delayed putting my support behind one candidate up to now because I wanted to get a feel for each candidate, listen and read their proposals, watch them on the stump and so on.  I’ve done a lot of that and thanks to Mike have even gotten firsthand accounts of their visits to his state (being in California doesn’t provide for a whole lot of handshaking time with the candidates).

But a week ago I made my decision and decided to wait until the right time.  I figure that time is now so, for those who care,

I support Fred Thompson for President of the United States.

No big deal really, I’m just one cog in the machine on a small blog but every person counts. 

Addendum – Mike, Word, Chris, Scott and Rob may support another candidate so don’t go thinking this is the blogs position, it’s just mine.  But from here on out until the primaries are over I will be doing what I can to support Fred.  But make no mistake about it, if he doesn’t become the nominee (and from the polls its looking like a long shot) I will support who ever is running against the Democrat opponent. 

But until then, I’m officially a FredHead.

His policies, his positions, and his principals lead me to this decision:

Individual Liberty . As Jefferson spelled out in
the Declaration of Independence, our basic rights come from God, not from
government, and that among these inalienable rights is the right to liberty. We
must allow individuals to lead their lives with minimal government

Personal Responsibility . The corollary to liberty
is responsibility. No society can succeed and thrive for any duration unless
free people act in a responsible way. All of us must take responsibility for our
actions and strive to improve our own lives and to contribute to building a
better society.

Free Markets . Free people are best equipped to
order their own affairs, and the common interest benefits from and is improved
by the aggregate success of all. We must reform our tax system, encourage
investment, support entrepreneurial spirit, open markets abroad to American
goods, and minimize burdensome government regulations to continue to expand the
economy and bring increased wealth to all Americans.

Limited Government . Government must be strong
enough to protect us, competent enough to provide basic government services, but
limited by the delineated powers in the Constitution.

Federalism . Our Constitution innovatively
guarantees our liberties by spreading power among the three branches of the
federal government, and between the federal government and the states. In
considering any action by the government, we must always ask two questions: is
the government better equipped than the private sector to perform the task and,
if so, what level of government (federal or state) ought to do it. Washington is
not the seat of all wisdom. (More on

Protecting our Country . The first responsibility
of the federal government is to protect the nation and the American people.
There is no more important task. We must have a strong and effective military,
capable intelligence services, and a vigorous law enforcement and homeland
security capacity.

Traditional American Values . A healthy society is
predicated on belief in God; respect for all life; strong families centered on
the institution of marriage–the union of a man and a woman; and self-respect and
tolerance of others. While we are all free to live our lives in the pursuit of
our own happiness, the government has a responsibility to respect the right of
parents to raise their children and to promote the values that produce the
strongest society.

The Rule of Law . We protect our liberty, secure
our rights, and promote a just and stable society through the rule of law. We
owe to ourselves and our fellow citizens our own adherence to the rules, but
tough law enforcement and punishment for those who do not. A free and
independent judiciary that interprets the law by adhering strictly to legal text
and respects its limited role in our system of government is essential to our
security and freedom, and we need judges who understand that role if we are to
preserve our republic and freedom.

Conserving Our Nation’s Resources . Each of us is
put on Earth for a limited period of time. We must always strive to ensure that
the resources we use to lead our lives are here for future generations to enjoy
and use as well.

So off to fight the characterization that the man doesn’t smile enough, or is too old, or is too tall, or whatever other complaint the pundits can find.  The man has a great record, solid conservative positions, and would make a great President.


California State Senator Tom McClintock has thrown his support behind Fred and is throwing him a dinner 25 miles from where I live this Saturday, and I will be attending. 

Come meet Presidential Candidate Fred Thompson

Come join California State Senator Tom McClintock and Orange County Assemblyman Chuck DeVore as they extend a warm Southern California welcome to former US Senator and Presidential Candidate


this Saturday in Laguna Woods at 9:00 AM.

Don’t miss this rare chance to meet Senator Thompson in a candid and fun rally.

FREE and open to all supporters.

Clubhouse 3 at Laguna Woods Village
24351 El Toro Rd Laguna Woods, CA 92637
(949) 597-4200

Clubhouse 3 entrance is off of Moulton Parkway

Hopefully have some pictures and the sort for you guys Saturday night.

Also, here he is on Mark Levin’s show yesterday:

and Sean Hannity today:

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I like him too. He could cut through Hillary and she wouldn’t know what hit her. He is not shrill, he is solid, thoughtful and after the other two finish cutting each other down to size I hope he will be standing. He could make Obama look like the kid he is.

