The Pretzel Logic Of A Liberal


How in the world do these liberals even make it through a day without giving themselves a headache?  The migrane this liberal “peace” activist must have by contorting and spinning the usual anti-nuke argument to now be pro-nuke must be incredibly debilitating.  Behold the spin:

It may well be that Tehran does ultimately aspire to produce not just
nuclear electricity, but also a few nuclear weapons to deter the
aggression that others keep threatening to launch. But no one claims
that it is doing so now. Indeed, the day before Khalilzad and Casey
spoke, IAEA head Mohammed ElBaradei told CNN: “Have we seen Iran having
the nuclear material that can readily be used into a weapon? No. Have
we seen an active weaponization program? No.”

So, contrary to
Casey’s declaration, the U.S. government is hardly conceding that “any
country” meeting his stated criteria is acting in a manner “perfectly
acceptable to us.” The Bush administration, instead, subjectively and
unilaterally, is assessing the “record, rhetoric, policies and
connections” of both Egypt and Iran, and pronouncing, in our wisdom,
that the one may proceed down the nuclear road while the other may not.

other possible conclusion can be drawn, since Iran, in pursuing, so far
at least, merely a nuclear “capability,” is in fact in accord with its
obligations under the NPT.

They’re fully within their rights to go that way.

No other possible conclusion can be drawn, since Iran, in pursuing, so far at least, merely a nuclear “capability,” is in fact in accord with its obligations under the NPT.

They’re fully within their rights to go that way.

Now many liberals are arguing that he is talking about nuclear power only, because they believe Achmedanutjob when he says that is all they are working towards.  Nevermind the kazillion gallons of fuel they have under their feet.  Its all about energy.

Baloney.  And this “peace” activist knows this.  So then it comes down to we have them so why shouldn’t they argument?

A country which openly states that Isreal’s days are numbered:

The Zionist entity’s days are numbered, former Iranian President Akbar
Hashemi Rafsanjani said in a meeting with senior Hamas member Khaled
Mashal, according to an Islamic Republic News Agency report

And that they are “heading toward annihilation,” and will be “wiped off the map,” should be allowed to get the most powerful weapon known to man?

Only a moral relativist extroidinare would come to this conclusion.

Iran has not had a stable and responsible leadership for decades, if ever, but according to this yahoo we need to be fair and just let em have a few.  They won’t use it right?

The cold war never escalated to the point of no return because there WAS stable and responsible leadership in both countries.  The United States and Russia understood the consequences of pulling the trigger.  In Iran we have a leadership that cares little about consequences since in reality they believe that the return of the 12th Imam, Mohammed ibn Hasan, is close at hand and that ordinary mortals can influence that return.  How you ask?  Well he will return after cataclysmic confrontation with evil and darkness.

This would be like President Bush telling the country that the United States policy from this day forward would be directed towards the second coming of Jesus.  Everything our government does will be in preparation for that day.

Ummmm, hello?  This is the type of country we want to just allow to get a nuke, all because it isn’t fair they don’t have one?

But we all know what this is really about.  Why a “peace” activist would call for a country to actually get nukes, cough…I mean nuclear power….cough instead of doing his/her best to prevent a country from getting the bomb, er, nuclear power plants.  It’s about Bush.  The be-all end-all of every liberal across the globe it seems.

Bush says Iran shouldn’t get them, so they have to start spinning the spin.

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We who are old enough heard the same arguments when “Red” China got the bomb. Better bomb them now while we can still destroy them.
Common sense and self preservation seem to be attributes of all humans.
Saying that Iran does not care is the same as saying that Americans all believe that they will be taken away by the RAPTURE

Oh by the way,eat your heart out, this site received 2 million page views in one day. The Rapture Index shows how close we are to the End Times
Don’t get Left Behind

bush and the usa have said over and over and over again that iran can have nuclear power.

to have nuclear reactors a nation doesn’t need centrifuges.

sweden has no centrifuges.

npt members with nuclear reactors can buy all the fuel they need; they don’t need to make any with centrifuges.

iran lied for 20 years about their nuke program and hid the fact that they were building an array of 3000 centrifuges.

this is a smoking gun.

now they won;t allow the basic inspections which the npt requires for all members.

they are in violation of the npt.

hence the sanctions.

this peacenik is merely an anti-american/anti-western postmodern dhimmi.

and wrong on the facts.

No wonder the liberals all look like they’re in pain all the time. They really are, all of their twist and turns gives them a continous Excedrin No 99 headache. The are by legal definition acting stupid legally due to constant pain. And here I thought it was Hemroids causing their problem.