New Democrat Bribery Allegations & The MSM Yawns


William “Freezer” Jefferson has had a few new bribery allegations come out into the public eye recently.  Problem is that if not for the bloggers we would have had to dig for information on the new allegations seeing as how the MSM has decided the story isn’t all too important. 

At least they put it on Page A-5 huh?

Federal prosecutors on Friday accused Rep. William J. Jefferson
(D-La.) of soliciting bribes in two alleged schemes that had not been previously

The allegations, detailed in a seven-page document filed in U.S. District
Court in Alexandria, will not result in new charges, prosecutors said, but they
plan to present them during Jefferson’s federal bribery trial as evidence of a
pattern of intentional wrongdoing.

In 2002, the government alleges, Jefferson asked a lobbyist of a U.S. oil
service company for $10,000 a month for a family member in exchange for
Jefferson’s assisting the company in promoting business in Africa. The lobbyist
turned down Jefferson’s request, the document said.

Three years later, according to the filing, Jefferson allegedly agreed to
urge NASA in a letter to consider doing business with a U.S. rocket technology
and rocket launch services company. In exchange, the company allegedly agreed to
pay Jefferson’s family business and a relative.

Arm-twisting to get cash for his family.  How sweet.  And to this day this disgrace of a politician sits as a Representative of the people.  Way to drain that swamp Nancy!  What happened to that promise to make “the most open, the most honest, the most transparent Congress”?

Even more disturbing is the fact that this is not front page news, because you know damn well if it was a Republican it would be.  Hell, a Republican playing footsies in a restroom was front-page news but not a Democrat asking for bribes.

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When you lay down with dogs you get fleas. The MSM is the Democrapic party. Democraps can lie, cheat, steal, bribe, and in some cases drown women, and guess what their down with all that.

Yeah that is pretty much old news now, 18 months ago it was BIG news and was on the front page.

Old news? How so?

The prosecutors just made the new allegations on Friday.

Oh, I’m sorry…your biased sunglasses must of been on. Take them off next time.

This is only old news to the people that view the CNN debate in Las Vegas as an example of media fairness.