Global Warming Litigation Planned By Blue States


The global warming freaks now want to start suing energy companies like the money hungry lawyers did with big tobacco:

A little birdie recently chirped about some usual-suspect state attorneys general preparing a litigation strategy document for/with environmental pressure groups, providing a roadmap for cooperatively replicating the tobacco litigation of a decade ago in the "global warming" context, substituting that projected catastrophe for cancer and "big energy" for tobacco companies.

The point of such exercise would not be to litigate the matter to conclusion — ever more challenging what with forced corrections of the temperature record, recent exposure of the woeful reliability of our own world’s most reliable surface measuring network, and of course no global warming in a decade (or, we now know, since 1900 for that matter) — but to extract massive settlements from the energy industry to further fund the trial lawyers, greens and the greens’ pet projects. Just imagine the anti-energy campaign that this model would yield! And at no cost, really, except to anyone who uses energy and/or invests in these sleepy "granny stocks". Oh, and the economy.

Chris Horner has filed Freedom of Information requests to seven states, which I am assuming are the State’s which plan on jumping on the Global Warming Cash Train.  Those states being California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Washington and Massachusetts.  See anything that those states have in common?

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Does the fact that they all bleed blue with liberalism have anything to do with it?

On the other side of the coin, this new “cottage industry” the trial lawyers are attempting to create could backfire if the first one loses it’s case. The energy industry MUST NOT set/allow any precedence, ( in law is a legal case establishing a principle to be adhered to in subsequent rulings), by paying one cent to avoid litigation.

Here is a solution, but I doubt these Blue States will like it. If these states hate the “*evil*” energy companies so much and will sue them for operations within their states, then the energy companies should stop selling their products to those states.

Shut down the generators, water purifiers, distribution systems, refineries, fuel stations, natural gas lines, and everything else down. Those of us in other states who enjoy living in the 21st century will then be able to enjoy the extra energy. Those living in the affected states will then be faced with the decision live in the 1800s, move, or recall their governments and stop this insanity.

Ok, I am heartless when I do not get coffee.

I’ts just a matter of time before Oregon joins the party.