The Ignorance Of John Murtha Is Staggering


The cowardly ex-Marine John Murtha was up to his old tricks again this morning on the George Stephanopoulos show.  Really, the ignorance of this man is startling.  Check out some clips I put together.  The first one is Murtha responding to what President Talibani said earlier:

Talabani is committed to meeting benchmarks, but does not believe the Iraqi army will be able to defend its own country until 2008.

Of course being the politician he is he doesn’t respond to that quote but instead launches into this tirade:  (h/t Newsbusters)

Um, yeah.

The JFK plot is because of our troops in Iraq.  As Allah at Hot Air points out, the facts on the ground paints a much different picture:

The defining moment for the alleged ringleader in the foiled plot to obliterate a swath of Queens came as Russell Defreitas was working at JFK Airport.

The Guyana native, who moved to the United States some 40 years ago, spied military parts being shipped to Israel while working as a cargo handler, according to the federal criminal complaint.

The sight of the components, which included missiles, filled him with rage because he assumed they would be used to kill his fellow Muslims, he allegedly told an FBI informant.

He was also enraged by Israel’s war against Hezbollah last year in Lebanon because he felt the world gave Jews a "pass."

Consequently, he was determined "to do something to get those bastards," according to the complaint.

Then George Stephanopoulos follows up with Murtha on his assertion that all these plots are because of Iraq:

You get that?

"We didn’t have this kinda problem before, they came from Afghanistan.  But now we even have it in the United States"

Guess we can forget about 9/11 huh?  Like most Democrats, they want to live in a pre-9/11 world.  To his credit George brings 9/11 up but Murtha uses the same excuse, "but that came from Afghanistan."

So friggin what!

The point of the question is that there WERE attacks INSIDE the United States before Iraq.  If we had never gone into Iraq in the first place do these yahoo’s really believe AQ would of packed up and gone off to hunt giraffis or something?  I mean what the hell.

Last clip, it’s a short one that I found interesting in which Murtha uses the talking point put out by Larry Johnson last week, that the supply chain is being destroyed.  Or as Murtha puts it here, every single time convoys go out they get attacked.

I’m guessing Larry Johnson is proud that Murtha is using his stuff.

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I watched that live today. It’s become so old hat for Democrats to go on talk shows and spout talking points even (as Murtha did today) openly and freely declaring that they refuse to believe anything that doesn’t fit their predisposed beliefs. He just gets droned out anymore. Instead, I was reminded of a tale an old boss of mine told me. There was a group of young upNcomins in a big business board room environment. They went from meeting to meeting all day long. After a while, they got bored and listed out all the standard buzzwords that popped up at every meeting. They put these buzzwords on bingo cards, and would keep track in meetings. Worked great till someone lost their cool, stood up, and yelled BINGO after their boss talked said, “(blah blah blah) go ahead and…”

Ought to be a DNC game like that. I thought perhaps a drinking game where every time a DNC talking head spewed a talking point like “Iraq’s in a civil war” you had to take a drink, but I realized even Ted Kennedy couldn’t keep up with that.

Seriously, count how many time Murtha coughs out the “Civil War” talking point. I was amazed.

It is embarrassing now to mention that I live in Pennsylvania, thanks to Murtha.

The associate pastor at a church I visited today told us his story of how he went to ground zero to offer assistance (he was a medic before he became a pastor). He told us the horrific details of what it was like, the sadness, the grief, the courage, and the togetherness.

He said today, “What happened to that spirit? Have we fallen asleep again?”

Sadly, it appears as if we are. Elections have consequences with yahoos like Murtha in office and the pathetic MSM inviting these blind fools to spout their rubbish.

But, we have great sites like Flopping Aces and others who are putting the MSM’s feet to the fire, and exposing fools like Murtha day in day out. Thank goodness Curt hasn’t fallen asleep, and he rings that bell loud and clear here!

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John Murtha has been right for two years. Only dellusional or really stupid people would disagree. The Administration has been wrong. Defeatism is being to ignorant or stupid to acknowledge something isn’t working and changing course. I am glad Murtha is looking into this private firm contracting. If it was up to the worthless GOP we’d be over there for 50 years providing some real financial security for the contractors. I like Murtha getting in their face… they don’t have an answer to him telling it the way it is. Bring our troops home and cut the contractors. GOP is/ has been worthless the past 4 years.

Wow, could any comment be so wrong and so ignorant? Nope…I think you win the prize Jesse. Thank god we had Bush in office for the last 7 years, what a disaster it would have been if Murtha and company had been in power….oh yeah, they ARE in power now and look how well they have done.