More Flight 93 Memorial Lunacy


Alec Rawls tackles another article in which "experts" dispute the fact that the Flight 93 Memorial has become a huge Islamic symbol and the worlds largest mosque:

The central feature of the planned memorial is a half mile wide crescent, originally called the Crescent of Embrace. In answer to my claim that a person facing directly into the giant crescent will be facing almost exactly at Mecca, up pops a paragon of perversion:

Daniel Griffith, a geospatial information sciences professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, said anything can point toward Mecca, because the earth is round.

And here all these Muslims are going to all this trouble to calculate the direction to Mecca so that they will know the direction to pray five times a day. If only they knew about this stunning new mathematical advance by Professor Griffith they could save themselves so much effort. Indeed, we could all stop worrying about which direction to drive to get to work, which direction to fly our airplanes. Don’t worry, be happy, the world is round! Is this guy on LSD?


As for the allegation that the Tower of Voices is really an Islamic sundial, Ms. Hanley said with an analysis like Mr. Rawls’ then the Washington Monument could be perceived as one, as well.

Just as Griffith makes the idiotic claim that everything faces Mecca, John Reynolds, chairman of the Flight 93 Memorial Project, claimed in a recent newspaper interview that any tower shaped object (like the Tower of Voices portion of the Flight 93 Memorial), can be seen to be an Islamic sundial, if one wants to see it as such. (i.e. It is all in my head.)

[…]But the first thing I explain in my sundial analysis is that Islamic prayer times are determined by shadow length, not shadow angle. Thus prayers commence at a different time every day (earlier as the days get shorter). That means they cannot be marked by a given spot on the security wall. Rather, the prayer line on an Islamic sundial must be placed an exact distance from the shadow caster, and it must follow an exact arc, which in the case of the Washington Monument, never goes anywhere near the granite security wall that Chairman Reynolds thinks could serve as an indicator for Islamic prayer times.


One of the reasons that Tom Burnett Sr. is insisting that Tom Jr.’s name not be inscribed on one of the glass blocks in the planned memorial is because there are a total of 44 inscribed memorial glass blocks emplaced along the flight path, matching the number of passengers, crew AND terrorists. Asked about this suspicious glass block count, architect Paul Murdoch first quibbles about the terminology (they are translucent marble blocks, not "glass blocks"), then he feigns ignorance about the 44th block:

Regarding the claim that there are 44 glass blocks in the memorial, Mr. Murdoch vehemently disagreed, saying that, first of all, there is no glass block used in the design.

Instead, there are 40 inscribed marble panels listing the names of the passengers and crew at the gateway to the Sacred Ground, where their remains still rest.

There is then an opening in the wall, Mr. Murdoch said, and three additional panels, which would include the date, Sept. 11, 2001.

"Where the other one is being fabricated, I don’t know," he said.

Reporter Paula Ward helps him out:

A separate glass plate will be located near the visitor’s center and include the memorial project’s preamble.

[…]What a lovely thought: that on 9/11, our liberty loving circle was smashed by the terrorists and became a giant Mecca oriented crescent!

Oh, it gets better then that.  One of the jurors actually calls Tom Burnett Sr. actions (refusing to allow his son’s name to be inscribed on one of the glass blocks) as tyrannical.

To allow someone to destroy what so many others have worked so honestly and diligently to do, that’s not democracy, that’s tyranny.

Worked so honestly and diligently?  All you’ve done is worked to make the biggest memorial to Islam on the very site where are brave citizens first rose up and fought back against our enemy.  This is like France putting a memorial to Hitler on the Omaha beach. 

These leftists never cease to amaze me.


I asked Alec who he thought would be the best to write/email/call in Washington to get this thing stopped:

With Mr. Burnett calling for a Congressional investigation, the best people to contact as this time might be your representatives and senators. Consider that most of them will never have heard of this issue, so instead of just adding to a tally count, these emails would be starting a tally count, bringing this issue up on the Congressional radar for the first time.

I got an email from a gal in the military this morning reporting that ex-Congresswoman Helen Bentley (R MD) called WCBM radio in Baltimore when they were talking about my book and promised that she would look into this. If a few more people step up, this will start to get some traction, especially when people see how trivially easy it is to verify my claims.

