One More Marine Exonerated In The Haditha Case


Another Marine has had the charges dropped in the Haditha case:

Charges have been dropped against a captain who was accused of failing to investigate the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha, the Marine Corps said Tuesday.

Capt. Lucas M. McConnell of Napa was granted immunity and ordered to cooperate with officials looking into the November 2005 killings, the Marines said in a press release.

Charges have now been dismissed against four of the eight Marines who were initially charged with murder or failure to investigate the deaths. A battalion commander has been recommended for a court-martial; a final decision is pending.

And we’re still waiting for Murtha’s apology:

If only the guy had a taser to send a few volts up his ass as he ran for the elevator.  Now THAT would of been good television.

The coward.

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Murtha’s retreat into the elevator shows that cut and run isn’t just a political ethos, it’s a way of life for the man. What a loser. But, sadly, a loser with a bully pulpit, so that he can teach others to lose with him.

I love how he resorts to “Have you served? Have you served?”

As if that should give him a free pass to being confronted and questioned about being wrong.

I can’t believe this bum has the nerve to answer the question with “is the trial still going on”….. it was going on when he branded them cold blooded killers on national tv! And no, the trial is not “still going on” for 4 of the men he slandered because they have had the charges against them dropped.

What a scum bag, and just like the dem’s are rooting for a US loss in Iraq because they have staked their political future on it, this waste of human material is probably hoping for at least one conviction in order to justify his slander. What a terrible way to have to live… hoping that bad things happen to your country’s military men in order to advance your agenda.