Another Bogus MSM Story On Iraq


Bob at Confederate Yankee confirms another piece of propaganda propagated by our MSM.  This time its not the AP but Reuters:

On Sunday, Reuters reported that the scene of a large massacre had been discovered near Baquba:

BAGHDAD, Aug 5 (Reuters) – Iraqi police said on Sunday they had found 60 decomposed bodies dumped in thick grass in Baquba, north of Baghdad.

There was no indication of how the 60 people had been killed, police said. Baquba is the capital of volatile Diyala province, where thousands of extra U.S. and Iraqi soldiers have been sent to stem growing violence.

Why did the police have such a hard time providing an indication of how the 60 people had been killed? Probably because there were no bodies to examine.

Via email from Major Rob Parke, U.S. Army:


This story is false. We have had coalition soldiers looking for the last two days at the locations that IPs reported these bodies. We’ve asked all the locals in the area and they have no idea what we are talking about. We’ve gone to areas that might be close, gone to suspicious locations, all turned up nothing.

Most of the news stories all say the report stated decomposing bodies which would indicate if it was true, it happened before we arrived. Considering we discovered an Al Qaeda Jail, courthouse, and torture house in western Baqubah, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were 60 bodies buried out there somewhere. Bottom line is we have done some extensive looking and found nothing.

This is the second large-scale massacre reported in major wire services in less than six weeks that seem utterly without merit;

I’m sure you recall the story of the twenty beheaded Iraqi’s found along the Tigris in late June.  The information supposedly came from two Iraqi police officers whose beat was quite a distance away from where the bodies were found.  It was eventually found that the story was false, which the MSM could have found themselves if they had actually done some reporting rather then buying everything these yahoo’s tell them hook, line and sinker. 

But stories like the twenty beheaded Iraq’s or the latest one of 60 decomposing bodies all fulfill the objective of our MSM.  To ensure that everyone in America understands we are losing in Iraq.

Doesn’t have to be true of course, as long as it helps the Democrats get the White House.