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I have the videos over at my blog if you want them. What a GREAT speech Sarkozy gave to the Congress! He’s more American than the Democrats!


Thanks Amy! It was an extraordinary speech. And how predictable that his visit got so little coverage.

Hugo Chavez goes to the UN and spouts anti-Bush garbage and it’s news for a week.

The President of France, the last holdout Western nation to hop on the new pro-Bush, pro-American bandwagon, comes to the U.S. and says “America can count on France” and there’s barely a peep in the “news” media.

Once again I’m proud of our name Leclercq

Finally the French have a president that gives America the thanks it deserves after saving France at two different times and he is right the sacrifices the American soldiers made not for them selves but for everyone else will not be forgotten. he supports our troops unlike the democrats who just put them down and this will change the American and French relationship greatly