Representative Tancredo in particular might be a good person to contact, as Mr. Burnett mentions his appreciation for Tancredo speaking out against the design when it was a bare naked crescent and star flag. (Now the crescent and star flag is slightly disguised by its surroundings, but remains completely intact.)

Congressional contact info here. Most use "web forms," which are a pain in the rear, but if you write your comment up in a word processing document, you can copy and paste it into a bunch of these in fairly short order, only having to wade through the cumbersome return contact info they require.

Please take a few minutes and contact you local Representative.

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Liberals are Traitors.

As a citizen resident in California, I sent this letter to Senator Diane Feinstein via the web forms, in case this inspires others for ideas on what to write:

This country needs a new design for the Flight 93 memorial. After taking the time to read Alec Rawls’ “Crescent of Betrayal” (found at ), I also see strong evidence that the current selected design is more a Grand Memorial Mosque to the terrorist murderers than to the passengers who fought back against them and saved the capitol. Individually, the elements might seem coincidental, but taken together, it is clear the elements are no more accidental than the launch of the space shuttle. The hijacking of the Flight 93 memorial to honor the terrorist murderers is an outrage that should not be allowed to stand, tantamount to erecting a giant Japanese pagoda with a giant statue of the Japanese emperor at Pearl Harbor while World War II was still raging. Things get worse still.
The easily-verifiable facts that all the elements of a Grand Memorial Mosque are present in the current design, combined with the way our enemy thinks, would bring us an eternal war on U.S. soil over the site if it were to be built. Part of our enemy’s thinking can be summed up as, “Once Islamic-controlled territory, always rightfully Islamic territory.” That thinking is what drives Muslims to launch their religious war of aggression for Israel and even Spain (which they call Al-Andalus). They are trying to re-conquer territory that got liberated from the tyrrany of Islam, and re-establish Islamic control (and inherent tyrrany). If our Flight 93 memorial is built with the current design, we can be sure that some Muslim cleric, somewhere, will issue a fatwa claiming the site of the memorial to be a Grand Memorial Mosque, and Islamic territory. Our enemy will also claim that Americans visiting the memorial are defiling their mosque, and issue calls to Muslims worldwide to “defend Islamic territory”. The predictable result is an eternal religious war of aggression from Islam until either Islam is completely destroyed, or our country is.
There is also the matter of such a publicly-funded establishment of religion clearly being unconstitutional. The memorial absolutely needs a different design, one that honors THIS country’s heroes, not the enemy’s, and is free of anything that symbolizes our enemy. As far as I’m concerned, architect Paul Murdoch’s attempt to honor the enemy and betray the citizens has disqualified him from designing any other public building. One could even rightfully question why we are seeking to build memorials of this war now, before the war is won. In World War II, the country’s sole, focussed objective was destroying our enemies and winning the war. The memorials waited until after the war was over, when building them would no longer distract from winning. Winning should be our priority now, and it is absolutely necessary that our enemy must be no-doubt-about-it-Losers. I hope you and all our other elected representatives will stand up for the interests of the 300 million United States citizens on this issue, and stop the hijacking of the Flight 93 memorial.

The Islamists studiously AVOID Baha’u’llah, the Glory of God, but that lukewarm stance IS NOT stopping people worldwide from learning of the Coming of the Promised One.

There is, therefore, no way the Islamists can win. They are the antithesis of re-ligio (re-uniting) and cannot attract fair-minded people, only extremists at the ragged ends of various sociopathic bell-curves!

World peace is not only desirable (with Justice and the one-ness of humankind) but is now inevitable!

Eat THAT, Islamo-fascist enablers and crescent-crafters!

/Aces, GOOD reporting!
“very site where are brave citizens” is better written
“very site where our brave citizens”

//Be much obliged if you blogrolled

How far people can go with their lunatic behavior really frightens me. And the above shown through the article and through the comments is just height of it!

For god’s sake one can find even Satan’s picture in cow dung, only if you are set to look for it!

What happened on 9/11 was a tragedy and may the brave victims rest in peace…but what your and those people who commented above are doing is most probably threading on more tragedies!

Please use more of the gray matter instead of sensationalized cook ups!