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I remember being ashamed of Carter when I was in high school,,, and I’m still ashamed he has an association with this great country.
He’s a socialist traitor,, plain and simple.

So, Jimmah Cahtah speaks–

Too bad Jimmah, I was in Washington, DC as a newly-minted Air Force major in 1980 assigned to duty at Ft. McNair. At that time, Mr. Cahtah, you handed Iran over to the Islamo-Fascist ayatollahs and then wasted many good American Special Ops types in a poorly organized and implemented rescue operation. I was there Jimmah, and the generals were anything but happy with your lack of leadership. Good men died, Mr. Cahtah, and you were totally responsible, but all you could do is find fault with the military. Baloney, Mr. Cahtah!!!

Now, after you failed as a 1980 post-presidential election peanut farmer, you turned to the racist Wahabists to save your financial rear end and establish yourself at Emory University at the racist Cahtah Center.

You still don’t get it, do you Jimmah. Well, the rest of us do, and you come up short. Jimmah, take your later-day protocols of the elders of Zion and shove them where the sun don’t shine!!!

By far one of the worst Presidents ever, and he has the gall to name Bush a bad President. Bush has actually done everything in his power to protect this country while Carter did pretty much the opposite.

What a complete waste of oxygen this man is.

What do you expect from a man who has the reputation as the only President to be attacked by a rabbit?


I can think of only one president who would call another president the “worst president”. There’s only one who would ignore the traditional tact that has stopped this nasty impulse in all other presidents prior to the disaster known as the peanut brained farmer. And not only does he criticize another president but he chooses the sitting president who is in the middle of a war.
It is going to be very interesting when he passes on to his just reward and the only ones who show up for the funeral are the members of the far left and the MSM. There are going to be shots of DC streets that are very empty and discussions of parties the night before that left everyone sleeping late and hoping regular programming will be returning soon.

Carter is doubtless the worst President of the 20’th century. He struck out when the stakes were major. Now he is a tacky whiner with his hand out to every enemy America has. He’s making a fortune from hostile Arab regimes.

I too was ashamed of jimmy in the 70s, then I joined the AF and was assigned the further embarrasment of having to go to peanutville everytime jimmy went home. Setting up communications and camping in a peanut field during the heat of Georgia the summer, supporting a loser, is not one of my more enjoyable memories.

After he was thrown out of office I thought all is better, but I would be wrong, I was stationed in Panama during the noriega years, jimmy followed me there to observe the rigged elections of 1989, Panamainian TV aired live coverage of noriega’s doberman squads attacking polling stations and stealing ballots. jimmy went on TV later and proclaimed the election clean, about 10 minutes later the riots began, jimmy didn’t reverse his decision until the next day, but Panama City paid a high price for jimmy’s incompetience.

I think jimmy is only speaking up now because he can’t remember how screwed up his presidency was.

I wonder if maybe the reason Carter is insulting Blair is that Blair stopped taking his phone calls a few years back after he realized what a total waste of time it was talking to someone who was such a monumental screw up as President.

Carter is a mean, petty, LITTLE man.

Right before President Bush’s inaugeration started, I remember seeing Jimmy get in Colin Powell’s face and start preaching. Colin Powell looked around for an out, but didn’t see one, so he just turned and walked away in mid-sentence, leaving Jimmy with a look on his face like, “I can’t believe you just walked away from me!”

Guess that pissed off Carter and he’s had it in for Bush ever since!

I remember thinking, “you couldn’t even handle the presidency when you were in office, why should they listen to YOU?”

As they say in Georgia – there ain’t no peanut in that shell!

Sell Peanuts, Teach Sunday School, Build Houses, Shut Up