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James Dobson on Hannity tonight and it was, well, embarrassing to see this man make a complete ass out of himself. (h/t Hot Air)

He made an ass out of himself by his refusal to acknowledge that a Hillary Presidency will hurt this country and his causes.  Its a smug blindness to reality.  At one point he actually says he could work with a Hillary.  Huh?

Looking at it from his point of view he appears to believe that if Rudy is elected, or Fred, then his movement is dead and will take a long time to recover.  While this stand is principled, it will make abortion more likely, not less.  Hillary gets in and puts a liberal on the court and you can kiss ever getting Roe overturned.  His refusal to acknowledge this is smugness to the nth degree.  Rudy may not be perfect for his movement, but its completely childish behavior to demand he get his way or no Republican gets in.

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Curt this is another variation on the “my way or the highway” thinking that is responsible for the GOP losing control of both the House and Senate.

Only this time, the damage of having Hillary as president with both the House and Senate run by the current clowns would do lasting damage to this country and especially to the traditional values Dobson claims to represent.

Dee at Conservativism with Heart got on Sean Hannity’s radio program Friday and expressed her concerns over Dobson’s action:

Dee’s also been taking A LOT of flack from the same single issue nit wit PHONY CONSERVATIVES that wouldn’t mind seeing the GOP lose in 2008 to “teach them a lesson.”

I have absolutely no problem if Dobson, or whoever else, is dissatisfied with the current crop of candidates and wants to go out and support someone else. But they’re not going to get a fair hearing from me if they are not prepared to pledge NOT to undertake a third party candidacy.

Dobson should know better than to behave so foolishly and to open this can of worms which can only divide and sow anger among the very people who believe and support him on this issue.

Maybe he’s getting old and wants to prove he’s still relevant. Maybe his ego is outta control (pride goeth before a fall).

But if he doesn’t suck it in and stop this nonsense I’ll support him being flogged in public on Sunday in the church parking lot if Hillary is elected.

My new catchphrase: Let he who is without sin cast the first vote!

I am so tired of Dobson and his ilk I really wish that everyone would just turn off the radio whenever he comes on (or TV for that matter) if ratings drop enough he will lose his access to shows and maybe he will shut up.

The irony is that Hillary as president will reduce the actual number of abortions through effective birth control education. The ‘Just Say NO’ to sex stuff doesn’t work in the real world, thank god wingnuts never enter reality, it’s messy.

Dobson doesnt carry as much weight as he used to.

And after his wild performance lastnight on Hannity and Colmbs, everyone was probably scratching thier heads, thinking the same thing!

I have to agree — Dobson has lost his good sense here and is acting like senility is setting in.

I’m a Christian conservative myself — and you cannot argue that voting for Guiliani is worse than allowing Hilary in. Mr. Dobson, please, stop this irrational and foolish grandstanding — under Hilary, we will not be able to “fight” as you say it; she will have free reign to do as she pleases, and the media will gladly serenade her.

Dobson ” … actually says he could work with a Hillary” presidency.

Definitely, his tinfoil hat is fitting a bit too tight.

I’m a Christian conservative. I didn’t see Dobson — not even your clip, don’t want to stream video over my work network. I’m not a big Dobson fan, neither do I dislike the man. Sometimes he says some helpful things, other times he doesn’t.

I think abortion is murder, plain and simple. I know many people don’t see it this way, and I respect their right to a different point of view. But given that premise, consider the dilemma I’m in . . .

As a matter of moral principle, I could never vote for a President or Congressman who is not pro-life. Voting for a pro-choice candidate would be dipping my hand in the blood of innocents; I just can’t do it. I can compromise on many issues that are very important to me — illegal immigration, school vouvhers, the North American Union — but I just can’t accept casting a vote which will result in the shedding of more innocent blood.

So if it comes down to Hillary vs. Rudy, I would vote for neither, even though a Hillary win would be far more damaging to Christian conservatives than a Rudy win.

I know this is tilting at windmills. But I just can’t vote for someone who is pro-choice. It’s not matter of optimizing (or least bad) outcome, it’s a matter of principle.

Of all the issues that are vital to America’s future, abortion ranks pretty low on the scale. In THIS election, we need to focus on our security. Abortion rights are not going to matter one whit if we are all blown to bits by the people who are working daily to do us harm.

Dan: I come from a pro-life family. My father is a retired OB/GYN who refused to perform abortions and would travel the state of Ohio speaking to Christian groups explaining the horror of abortion that he saw firsthand.

I have also worked for some of the great political leaders whose lives were dedicated in large part to doing all they can to stop the murder of the unborn.

You and I both know that not voting in the 2008 election is a default vote for Hillary Clinton. How you can say you won’t vote for any candidate that isn’t pro-life and yet end up by your inaction supporting the election of a woman who would undo the entire foundation of traditional values, starting by expanding abortion, seems to me a betrayal of the principles and values you claim to hold.

Meanwhile, how many more innocent lives would be lost in terrorist attacks against American men, women, children and infants because a President Hillary with a Democrat controlled congress weakened our efforts to prevent and combat terrorism?

By all means, go out there and volunteer, give money, make phone calls and rally likeminded souls to the candidate you feel better represents your views on this issue. Brownback, Huckabee and Hunter are clearly pro-life.

But unless you are prepared to pledge that you will support the nominee of the party after this primary process is concluded, don’t expect me or anyone else with an ounce of sense to join you in what surely is a suicide pact for the lives of millions.

Let he who is without sin cast the first vote!

To say Dobson made an ass of himself is making an ass of the one who said it.
James Dobson’s position makes perfect sense to anyone who understands true Christian principle.
Dobson is adhering to his oath to never vote for a candidate who supports abortion.
Disagree with him if you wish, even on Christian principle of choosing the lesser of two evils, but don’t demean his stance just because you do not understand it.
The argument that Roe v Wade will be overturned if pro-life judges are picked is simplistic.
It is unlikely any congress in the foreseeable future will confirm a judge who says outright he will vote to overturn Roe v Wade, or that a majority of any court would overturn.
Rudy is a phony who is pandering for votes from conservatives he wouldn’t spit on if a liberal
republican majority existed in the country. He is Nelson Rockefeller without the hair.
Do you think for one minute if liberal Republicans were in the majority in this country Rudy wouldn’t be shouting from the house tops how pro-abortion he is and has been?
Where is his integrity? He plays to the right because that is where the votes he needs are.
If the shoe was on the left foot he would be doing the same thing.

Edward: What a shame the folks like you didn’t learn your lesson in 2006.

There again, you put principle over common sense and are now witnessing the undoing of every value you claim to hold at the hands of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Things would be 100 times worse if Hillary Clinton is elected President.

And I intend to hold people like you accountable should that dreaded day come. You’ll never get a hearing from me on ANY ISSUE FOR ANY REASON if you abandon common sense and let the barbarians take over.

Think for a change!

P.S. And yes, Dobson is an ASS and should be horsewhipped.

Dobson: “If Rudy Wins the Pro-Life & Pro-Family Movement Is Gone”

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit and Hot Air

I admire standing on principle. I’m undecided, but I can tell you this much. I won’t be voting for Rudy. However, I differ greatly with Dobson on this overall. I don’t see much difference bet…