Looking Grim?


Fishwrap has this up today:

Republican presidential fundraising has declined by 27 percent since four years
ago, and the Democratic presidential field is outraising Republicans by 63

Meanwhile, the latest polls show the leading Democratic contender, Sen.
Hillary Rodham Clinton, beating the leading Republican candidates: She beats
Rudy Giuliani
by more than 5 points, beats
Fred Thompson
by more than 10 points, and beats
Mitt Romney
by nearly 12 points.

As Quin
Hillyer tells Jennifer Harper
, things look “grim” for Republicans:

“I hear too much griping and not enough effort to find common cause
and work on behalf of that cause,” Mr. Hillyer said. “When everything looks
grim, that’s the time to let bygones be bygones and start

To which I have just two pictures:



Come on people, we have 13 months!

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But this go round, Bush isn’t in the race…Republicans don’t have the power and soap box of the White House to help them.

But — This race is shaping up as a battle to see who can be the least worst choice.

Dems – Hillary is not trusted, by the anti-everything crowd (and by everybody else, too) but she has the name, and the spin machine
– Barak Hussein Obama, has the support of the anti-crowd, but limited support elsewhere.
– Edwards has become a joke
– Richardson – who?
– Dennis – a returning joke

Gop – Rudy has name power, and is the icon of 9/11 response, but not much else
– Mitt is a liberal
– Fred has to convince people (and I think he will)
– Ron Paul has rabid loony supporters

A lot of negatives to be overcome, of which the weak fundraising is a symptom:

-The “teach the GOP a lesson” for overspending etc. still hasn’t faced up to the fact that they stuck us with Pelosi and Reid.

-Now Dobson and this suicidal talk of a third party candidate

-The insane Paulians who also won’t vote if their moonbat doesn’t get the nomination.

There’s just enough lost votes in that mix to screw up GOP chances in a couple of large states.

Hopefully, the vast majority of voters who aren’t fools will wake up in time. MSNBC debate Tuesday night should be a good chance to take another look at all the candidates including Fred.

I have a political cartoon book of images from the ’70s. During the Ford vs Carter campaign, there was a cartoon showing Ford and Carter pointing dueling pistols at their own heads. Right now neither party has somebody that can promote their cause after they are elected. They just aren’t that good.

Remember that the neoconservative Republicans were born out of the frustration with the Carter administration. Carter was so bad that people totally forgot about “evil Nixon” and the lowly Republicans and ushered in 12 straight years of Republican presidential leadership. A Democratic president would only be able to reboot the Republican party at this point. After all, the neoconservatives that ousted Carter are either dead, retired or on the verge of death or retirement. They obviously lacked the ability to keep the momentum going. Another serious mistake that group made was they were good at the attack, but once they got people in, they couldn’t or wouldn’t defend their positions, for instance not wanting to cut spending since they wouldn’t raise taxes (even before the hostilities in Iraq and Afganistan). This is the time for the 30 and 40 year-old Republicans to redo the Republican Party into one which can better define and defend its planks.

The funraising problem is because the Republican party hasnt decided who they want till yet.

Hopefully after tonight’s debate with Fred Thompson in there alot of folks will make up thier mind.

Well except for the Ron Paul dipshits.