He’s my second choice. Good on gun rights and federalism, fiscally conservative, and my impression is that he has good judgment in tough situations. I’m not as convinced as kathie that he would easily make mincemeat of the D candidate, but I don’t like choosing candidates just on the basis of their political skills.

I think he would do well against Hillary and tear Obama apart in a debate. Obama is quite good in stump speeches but not so good at debates from what I’ve seen.

Great post, Curt.

I have liked Fred Thompson for a while now and have only liked him more after he has led the way in putting out his detailed policy during his campaign. The problem is that the mass media and many of the political blogs like to focus too much on tabloid coverage of the campaigns instead of comparing candidates’ policies. Hopefully, people who support him, such as yourself, will work now to do what you have done to focus on Fred Thompson’s policies and how he is head and shoulders above all the other “1st Tier” candidates in the Republican Party.

Also, I found this in the comments over at Hot Air earlier and thought you may be interested. Mark Levin interviewed Fred Thompson (yesterday I think).

Curt: Tell Fred I said hi if you get the chance.

I hope more people will take the time to see and hear the candidates when they come to their states.

Thanks Michael, just put in the audio from his interview on Levin and Hannity. Gonna do my best with this small blog to ensure his positions and ideas get through.

Mike, I will do my best…should be a good showing.

Good deal, Curt.

While I have my political disagreements with you and a few of the other authors here at Flopping Aces, I still enjoy the site for your very well put together and comprehensive blog posts. I do what I can to pass around info on the candidates and I’ll be sure to pass this post around to my small circle of friends, coworkers and family. We need more of this kind of thing in our political arena and less of the empty tabloid-ization of politics.

Keep up the good work. And be sure to express to Fred Thompson that he has a lot of people who support his ideas and policies for America, but are just a little hesitant to get fully behind him, because they are disappointed in a seemingly lackluster campaign (what I am hearing from others and reading on some political sites). I think it has a little to do with Fred not being as aggressive as the other candidates, but also, because he tends to focus more on policy than being in the spotlight for petty fighting with his political opponents. Plus a little less mass media attention given to him as opposed to the other candidates. The media does exactly what he stated the other day. They build people up and then tear them down. They did it with Thompson and they are now in the build-up phase with Huckabee. But please express to him, if you can, that there are a lot of people out here who really appreciate his straight-forward approach to putting policy above pettiness in this campaign. We need more of this.

I like Fred personally but that isn’t what wins elections. It is the independent vote that wins. I would rather back the candidate that has the best chance of winning in the general election, not the one I personally like the best.

Poll the Independents and Democrats and I think you will find that Rudy does better than Thompson and it is crossover Democratic and Independent votes that win Presidential elections. Neither party can do it by themselves. The Democrats out number Republicans in most states and neither party has more than 40% of the electorate.

In the primary I am going to vote for the candidate that I think is going to do the best in the general election. I do not want to see a Democrat in the White House.

you can get 60-1 odds on Fred RIGHT NOW on intrade the political futures board.

Hillary is still the heavy favorite at 2-1

I would prefer Duncan Hunter, only because Fred doesn’t show enough fire. His ideas are great, but must show a little more emotion.

Curt: I forgot to ask: You are taking the pledge that if Fred doesn’t get the nomination you will support the eventual nominee?

I have supported Fred even before he announced his candidacy, even sending money to convince him to run. He’s not flashy and exciting, but he knows what he’s talking about and communicates his beliefs effectively.

I also support Hillary Clinton as the Democrat nominee. The five major Republican candidates all beat Hillary in head-to-head match-ups. Obama does better in polling against our guys. So I support Hillary, just like the President does.

Do you even have to ask Mike….it’s in the post. Whoever gets the nomination will get my vote.

I agree Indigo, I’m praying Hillary gets the nomination….she gets it and a Republican takes the White House.

Cross, I agree with your comment and do like Rudy, hell I like Mitt also. But if I’m going to support someone who has a decent shot at the nomination its going to be the guy I personally agree with almost all the time. Fred has a decent shot, don’t count him out yet.

What’s funny is that I see so many people that express they really like Fred and his policies, but say they probably won’t vote for him because they’ve usually seen too many media reports from places like Fox News that say he can’t win. People seem to forget that polls only show an incredibly small amount of Americans and their predictions have been completely wrong on more than one occasion.

