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Legions of Dennis Kucinich supporters, Moveon.org volunteers, and parades of CODEPINK protesters are all on their way to protest against the Al Queda violence in Waziristan. Surely, they’re peaceful protest against terror will succeed. How could it not given the millions of protesters on their way?


No one’s even holding up a protest sign seeking to convince Al Queda to make love instead of holy war?

Well, then…how’s that non-violence effort gonna stop the violence?

Scott: You left out the Ron Paulbots!

Funny how the “anti-war” crowd never protest against the aggression, terrorism or atrocities committed by any foe of the United States.

This should get interesting.

Those who seek to make deals with evil usually end up regretting it, as does Musharraf now….but for how long? I’m hoping he got the message but once there is a ton of violence within his borders will he back down and make another deal?

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