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Well, I’m saddened.  My wife and I use Jet Blue often to travel and enjoy their service but after finding out that George Soros, the maestro of the Shadow Party, owns 10% of the company and that they have hitched themselves to the KOS bandwagon we will no longer, EVER, use them again:

Notice that the CEO does not disavow the comments cited.

Now, when I first heard about this I thought that maybe, just maybe, these boardmembers believed it would be hip and happening for their business to be involved in a group that has many younger members but after finding out that Soros is a 10% owner I no longer believe this.  Anything he gets his tentacles around is soon enveloped into the leftist sewer pipeline.  Mark my words, Soros is behind this.

I’ve already sent my email to them at letting them know they have lost two long time costumers.  I hate to do it, Long Beach airport is just so much better to fly out of instead of LAX (JetBlue flys out of Long Beach instead of LAX) but I will be damned if I ever, EVER, use a business that sponsors a disgusting pos like KOS.

Michelle Malkin is doing a roundup of the best JetBlue photoshops, this is my favorite so far:

And she also lays into Roger Simon who believes we should not be using our freedom of speech to boycott this move by JetBlue:

Those of us who value open discussion on Internet sites – for general reasons of speech and more specific ones of advertising support – should be happy that JetBlue has seen fit to sponsor a site as extreme as the Daily Kos. It’s good for all of us. (O’Reilly, of all people, should be applauding this.) What comes around goes around – as the cliché goes.

Before you start to throw bricks at me, obviously there are limits to this. Advertising on Jihadist or Nazi sites or the like should not be countenanced. But, whatever you feel about it, the Daily Kos does not fit in this category. This is a democracy. They are people with whom you or I may disagree. We should say so and denounce their views as vigorously as possible. But we should not attempt to restrict their speech in any way – or their sponsorship.

Excuse me?  A site that calls four Americans helping our country in Iraq mercenaries, a site that wishes for the death of Michelle Malkin does not fit into that category?  Oh, and don’t even try to make the argument that the Pope comments and the others brought up by Bill were made by commenters so it doesn’t count.  Were the commenters banned?  Were the offending comments deleted?  NO.   They all remain on the site with plenty of positive feedback by others for the offending comment. They reflect the tenor of that site and as such they are one and the same.  JetBlue decides to condone this behavior then they lose my business. 

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I’m voting with my pocketbook, as is my right as an American, and JetBlue will never get another dime from me.