How many in here have been contacted to participate in one of the national polls? I was reading comments somewhere else earlier and not a single Thompson supporter had been asked to participate in one of the major polls yet…leads me to believe there are a few surprises still to come!

I refuse to let the media or poll results that are different on a daily basis dictate which candidate I’ll throw my support behind. While the other guys are busy fighting Hillary, who may never even be the Democratic candidate to begin with…Fred is the only one that’s been spending his time finding ways to tackle our nation’s toughest problems and THAT’S what a “President” should be doing. (yet they say “he’s” the lazy one…if that was the case, maybe THEY should strive to be more lazy, too…we might actually get something worthwhile from them!)

Nice analysis, Curt.

For me it was an easy decision. As soon as Fred Thompson put his hat into the ring, I was a Fredhead. Living in Tennessee while I was stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY (the lion’s share of the Army post is actually in TN), I had the good fortune to vote for Fred as senator and observe the results of his administration.

The man is even-keeled and smart. My concern is not whether he can capably run our country (he most emphatically can), it’s whether our country can recognize that fact. With our sound bite driven culture of convenience and propaganda, the new voters are accustomed not to researching the candidates themselves, but to letting someone else make their decisions for them. It’s more about what kind of identity these kids can gain immediately through populist association than of what truly is best for them and their descendants.

In light of my observation, I have my doubts about his nomination chances, as long as the current status quo is maintained among the Republican candidates. However, Fred’s steadfast refusal to play the game according to conventionality, sticking instead to his integrity, is why my support for Fred is unwavering. I’m just not sure there are enough people like myself who can recognize his true character.


Found this posted at 🙂

Curt at Flopping Aces:

As Allah noted, the man is putting out alot of ideas. Meanwhile the MSM and the political pundits in Washington have chosen to dismiss the man as lazy. I don’t see it.

I have delayed putting my support behind one candidate up to now because I wanted to get a feel for each candidate, listen and read their proposals, watch them on the stump and so on. I’ve done a lot of that and thanks to Mike have even gotten firsthand accounts of their visits to his state (being in California doesn’t provide for a whole lot of handshaking time with the candidates).

But a week ago I made my decision and decided to wait until the right time. I figure that time is now so, for those who care,

I support Fred Thompson for President of the United States.

From all of us at Fred )8 Thanks

Megan asks how many commenting here have been contacted by pollsters.

Well, I am a rergular respondant for Gallop and Zogby. I have participated and continue to participate in Rasmussen, Democrat and Republican Party polls, ABC, CBS, and once from the Wall Street Journal. I’ve also been involved in several other polls just in the last six months. Various government departments and agencies, the Senate and House seek my opinions. I take these polls very seriously because my opinions will be used to represent 1000 of you guys. These polls may only be a snapshot, but they change things quickly and often irrevocably.

Its amazing the amount of Baggage Rudy Mitt and now Tax Hike Mike have and all they are saying about Fred Thompson is “He got in to late” “He is Lazy” He has a “Trophy Wife” not only is it immature and unimaginative its still better than voting for a RINO and deleting the Republican Party. Fred has put the issues out there while the others are pandering, flopping and lying and if Rudy says when I was mayor of New York City blah blah blah or look at my my record blah blah blah I will shoot the TV ! Before he takes my Guns away. Just listen to him when he is asked a question he never answers who knows what these guys will say next or where they will be tomorrow. Fred has been the Consistant Conservative I’m with Fred

Curt Thanks again for your support!! THOMPSON 2008-2017

As Megan pointed out, polls, even “exit polls” are shakey at best.

No one ever asked me or anyone I know about Presidential candidates or any other political issue. I have received several radio station polls, but little else. Looking at the reports on who makes up the pool for these polls (a majority of too many political polls are registered Democrats as Curt has pointed out before), I see why the polls are rarely accurate.

I wish the media learned its lesson with “exit polls” over the years and opinion polls in general. I wished they cared about the truth over leftist partisanship also it but know neither will happen.

In short, I do not vote in primaries, but will vote for any Republican over a Democrat. I have not, and unless JFK is ressurected to retake the Democratic Party from the Communist “Watermelon” crowd, I doubt I ever will vote for a Democrat.

Since I doubt the Democrats will break from their very rich leftist base (ironic that these socialists who ‘hate’ the rich are themselves the richest), then I have little doubt the Dems will slide further and further towards moonbatism.

Four of the five top tier candidates, if nominated, will be slaughtered by the Democrats because of their baggage; their flip-flopping; their half-truths (lies); cross dressing; liberal tax and spend mentalities; and leftist postitions. The only true Conservative in the Republican race is Fred Thompson. Thanks for your support.

You can see why on my website at My site has only a short commentary of my own. It is simply links to articles and videos of the five top tier candidates. Visitors are allowed to make their own judgements without (or extremely miniscule) my commentary.

I will be posting a link to your web site on my web site.


Welcome to the party. I’ve been favoring Fred all along. Good to know the message is getting out.

Wow, thanks for all the support guys and girls. I agree about polls and my many posts showing the obvious bias of the polls bear that out. I have never in my 40 years of life had a call from a pollster. Not once. That in itself doesn’t prove that polls are inaccurate, history bears that out.

As far as the other candidates being beaten by the Democrats I do not agree. If Hillary is the nominee then the other top tier candidates would have a great chance, if it’s Obama it will be tougher but still doable.

Be that it may I’m putting all my support behind the person I feel is the best qualified and agrees with most every principal I have.

Great site, and I also support Fred Thompson for President. My two main tests for voting in the primary this time around are:

1. How do the candidates stack up on the issue of illegal immigration (i.e. does he support any kind of amnesty)?
2. Can he beat Hillary?

I believe that Guliani fits with #2. He is one of the few in the race who can beat Hillary. I’m not so sure about illegal immigration views. He’s made some good comments about our need to protect ourselves from terrorists. However, he has mentioned that he supports building a “virtual” fence (otherwise known as NO fence). And I’ve not heard him say anything about going after employers who hire illegals.

I do not believe Romney fits either of these two tests. I do not trust him on illegal immigration. He talks a good game, but his record in Mass proves otherwise. Plus, he also supports building a “virtual” border fence. I also do not think he can beat Hillary in a general election. There he has one HUGE thing going against him. He’s a Mormon. I know it is un-PC for me to mention this, and I do not object to a Mormon being president. However, there are a large number of people who simply will not vote for him because of this fact. He’d get Utah for certain. But, I doubt he would get much more.

Huckabee is a flash in the pan. He fails on both counts for me. He is a very much open-borders guy. He is also talking tough. But, I don’t trust him. He is simply being named by the press as one of the front-runners because they would LOVE to see him go against Hillary. Which brings me to #2 with him. He stands NO chance of beating Hillary in a general election. I do not believe the crucial independent voters would vote for him because he is not a real national figure.

As for the others, McCain, Tomcredo, Hunter, Paul, and whomever I left out, they do not stand a chance of winning the nomination let alone beating Hillary. Tomcredo and Hunter are 1 issue candidates. While I agree with them on that one issue (illegal immigration), they don’t have the national stature to go against the Hillary machine. I have lost nearly all my respect or McCain. And Paul is just a loon.

This brings to me Thompson. I support him because he fits both of my tests very well. He is very strong on illegal immigration. I have heard him say on multiple occasions that he wants to build a REAL fence along the southern border. He wants to put far more border patrol people along both borders. And his is the ONLY major candidate who I have heard say he would go after employers who hire illegals. The ONLY ONE. That for me does it. As for #2, I think Thompson would SHRED Hillary in debates. As has been said before, he is not all that good when it comes to charisma. But, Hillary isn’t all that good in that department either. Plus, I think you will see a much bigger spotlights on Fred once some of the lesser candidates drop out. I expect in January at least 2 to drop out if not more. The field right now is still far too big for our stupid media to concentrate on the correct candidates.

BTW, I will vote for the GOP in the general election no matter who gets the nomination. I just want to make sure Hillary NEVER gets her grubby hands on the White House to leave her stain on the drapes. I also think Hillary is a shoe-in for the Dem nomination. Obama doesn’t have nearly the experience. And the others just don’t have the political machine that Hillary does. I, like others FULLY support her nomination. I have said this for at least two years. I think she will get the nomination. However, I do not think she is electable in the general election. As long as the GOP doesn’t put up a complete moron, they win the White House in ’08 if Hillary is nominated by the Dems.

Morning Briefing: 11.28.07

Here’s the morning briefing from over at Fred Files.

Morning Briefing: 11.28.07 –

36 Days until the Iowa Caucuses
41 Days until the New Hampshire Primary
52 Days until the South Carolina Primary
62 Days until the Florida Primary

Hot Air:

Two new ads.